What does it mean to dream of seeing mom or dad who died a few months or years ago? Why in our dreams can we see a sister, a brother, an uncle, an aunt who are no longer alive for years? Why many people dream of the dead? Why a few days after a parent or friend has passed away, we can see again in our dreams he smiles or cries or hugs or kisses you there? Why dreams in which dead people are there to find us are widespread? "The other night I dreamed that my father who died some years ago, came to me and hugged me. Last night I saw in a dream, my grandmother and my grandfather, who are no longer alive and that they wanted to talk to me. Why dream often to see the dead? Because last night I saw a dear friend who is no longer asking me for help?" But what it means to dream often dead people? What does it mean to see in a dream relatives who have died recently or a long time? Behind these dreams often are hidden meanings. Let's see some of these meanings and make people understand that not always when a person who is deceased comes to visit in a dream, this is an important event and that brings with it a great message.


And yes. Often when we see the dead in our dreams or in our nightmares, we think that the message that the dream brings to us is very important. However in most cases it does not. To understand we must explain why we dream the dead. First of all we must remember that during the day we can think of many things and think, even for a few moments, to many people who may have died long ago. For example, if in a moment of our day we thought our mother or our grandmother who no longer lives with us, this memory remains in our memory and can come out at night. We might not even remember thinking to a person and then these dreams can take us much concern and thought that Mom or Grandma wants to tell us something very important. These dreams are not so important meanings because they are related to the thoughts had in the days before and then during sleep our subconscious has developed in different forms.

But in fact it can happen to people dreaming dufunte recently without maybe that our thoughts have gone to their memory in the days before. What meanings then have these dreams and what message they want to bring to us? Well, here the message exists and is more or less important and is linked to the love that we had in life towards this person. When someone we love very much like a parent, a child, a husband or a mother dies, the attachment that we had dreamed about this person is reflected in our dreams. So just in these cases the message that comes to us is that our love, our thoughts toward the person who is gone is still very strong and it is not exhausted. All we would like to speak in a dream with a person who has just died and that we loved so much in life and often think, mistakenly, that immediately after his death, his presence in our dreams is a prophetic presence, is a miraculous event, but is not so. Unfortunately these dreams are very common among the people and show the pain that still feel for the loss of the person.

But you can make another type of dreams that are based upon the deceased. These dreams can provide very important messages to the dreamer and are never to be underestimated. It is true that there are many people who dream of their deceased loved ones at a distance of years and years but it is also true that sometimes the dead want to search for a contact with us, they want to open a channel to be able to give a message, to put us on alert, just to meet again. Clearly these dreams are very rarely used, and only those qualities of foresight can be a leader. In these dreams the deceased try to talk to us, or makes some gestures that must make us understand what he wants to say. I am reminded of a dream of a boy who saw his grandfather in a dream that he was in a wheelchair and could not walk. The grandfather said the boy had a tumor in my legs and that he would die within a year. Well, the conclusion of this dream is that after nine months away from it the boy's father died of a stroke that paralyzed his entire body, starting from the legs.


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