Wait for the birth of a child in dreams. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. What does it mean to dream of waiting for death? And dream of pregnancy in dreams? Wait for something or someone in our dreams. What does it mean to dream of waiting for a child, a child, two twins, three twins, four, five, six, seven twins or a boy, a girl, a nephew? What does it mean to dream of being pregnant with a beautiful baby but having to have an abortion, carrying a baby who is born dead or giving birth to a baby that you do not want? Why can we dream of waiting for our wife's arrival from the hospital or being in hospital because our mother or sister is giving birth to a fantastic baby? What does it mean to dream of seeing so many newborns born, they all come together in a hospital operating room and dream of doctors, doctors, nurses and gynecologists who give birth to so many twins? What does it mean to dream of waiting anxiously for the birth of a beautiful baby who comes to the world crying or smiling? What does it mean to dream of waiting for a child who never comes? What kind of numbers can I extract from the Neapolitan grimace if I want to play the lottery when I dream of being pregnant with two, three, four twin children, according to the guide and the book on dreams? "Last night I dreamed of being with my sister who was pregnant and was waiting to see her son born. Last night I remember dreaming of being with a friend of mine and a colleague at work and together we went to the hospital because she had to give birth. The other night I dreamed of being with my fiancé telling me to be pregnant. A very strange dream and I was very scared. This night I dreamed that my parents were waiting for the birth of a child". Dreaming of children, but especially dreaming of the birth of a child is a very widespread thing that takes on various meanings, some very important. Let's analyze this kind of dreams, trying to get out a message that is never trivial.


Certainly this kind of dreams is really widespread among girls, women, mothers. Men can rarely dream of being pregnant and waiting for a child, but they can still dream of seeing a woman giving birth. Obviously some of these dreams may have very trivial, unimportant meanings. For example, if a woman is really pregnant in her daily life and therefore is about to give birth, she can easily dream of waiting for the birth of a child and the dream, in this case, is the simple manifestation of her desire to be a mother or the manifestation of his concern about the health of his future child. If a woman who wants to have a baby but is not pregnant yet dreams of giving birth, she is naturally amplifying her wish that it may not be achievable, however. Seeing the birth of a child in dreams, however, can represent very important events in the life of the dreamer if it is not a woman but especially if there is not, in the depths of his mind, the desire to become a mother, parent. So in order to understand the meaning of this kind of dreams we must start from the concept of birth. The birth of a child is an event, first of all, extraordinary and beautiful that can happen in a casual way or after having thought about it a lot. Being born and facing life is not simple and therefore this dreamlike representation can certainly mean something very positive but also something very demanding in one's earthly existence. Let's start with those strange dreams that men can have and that can incredibly dream of waiting for the arrival of a child, of being pregnant. Dreams that are very rare but can have a very important meaning. If a man or a boy dreams of being pregnant and therefore of being able to give birth to a small human being, then we can be certain that a formidable event is about to come, a truly incredible event, probably very upsetting but that should be very positive. Of course we must never forget that analyzing our dreams is a very complex thing and very often we make a lot of mistakes in interpretation.

For example, when we have a dream we often forget many details of it and instead objects, places, people, feelings and emotions are fundamental. Returning to the dream that a man or a boy can have, let us suppose that he is waiting for the arrival of a newborn who is growing right in his womb. This expectation which feeling does it offer? The dreamer feels strange, he is probably very fearful, afraid or happy, serene, calm. The feelings and emotions in a dream are essential to be able to extract a correct message. And here, being afraid of giving birth, being amazed at being pregnant means that we are not yet ready for an event that can come, we are not yet ready to overturn our life, our earthly existence and our situation. Every birth should not be understood as the birth of a new life obviously. A man dreams of giving birth with great pain and suffering and maybe receives a wonderful job news, receives a great professional opportunity but that obliges him to commit himself a lot. Every detail of dreams is fundamental, every person we meet and talk to is fundamental, every place we visit, every object we see and use. To understand the sector of our life in which something could change, we must try to remember every detail and especially people. For example, dreaming of giving birth and having parents at your side, can mean that, after a period of dispute, family discussions, we can find peace, serenity, harmony and a good family balance. Being in a dream with our girlfriend, means waiting for a better sentimental future and most likely, after having made this kind of dreams, the relationship with the person we love will improve considerably or we will be able to plan something together. The birth of a child is always an important and generally positive event.

Every person who dreams of seeing someone born even if he is not his son, can hope to realize some project, some idea, can hope to start a new path of life. After living a very complex period, full of problems, a period in which we could not find a valid solution to a small or big problem, now we can finally find the solution and this solution comes after having dreamed of the birth of a newborn represents, in fact, an evolution of our existential path. Men and women who dream of being pregnant can obviously worry that the baby may be born with some health problems or even dead. These dreams that can also become nightmares, simply represent our concerns relatively at the beginning of a new path of life, a new project that is about to leave or the dreamer sees his future with much uncertainty but the death of a fetus, of a newborn child, is always the symbol of a rebirth, of the end of a situation in order to start with a new phase of our life and so it is possible to dream of being with our wife or a colleague who gives birth to a fetus unfortunately I do not live. Here it is necessary to change something in the relationship with our wife or with our colleague, we must close a situation in order to start again. To be born and die and at the center of this two verbs we find a third verb and that is to live. The expectation of a child who is born is therefore the antechamber of a desire to come back to life after having faced a terrible period of anguish, confusion, despair. This rebirth can be painful, tiring, stressful as in fact it can be the birth for a woman, but provides a favorable evolution, a marked improvement in our lives. The birth in a dream is almost always the symbol of joys that are about to arrive, of beautiful events, of great opportunities and of an inner and spiritual maturation and evolution that are fundamental to progress in this earthly existence.


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