Songs in dreams. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. What does it mean if in a dream there is also music? And to dream of hearing someone sing or playing a musical instrument? What does it mean to dream of hearing someone saying our name? What does it mean to dream of calling someone with a first and last name? What does it mean to listen to music in dreams with guitar, violin, piano, saxophone, drums, electric bass, percussions? Componiment, lyric, poetry, song, song, song, melody, song. Have you ever dreamed of listening to a song that always repeats in the same way and never ends? Why can we dream of listening to a speech ta two people very clearly? What does it mean to hear a very low voice that scares so much or hear the voice of our mother, father, of a deceased relative, dead for many years, of a friend, boyfriend, husband, son or work colleague, of some children? What does it mean to dream of listening to a song that we like so much sung by a famous actor or singer? What does it mean to dream to hear a beautiful song that we do not know, feel a fantastic music that we like so much, of our favorite singer or be at a concert and listen to music, sing along with other people? Hearing, paying attention to some very scary voices, eavesdropping a mass on the radio, television, hearing a rosary, a phone call, a church bell, classical music, jazz, rock, pop, rap, disco. Why can we dream of hearing music with headphones or a secret conversation between two people we do not know? Dreaming of a song that does not exist at high volume or sing along with many friends and enemies. How many and which numbers of the Neapolitan grimace must we play if we want to win even a small sum of money in the lottery if we dream of hearing a beautiful sound, a marvelous music, according to the guide and the book on dreams? "The other night I dreamed of being with my mother who was shouting at me because I was listening to the radio with a very high volume. Last night I dreamed of hearing the voice of my father who died and told me to be very careful. Last night I remember dreaming of hearing a wonderful sound of trumpets coming from the sky and the angels. This night I dreamed that I played the violin and the melody was very sad". Doing this kind of dreams is a very common thing among people because our hearing works very well even in the dream world.


Each of us will have dreamed, at least once in his life, to listen to a song or hear someone shout, to hear a strange sound or a noise. In the dream world all our senses are very developed and can even be amplified. Even hearing works very well and in addition to watching, doing actions, touching, eating, we can also listen, sing, talk, in short, we can make sounds or hear sounds. The sound, the music, the melody in a dream are absolutely fundamental and must not be neglected when we wake up. To understand the message that a song wants to provide the dreamer we must first try to understand why the man likes to listen to music. Music is generally a set of notes and chords that contribute to a very pleasant melody and harmony for our ears. Certainly there are many types of music and not all musical genres can be enjoyed or not. But the most important thing is that music causes feelings of well-being, helps relax mind, body and spirit and we often listen to a certain type of music when we are living a particular moment of our life, so music also represents our current state of music. If in life we??are very sad, we are living a period of great disappointments, pessimism because many things are not going well, the problems to be faced are many and insurmountable, then we can lock ourselves in our bedroom, inside our house and listen to music that maybe he has a moving melody. And here is that this is also true for our dreams. We can often dream of hearing in the distance a very sad melody that maybe we know or that we do not know, a melody that is melancholic and can make us wake up with a feeling of malaise, pessimism and depression. Listening to sad music in dreams therefore means being in a phase of life where things are not going very well, we ourselves are very down to earth and we can not solve any problems. In short, disappointments, very difficult periods, sentimental separations, loss of work or money, can come back into dreams in the form of very strange melancholy music.

Obviously if the music in a dream represents our state of mind, our mental and psychophysical condition, then listening to beautiful music, hearing beautiful voices of children singing in chorus, maybe in church, means that we are living a beautiful period of our life, a time when we are very happy and we can be very optimistic, with a very good morality. If the volume of this music is not too deafening but very pleasant to our ears we can hope to live a phase of our earthly existence full of joys and in fact listen to a marvelous music, very often signals the possibility of receiving beautiful news, joys, happy events in our family. Of course dreams are very enigmatic and do not make us understand their meaning easily but if we analyze every detail well, if we remember sensations, emotions, colors, places, people, objects, then we can find valid clues to correctly interpret the message that comes from the deep of our subconscious. So if, for example, we are listening to wonderful music together with our parents, brothers and sisters, then a joy could come to the family and address some of them and we will be very happy, sharing their happiness. Very often we can hear beautiful music together with the person we love or a friend or colleague. Here these dreams identify a sentimental, friendly, work relationship that can be very positive, can progress, can be particularly fruitful. Usually after having dreams of this kind we can spend beautiful moments together with the person who was with us in a dream or we can make peace after having a fight. But if in a dream we listen to a music that is terrible and we do not like it? Some music, some songs can be terrifying and do not please absolutely and in dreams can signal a problem of communication, a defect in our character that we do not accept, a moment of our life in which we do not know what to do and we can puara, we are very confused. Our moods are always represented, in the dream world, by music.

But in dreams we can also dream of playing a musical instrument. Musical instruments are objects from which music can be reproduced. We play an instrument and make a melody, a harmony, then a song, a piece of music. Dreaming of knowing how to play a musical instrument like a guitar, saxophone, violin, piano, flute, clarinet means having a good imagination and a great creativity. If in life the dreamer is a musician then he can often dream of playing his musical instrument or another musical instrument. Diversity identifies the need to look differently at one's work as a musician, perhaps facing paths, paths that are new and may perhaps be more productive. But if we are not musicians then playing an instrument means being very creative, it means finding yourself in a phase of life in which, thanks to our imagination, we can accomplish many things. Even many people dream of playing an instrument like a real professional and creating beautiful melodies and here our subconscious tells us that we can create, create beautiful things in our lives using the great creative skills we possess. Also in this case it is possible to receive good news, have joys in the family or improve interpersonal, family, sentimental, working relationships and remember the people who play with us or listen to our music is a detail not to be overlooked. Many people, men, women, children, also dream of listening to strange voices, very scary voices that come from far away. To hear a voice that says our name and asks us to approach it, is the symbol of a possible warning and warning. Maybe we are about to make a mistake in our life, maybe we are making a wrong turn, we are making a wrong choice and therefore our very powerful unconscious tries to warn us with these strange voices, often very terrifying. We must try to remember the words that these terrible voices say but the meaning is very clear, you must be very careful and do not fall into a trap. Finally, hearing angelic voices come from the sky or from children singing in chorus, means living a very serene, rewarding period and where you have to have a lot of hope.


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