Abscess in dreams. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. What does it mean to dream of seeing a huge abscess on our body from which a lot of blood comes out? What does it mean to dream of finding so many abscesses that break out and do much harm? Feeling, feeling so much pain because of an abscess that appears on our face, on a leg, a hand or a foot. What does it mean to dream of having a terrible abscess of very large and big teeth? What does it mean to dream of having a pain relieving injection to recover from an abscess or to operate a very painful abscess? Why can we dream of putting an ointment, a cream to heal from an abscess? What does it mean to dream of dying because of an abscess or suffering from some abscesses in the mouth? And what does it mean to dream of getting hurt in the mouth while eating something? Dreaming of the mouth with a large abscess with inside it so much that it stinks, that smells bad. What is the meaning of dreaming of removing something from the mouth that hurts us? Go to the hospital or to the doctor because we have an abscess under the armpits or in the intimate areas of the body. What does it mean to dream of having an abscess that loses a lot of blood and is red, purple or black? How many and which numbers of the Neapolitan grimace is useful to play if we want to win lottery money when we dream of disinfecting a wound on our body, according to the guide and the book on dreams? Tonight I remember dreaming that my mother had a terrible abscess in her mouth, a large cyst that smelled so badly. The other night I dreamed of being in hospital with my parents and my husband, my son, a friend of mine and a colleague of work because I had to remove a cyst that had become huge on the face. Last night I saw a large abscess that appeared on my hand and I was very scared. Last night I met a dead relative of mine who had a terrible abscess in the head. Today we try to understand the meaning of abscesses, of the cysts that can appear on our body during dreams. Let's try to understand which message we can extract from such strange dreams but which can hide some fears and fears.


When we talked about the pimples that appear in our dreams, we said that often they represent a low level of self-esteem and the fear of not being able to face an interpersonal relationship, a social, work, sentimental, family relationship. In short, the pimples can represent a sense of defeat and of strong disappointment that naturally must be fought. But abscesses are a very serious thing because an abscess is a set of pus that is formed inside a body tissue and that can have a terrible smell, a bad smell but above all it can be very dangerous because if it is not treated with the right medications and medicines can even lead to death. So the abscess that appears in our dreams signals, very often a serious problem that perhaps we are underestimating in our daily life. For example, as far as work is concerned, we have to carry out a very important operation but we do not think about the possible consequences that can be harmful to ourselves. Someone offers us a financial investment and real estate but we underestimate the possible consequences that could be very disastrous and that the danger can be represented in our dream world, just from terrible and frightening abscesses that stink, cause pain and lose much pus and blood . When we dream of having an abscess we must try to remember the position of this abscess, where it is because, for example, its presence on the legs or on the hands has a different meaning from its presence on the head or in the mouth. Having an abscess in the mouth means having communication problems with someone in our life and therefore, probably the dreamer can not communicate, to be understood by some people. Misunderstanding is very common in this kind of dreams and this misunderstanding must be analyzed to try to understand what's the real problem.

If we dream of having a huge abscess in the mouth that does not allow us to talk or eat and even feel a lot of pain, then almost certainly we are experiencing a very complicated situation that damages some interpersonal relationships. Never forget that every detail, every element, every thing we see in a dream is very important to try to extrapolate a correct interpretation and then understand the message. The people who are with us, the objects we see, the places we are in and the feelings and emotions we experience, are essential to understand the dream message otherwise we can make mistakes and judge incorrectly. So if we feel a lot of pain because of an abscess that maybe loses a lot of pus and blood, and we see our parents together, then the relationship with them is very complex and must be analyzed after waking up. That abscess in the mouth is in fact an interpersonal problem that we have with our parents but we could have, in the dream world, even a boyfriend, a husband, a lover, a work colleague or a friend. We must not forget that the abscess often contains a liquid that smells bad and see this liquid coming out of it, means that we must absolutely say a few things, we must do some things that have remained pending and for which we are suffering . In this sense the abscess can be seen as a positive thing, as a warning of a danger that we can avoid because the abscesses can be cured. Many people tell of dreaming abscesses from which a lot of blood comes out. Blood is always connected to our psychic, mental and physical energies and signals, just a very difficult period, a period in which we are really very weak, we are very tired and with little desire to do things. But if in dream we dream of having an abscess but we go to the doctor who provides us with a useful cure, then here is the solution to our problems that comes out in real life and a burden that had become unbearable, finally disappears.

At other times the presence of an abscess means the impossibility of being able to understand a problem that afflicts us and when we do not understand the cause of a problem, then we can not find a solution. If treating an abscess in the mouth means being able to improve some interpersonal, social, work, sentimental relationships, seeing a small or huge abscess on our leg or on our hand can mean that we have problems working. Very often, in fact, hands, arms, legs, feet represent the world of work because with them we move, we act, we do many actions. Here an abscess on our legs is the signal of a work or economic problem that must be addressed. The abscess can cause a lot of pain and lose a lot of pus and a lot of blood and then all this can signal an enormous difficulty in moving forward with our actions. Physical and mental fatigue, disappointment, pessimism because we can not find a job or the loss of a good job can be represented, in a dream, by small or large abscesses. Some people dream of having abscesses in their heads. The head obviously represents the ideas, the projects and having an abscess in this point of the body means having difficulty in carrying forward your own ideas and therefore difficulties in realizing your own projects. To dream of having an abscess that is growing can also have very favorable meanings and indicate the possibility of receiving something that has been waiting for a long time but only after having endured many sacrifices. In reality, the abscess is a sign of difficulty and seeing an abscess that is born and grows on our skin almost always identifies an obstacle that is about to reach our life and that must be overcome. We have not yet talked about those dreams in which the abscess is not on our body but on the body of a person we know who may be our father, mother, brother, sister, husband, wife. If in a dream we try to cure this abscess it means that we can improve the relationship with this person but only if we desire this change and instead, to be afraid of this abscess and not to cure it, means refusing to make peace with the person we see in dream . Probably the interpersonal relationship may worsen further.


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