The appointment in dreams. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. Dreaming of being late or dreaming of an appointment time. Dreaming of being on a date of love with a dead person, dead for years, or dreaming of forgetting a meeting or preparing a romantic or business meeting. What does it mean to dream of going to a business meeting, or not being able to go to an appointment because of other people? What does it mean to dream of going to dinner with an unknown person, unknown, with a man or woman or with a relative of ours, lover, husband, boyfriend, singer or famous actor? Why can we dream of dressing up to run from a person we love and waiting for us in a restaurant? Why is it possible to dream of a meeting, to dream of postponing an appointment, to make an appointment with the doctor, with the doctors and nurses, with a bank on the phone or not to be able to arrive in one place at a specific time? What does it mean to dream of being late for a professional interview, for a conference or for medical analysis in a hospital? Dreaming of arriving late, not being able to get to an appointment with the train, the car, the motorcycle, the plane, accepting the invitation of a former husband, meet a person that we do not like and does a lot fear. Making random encounters in a dream, going to meet death or a meeting with the Pope. What does it mean to dream of going to an appointment with parents, brothers, sisters, brothers-in-law, uncles, cousins, grandparents, friends and colleagues? What and how many numbers from the book of the ancient Neapolitan grimace can we play to try to win if I dream of going to a meeting with a friend, according to the guide on dreams? "The other night I remember dreaming of getting dressed and going to a job interview with my mother and father. Last night I dreamed of making an appointment with the doctor along with my husband and my wife. Last night I dreamed that I was with an unknown person and we both went to a restaurant where we were waiting for someone. Tonight they called me on the phone to schedule a business appointment". Well, today we try to understand the meaning of dreams in which we go to an important meeting with another person.


First of all, to understand the meaning of this type of dreams, do we have to try to start from the concept of an appointment in real life? What is an appointment? The appointment is a meeting between two or more people who for some reason have to talk and discuss with each other. The appointment is therefore a meeting between people that can be positive and lead to a valid agreement or negative because it does not agree with anyone. When we dream of going to an appointment we must also remember whether this meeting was a meeting at the working, professional, economic, family or sentimental level. The type of appointment is obviously very important for understanding the sphere of dream manifestation. Almost certainly when we dream of making an appointment, then in our real life we??have a commitment to carry forward or a responsibility that should not be neglected. The key concept of this kind of dreams is responsibility. When a person is full of responsibility then he can have dreams in which he runs from one side to the other, he goes from one place to another and meets many people he talks to, discusses, argues. But behind the meaning of a dream appointment there is also another very important word and that is anxiety. Most likely the dreamer is experiencing a particularly stressful period and this very strong stress that can derive from great responsibility, can generate casual encounters in our dream world. The desire and therefore the anxiety for a business meeting that returns in our dreams through a strange business appointment with a person we do not know, with the face dark and does not speak or we do not understand what he says. Here in this case the tension and anxiety that we have accumulated in daily life for a great responsibility or for a work appointment that we must do very soon, come back just in the form of a strange encounter that inspires a lot of fear and maybe makes us run away Street. Big managers or freelancers who usually have to set up business appointments in order to expose their ideas, can make these kinds of dreams.

But in our dreams we can also go to a sentimental appointment or to strange events with death or dead people. Obviously the sentimental meeting in a dream is a prelude to the need to analyze one's own love life. Maybe in our life we??are disappointed by love because maybe we closed a story that made us suffer or because we were abandoned and here in a dream we are in a restaurant with a beautiful woman or a beautiful man while we talk and we are happy or very agitated and timid. Never forget a fundamental thing. The emotions and feelings that we experience in our dreams are absolutely necessary to give a fair interpretation because, for example, if we dream of going to a rendezvous and we are very happy, serene, optimistic, enthusiastic, then our subconscious wants to communicate that perhaps we can live love and feelings very well in our daily life. In short, the appointment in a dream does not represent the possibility of participating in a real meeting, going to a meeting of love or work but simply represents a state of small or great anxiety that must draw our attention to a problem we are experiencing and that can go from a responsibility that we know how to accept up to the fear of a commitment too heavy for us. Lack of trust in love or work can manifest in dreams through encounter with a person who is very irritating, very afraid and does not offer us a good feeling. Generally a widespread dream is one in which we go to an appointment with a person that we really like in real life or that still attracts us from a professional point of view because it could be very useful for our work, economic and social development. but the moment we arrived, we notice that this person is with another person and is not interested in our presence. Dreams that can make us wake up with a feeling of great disappointment and here we can understand, thanks to our subconscious, that with that person we can not, at least for the moment, have a good relationship, and it will not be useful for our progress.

In fact, the most widespread dreams are those in which we go to a meeting of love with a person who attracts us very sexually but who never arrives. This kind of dreams simply highlights our desire to approach a person who is not absolutely interested in us or even this kind of dreams can instead establish our low self-esteem and we think therefore not to be suitable for that type of person. But the appointments in the dream can still concern peaks of news that can come. The desire to change our lives, the monotony that assails us and does not allow us to be optimistic and confident in life, can appear in a dream in the form of an appointment with any person and after a few days or weeks arrive interesting news in daily life that enliven our days. In these dreams there often appears a clock, a date, a timetable. Many of you think that these dreams can be premonitory dreams and indicate particular events that may come, but in reality the premonitory dreams are very rare. Rather, looking at the clock or calendar and deciding to go to a meeting means being very precise, punctual and hardly forgetting something in life. But appointments in a dream can also jump, that is, be postponed or the person we meet is never there. If the dream meetings can represent possible novelties then an appointment that does not take place can simply concern the loss of opportunities or some joys that delay to arrive. In short, if the person we love does not appear in our dream-like date, then we must believe that something is not going well in the sentimental relationship we are experiencing and therefore we must try to understand the reason for the problem to find a solution and the same thing regarding business appointments that do not happen anymore. Every vehicle we use to go to a meeting, a car, a plane, a motorcycle, a train, represents the skills we possess to progress in our life. The meetings with dead undoubtedly indicate fundamental changes in our earthly existence.


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