The northern lights in dreams. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. Why can we often dream of an aurora that lasts a few seconds and then disappears into the sky? What does it mean to dream to observe the sky and see an incredible aurora full of many colors? What does it mean to dream of being together with our parents, brothers, sisters, cousins, brothers-in-law, uncles, grandparents, friends, colleagues, work, husband, wife, children or relatives who have died for so many years and watch the passage of a Northern Lights in the sky? How many times have you dreamed of seeing a magnificent aurora in the sky and experiencing a wonderful and wonderful feeling of happiness? What is the meaning of the aurora borealis in our dreams? What does our subconscious communicate with an aurora borealis? What does it mean to dream of a beautiful northern lights that illuminate the sky and our home? Which and how many numbers can we play using the Neapolitan grimace if we want to win the lottery, if in our dreams we see a wonderful, wonderful, beautiful aurora borealis, according to the guide and the book on dreams? "The other night I remember dreaming of witnessing the appearance of an incredible Northern Lights that disappeared very soon. Last night I dreamed of watching the beginning of a small aurora borealis with lots of colors. This night I dreamed of being attracted to a very beautiful aurora borealis. Last night I dreamed that I was on a very high mountain from where I could observe a long aurora borealis". But what is a Northern Lights? Why this strange atmospheric phenomenon can appear in our dreams? What meaning is hidden behind this fantastic gift of nature? Let's try to understand which oneiric message, what meaning is possible to extrapolate from this kind of dreams that are not widespread among people but quite rare. Starting from the meaning of this phenomenon of nature, a truly extraordinary phenomenon in terms of colors, we can try to draw out a dreamlike interpretation.


The polar aurora, often called aurora borealis or australis, is an optical phenomenon that occurs in the earth's atmosphere, characterized mainly by luminous bands formed by a wide range of shapes and colors that change over time and space. The colors are often red, green and blue and form the so-called auroral arches. So the polar or boreal aurora is an extremely beautiful phenomenon to see but above all very rare because it happens, it is formed only in some parts of the world and exactly at the North Pole and sometimes in areas of Scandinavia. So in addition to being a wonderful natural phenomenon, the aurora borealis is really so rare that many people will only see it on television or on the internet but never directly with their own eyes. So we have to start from this concept in order to interpret a very rare dream. When we dream of seeing this atmospheric phenomenon, then we are certainly going to live a beautiful experience that does not stop only in our dream world but goes beyond and concerns our life. Very rare dreams often represent important events in a person's life that can positively affect his days. Obviously we need to make a clarification. If during the day we saw on television or on the internet or even in the newspapers photos, images, videos of an aurora borealis, then we can probably see one in a dream but here we are not dealing with a particular meaning. Our mind, our brain has stored some scenes that have caught our attention during the day and here in the dream world these scenes recur in a way, perhaps, very strange. Often a person may have a strong desire to observe a polar aurora and here it appears, in all its beauty, in his dreams. Dreams are desires and very often so we do not have to look for particular interpretations, messages from them. But sometimes we can dream of truly enchanting events that we never thought of.

So a first meaning to combine with the aurora is connected to moments of our lives that can be very positive, favorable, optimistic. For example, many things at work, family, professional, sentimental, are going really well and then our happiness is manifested in a dream with a wonderful aurora borealis that appears in the sky. So this natural optical phenomenon can often represent our state of mind, our psychophysical condition which is therefore excellent. We can find very positive meanings behind these dreams. If we are happy, if everything we are doing in our life is beautiful and offers us the possibility of progressing, maturing, being free and independent and expressing all our creativity, then we can dream of a splendid, colorful sunrise. We must never forget that to interpret a dream very well it is very important to try to remember the objects we see and use, the people who are with us, the places we are in and the feelings and emotions we experience. In short, all the details, all the dream elements are essential to bring out the message that our subconscious wants to provide. So, to sum up seeing this phenomenon first of all can represent a very beautiful state of mind and a very positive life that we are facing, but as we have said, the fundamental element of these phenomena are colors. Colors are very important because every color has its own meaning. Generally the northern lights are red, green and blue. The color red can represent a state of tension, a malaise we are experiencing but also the need to express our potential and creative forces. The blue color represents our soul and therefore the need to evolve inwardly, to mature and to see in the depths of our soul. Green color often symbolizes hope. If we put together the meaning of these three colors we can say that we can find ourselves in a particularly important period in which we need to evolve by exploiting our abilities and our qualities trying to look within ourselves so as not to make mistakes.

Here you can understand how the presence, the appearance of a polar aurora is very rare in our dreams but really fundamental, with an incredibly powerful message that can not be overlooked. Many people also say they dreamed of an aurora borealis immediately after experiencing a terrible moment, a very tragic period of their life and in which they had lost all hope and motivation to move forward. So this dream can come during some dark moments of our life, moments in which we need to be helped because we are suffering. Many people dream of angels or saints while other people dream of observing the sky and seeing strange optical phenomena like the polar auroras. Hope, desire to return to smile, optimism. These three words are always contained in dreams of this kind. After a terrifying period of our life in which we have suffered a great deal, perhaps after having suffered a very bad mourning, we can therefore dream of this marvelous phenomenon that brightens our existence and gives a sense of peace, of balance, of inner serenity. But behind these dreams we can also find other meanings. Meanwhile, an element not to be overlooked are the people on our side in a dream. With which person are we observing the northern lights? If our partner is sentimental to our side, then we can live a beautiful moment with him, our love life can be very positive, exciting, passionate and above all can evolve and mature. If we are together with a colleague of ours, then we can have an important professional success, we can get great satisfaction and we can even make huge profits, managing to realize many of our ideas or a project we have been working on for a long time. Being with a parent, brother, sister means being able to make peace after having lived a period full of discussions. We conclude this article by saying that the Northern Lights often signal the possibility of a great fortune that can come into our lives and therefore we must be very happy for our near future.


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