The autograph in dreams. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. What does it mean to dream of signing a beautiful, authentic, original autograph? What does it mean to find so many items autographed by famous footballers, men and women? Why can we dream of giving our autograph to our mother, father, uncle, brother, sister, cousin, brother-in-law, grandfather, friend, work colleague or dead relative? What does it mean to give a t-shirt or a hat with an autograph? What does it mean to dream that they will give you an autographed dress? Famous people in dreams who sign many autographs are very easy to remember. But what does it mean to dream of asking the autograph to a well-known person who does not want to sign? Sign an autograph to a child, an unknown man or woman, a very old person, an old man. What dreamlike meaning does the dream of losing a very important autograph that was written on a piece of paper, on a piece of paper? Why can we dream to open the school diary or a notebook and find an autograph with a beautiful calligraphy that is not understood well? What does it mean to dream of asking or receiving an authentic, original autograph with a beautiful signature? Which and how many numbers can we play using the Neapolitan grimace if we want to win the lottery if in our dreams a very famous actor or singer gives us his autograph, according to the guide and the book on dreams? "The other night I remember dreaming that a famous actor or singer signed me a wonderful autograph and I was very happy. Last night I dreamed of being with a famous person who signed many autographs to all the people who were with me. Last night I dreamed of being with a friend of mine who had become famous and signed hundreds of autographs. This night I dreamed of signing a small autograph to a sick person who was dying in a hospital bed". Let's try to understand the meaning of these particular dreams that are not widespread but that can still have an important meaning for the dreamer, meaning that should not be underestimated but analyzed very carefully.


First of all, let's see what an autograph is. The autograph is a text written directly by a person, then with his hands and often refers to a phrase followed by a signature that identifies the character. For example an actor or a singer but also a politician or a footballer, they can sign an autograph to a boy with a sentence to be dedicated and the signature. Obviously this dedication is very personal and often gives the name of the one who receives the autograph. This detail is not to be neglected when we dream, in fact, to receive an autograph. Very often the autographs in dreams have various meanings and among all we can find the meaning of perseverance. When one of us dreams of receiving just one of them, then he must think that he is in a phase of life where it is essential not to be superficial but to persevere in the things of life. Perseverance distinguishes all those who are stubborn and want to achieve their goals in every way possible and imaginable. Very often we can find ourselves living a complex period in which, faced with a challenge, we are forced to stop, to retreat or fail to live the challenge as we would like. This tension, but above all the disappointment that we accumulate during the day, can become a simple autograph in a dream. Why do so many people see the concept of perseverance behind an autograph? Very simple. Generally, great men, great women, people who have achieved something important become famous and therefore can afford to sign autographs among people. Their successes have certainly arrived for their great effort, precisely because of their perseverance that has made it possible to reach important goals and for which they are now admired by the people. And here is this concept is very apt in this kind of dreams. So perseverance indicates that we must not give up in the face of difficulties but we must go on to reach a goal.

Firmness, stability, continuity, constancy, durability, immutability, insistence, persistence, tenacity, obstinacy, persistence, stubbornness, diligence. These terms are all synonyms of the word perseverance and make their meaning very well understood. Before talking about at least two other meanings that we can find behind this kind of dreams, of course we must also talk about some very trivial dreams that we can do. We often watch television, read a newspaper article, watch a game, a motorcycle race, a car in which our darling participates. Our esteem for him can reverberate in the dream world through the appearance of the famous character who signs autographs and writes dedications to ourselves or to other people. The real scenes that we lived mix in our dreams and become other scenes that do not have a crucial importance and do not have to be interpreted in detail because they do not have a fundamental message but simply signal an event that we have experienced. Another meaning of the autographs, much more important than the first one we have already described is this. Often the dreamer can be influenced, in his life, by other people, especially by those people who have been successful, by those individuals and characters who have managed to get where he could not get and here in a dream he can dream of asking to someone an autograph. So asking for an autograph could mean that we are influenced by men and women who are socially more important than us. Understanding if this type of influence is favorable to the dreamer or not, is certainly not a simple thing and maybe other elements of the dream can provide useful details, such as places where we are, other people we meet, objects we see, feelings and emotions we can try. Being happy to ask and receive an autograph could indicate, for example, that in our life we??are influenced by a very interesting person who is very positive for us, is a guide. A relative who signs an autograph as a parent or brother, sister, identifies an appreciation towards him, an admiration we feel for these family members.

So we can dream of asking for an autograph and then receive a sentence with a dedication and signature from someone we know or have never seen. If we receive an original autograph from a person we have never known then we must think we are in a moment of our life when we are unable to move forward with decision to face and overcome obstacles and challenges but above all we do not know who to ask help, we do not know which people can be useful for our journey. Often these dreams refer to working life as well as our inner evolution and our maturation. But if we are ourselves, in our dreams, to sign an autograph, to write on a piece of paper or on an object, a sentence with our signature? Vanity and presumption. Here are two words that can describe this type of dreams. If we are not famous in our lives and we do not have an important role in society, in our work, in our family and in our dream world, we sign autographs, then we are probably living a period of great opportunism but above all a period in which we are very vain and presumptuous. So maybe we think we have qualities that we do not really have or we think we are much better than other people and here we can dream of signing an autograph to a colleague of ours or a friend of ours and our subconscious, in these cases, wants make us understand that we think we are superior to these people but actually this thing may not be true. We must therefore learn to be very humble, we must learn to understand that the qualities we possess must not be a weapon to annihilate others and feel superior to others but a way to confront other people in order to collaborate, evolve, mature together with their. Many times the dedication or the signature are illegible. Failure to read something signals, almost always, the inability to decipher some aspects of our lives that are underestimated and can therefore create various problems.


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