Pimples in dreams. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. What does it mean to dream of squeezing a pimple on the hand, on the arm, on the thigh or on the leg, on the face or on the shoulder? What does it mean to dream of breaking a huge pimple with your fingers or having acne on your face? Why can we dream of seeing ourselves in the mirror with so many blackheads in the face and decide to do the cleaning of the face? What does it mean to see so many rashes on our skin? What does it mean to dream of having small spots in the face, huge pimples on the nose, on the back, on the forehead, on the head, in the hair, on the back full of big scary pimples, with lots of pus, with a lot of fat? In a dream it is possible to disinfect the wound of a pimple from which little or much blood comes out. What does it mean to dream of buying an ointment, a cream to cure acne and make pimples disappear? Why can we spread an ointment on the skin of the face? Have you ever dreamed of being in the hospital, by the doctor, by the beautician to fix some pimples? Dreaming of crushing blackheads, having terrible bubbles on the body that burn and give very itchy, pustules, boils all over the body, see black or red spots on the face. What does it mean to dream of tiny or gigantic pimples with lots of pus inside? How many and which numbers of the Neapolitan grimace is useful to play if we want to win lottery money when we dream to see a big pimple on the face, according to the guide and the book on dreams? "The other night I remember dreaming of having a huge pimple on my cheek that hurt me a lot. Last night I dreamed that I was with my mother, my father, my brother and my sister and they all had a terrible acne on their faces. Last night I dreamed of having a very strong itching in my head where I had some pimples. This night I dreamed of a friend and work colleague who helped me cure some outbursts that were born and raised on my hands". In this article we try to interpret dreams where we can see pimples and spots on our skin. What is the meaning of dreams in which our skin is not perfect but has some defects that can give us a bad feeling and also a lot of fear? Let's try to understand the message of our subconscious.


Understanding the message of this type of dreams is a fairly simple thing. So all that is connected with aesthetics and with the care of our body in dreams, often concerns our self-esteem. To understand better we must always try to start from the consideration that we have of our body in real life. Obviously these dreams are widespread among boys and girls because pimples, pustules, acne are skin problems that arise especially during a very young age and that's why the boys but especially girls can make this kind of dreams. For a boy even having only a pimple on his face can really be a terrible tragedy. During our young age appearance, physical beauty are very important because the adolescent phase is the phase of our life in which our physical appearance allows us to woo a person we like, allows us to be part of a group of friends and be appreciated at school. So very often these dreams are widespread among very young boys and girls but they are not trivial dreams. In fact, dreaming of having a terrible pimple on the head but especially in a visible part of the body and maybe on the face, means having a low level of self-esteem. Seeing yourself in the mirror and finding your face full of black spots or pimples with lots of pus and even acne, means not appreciating your body but above all means not feeling comfortable in interpersonal relationships. So, to better understand the speech we can say that if in a dream we are in front of a mirror, we observe our face, our hands, arms, legs and we see so many pimples, then we are going through a particularly complicated period just under the profile of interpersonal relationships. A child or a boy who attends school may have some communication problems with some friends, companions and therefore dream pimples, in this case, it is very probable because the malaise that is experienced in school life also appears in the form of a little appearance pleasant in the dream world.

And here these dreams are widespread even among men because even men love to appear and show their potential. So the low level of self-esteem that appears in a dream with pimples, pustules, abscesses, must be fought to not find themselves in really complicated situations because social relationships, interpersonal, work, family, sentimental are very important for our inner development and our ripeness. Never forget that appearing in real life is often more important than anything . However, acne and pimples can also be cured and we must not think that they can represent an insurmountable relationship problem. First of all, once we have understood that these small aesthetic problems can damage our self-esteem and some of our social relationships, we must try to be particularly active and not be afraid to face situations because these dreams serve to open our eyes to problems that do not they must remain unresolved. A boy, for example, who dreams of having a face full of pimples, must think of accepting his role in society, in the family, at school trying to figure out which contrasts can be solved. We have not yet talked about girls and girls who do this kind of dreams though. The woman has a body care that is generally greater than men. Creams, ointments, ointments are very used to treat the skin and women who dream of having a wound on the face, on the hands, on the legs can really wake up with an incredible fear. These injuries can represent relational difficulties but also simply the fear of not being able to cope with some situations that are being faced. For example, a woman or a girl could live a love relationship but not feel very sure of the emotions she feels and then, in her dreams, she can see gigantic pimples appearing on her face or in another area of??her body.

And here these relational difficulties in every area of??life must be fought otherwise this discomfort can return to dream very often in other forms, perhaps more serious and in fearful nightmares. Perhaps you have understood that even a simple pimple in our dreams is not absolutely trivial but must attract our attention and must allow us to be particularly careful in solving the problems we encounter in life and in relationships with other people. To better understand the field of manifestation of these dreams you must always remember objects, places, people, emotions and sensations that you can experience in your dream world. For example, being with parents and discovering to have huge red spots on the skin, means, probably, not having a good relationship with their parents and then we must analyze the cause of this discomfort and try to find a viable solution. If we dream of being in the workplace and while we are talking to a colleague of ours or even with the employer and we observe a very damaged skin on our hands or on our legs, then it means that we will have to fight some work problems but especially against people that I do not really agree with our ideas. In fact, hands and legs are often the symbol, in our dreams, of work because with them we do many manual operations. Very scary dreams can be those in which the pimples are huge and even from these pimples comes out a lot of blood that we can not stop. Blood represents our energies and therefore if we are losing a lot of blood then we are experiencing a period in which our forces are at a low level as well as our self-esteem. Even elderly people, adults can dream of having terrible defects on their skin because every man and every woman can experience moments of indecision and stress. We conclude this discourse by saying that in this type of dreams if we can treat these deformations and skin diseases, perhaps using ointments, ointments, creams or going to a doctor, then surely we will find the cure to our problems, the relationship difficulties we are facing in the life.


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