Strange presences in dreams. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. Have you ever dreamed of not being alone in the bedroom or at home? What does it mean if we dream of perceiving that a person is with us but we can not see it in the flesh? Why do we often dream of the presence of evil shadows, of ghosts and ghosts, of beasts, devils, terrifying monsters? What does it mean to dream of seeing an immaterial being, a supernatural being, an otherworldly being, a genius, an elf, a ghost, a shadow, a ghost, an angelic apparition or the Madonna, Jesus, God? What does it mean to dream to warn the earthquake or some presences that want to hurt us, kill us? What does it mean to dream of being together with our mother, father, brother, sister, son, husband, wife, uncle, cousin, grandfather, friend, dead relative or colleague and seeing a strange and frightening apparition? Benign or malignant spirits, shadows, man or woman watching us from afar, from behind a window. What does it mean to dream of feeling strange presences inside our bed or resting on us? Why can we dream of feeling a danger inside the house or feel a person entering the house and hiding? To perceive, to feel, to notice, to sense, to catch, to discover, to observe, to understand, to suspect, to present, to smell, to smell the closeness in the dream of a deceased person. What numbers does the Neapolitan grimace suggest to me if I have to play the lottery when I see some evil spirits in my dreams, according to the guide and the book on dreams? "Last night I remember dreaming that a shadow came to me and wanted to suffocate me in my bed. The other night I dreamed that I was with some friends and I saw a terrible faceless person who was very terrifying. Last night I dreamed of being pursued by an evil spirit who wanted to kill me. This night I dreamed of finding a man hidden behind a window that wanted to enter the house and I was very afraid". Unfortunately this kind of nightmares is very widespread and now we will discover the main reason. Shadows, faceless men, evil spirits, monsters and frightful beasts can make us wake up with a huge fear.


At least once in your life you all dreamed of being attacked by someone who wanted to hurt you. Many people tell of strange presences, of spirits, of shadows that invade the house, come to their bed and try to suffocate, kill, be very afraid. Even some people remember to have dreamed of someone knocking on the door, at the window and wanting to enter. These dreams are real nightmares that can make us wake up in the middle of the night, completely immersed in the dark with an immense fear and with the heart beating really very strong. But other people remember to have dreamed of beautiful angels, marvelous apparitions of saints. It must be said that this kind of dreams is very widespread and now you will understand the main reason. First of all we try to distinguish the dreams in which these feelings we experience are scary and therefore when we dream of shadows, monsters, beasts, faceless men and here dreams in which angels, saints, Madonnas, Jesus, God, the Holy Spirit appear. The first thing to say in order to understand the first kind of dreams is that surely in our life we??are living a period full of worries or anyway a certain event, an event we are facing is very worrying for us. The shadows, very often and the dark men in the face and therefore unrecognizable, are the symbol of a fear, of a fear, of a concern that we are suffering in our lives. Exactly, a fear that we are suffering and that we are not facing in order to be able to defeat it and overcome it. For example, many people say they have dreamed of a terrible shadow that in the night, came towards them, in bed, rested on their body and tried to stop the breath, causing death by asphyxiation. Dreadful dreams and in fact, while we feel we must die, we wake up and we realize we had a nightmare. An advice we give to these people, especially those who often make these dreams, is trying to live a lucid dream, that is a dream in which the dreamer understands that he is dreaming and implements a technique to be able to wake up when he wants, maybe just the moment someone wants to kill him.

Returning to the shadows and evil spirits in the dream, we have therefore made it clear that these strange presences often represent fears that we are living in our lives, fears that maybe we can not face. With a simple example you can understand. A child or a boy may be very afraid of his parents who are oppressive and severe and can not rebel because they are forced to obey their orders. Here that this sense of oppression and fear of parents, comes in a dream with a strange shadow or a man dressed in black who follows us, reaches us and tries to kill us. So the important word to consider and not forget is oppression. When you have a dream or a nightmare like this you have to try to understand what you are oppressed in your life. A boy can feel overwhelmed by exams that he has to face, a woman from a sentimental partner who is too jealous and obsessive and a man can be fatigued by very heavy work problems and who, in fact, return to dream. Concerns, fears of not being able to overcome a problem, fears of not being able to resolve a situation. If this problem is not dealt with in real life then it will return to our dreams again in the form of beasts, shadows, ferocious dogs, animals that try to bite us. But we must try to make a difference between dreams in which appear terrible beasts and animals, shadows and evil presences like devils and dreams in which appear angels, Madonnas, Saints, Holy Spirit, even Jesus Christ or God. Obviously the first type of dreams it represents fears and problems to be faced and overcome while the second type of dreams has a much better and certainly reassuring meaning for the dreamer. Meanwhile, we want to dwell slightly on the dreams in which devils and demons appear. Very often devils and demons who try to attack us are the symbol of repressed desires that have no way of being expressed in real life and that then manifest themselves in dreams with all their strength. For example, a man or a woman could have a great sexual energy or a fantastic creative and imaginative energy that they are not able to exploit in everyday life.

If the devils indicate repressed desires and fail to manifest themselves in our lives, then the angels have a very different and more relaxing meaning. When we dream of the presence of an angel near us or we see an angel coming towards us on a cloud and surrounded by a beautiful white light, then we must think that we are in a good period in which we must have hope. Generally very religious people dream of these angelic presences but those who do not follow religion in an obsessive way, can find in the dream angels a strong sense of protection, peace, serenity and in fact these feelings and dream visions often appear during difficult periods of our life, perhaps after losing a dear person or after having had an accident, after having experienced a terrible working and economic period. In short, the angels but also the saints identify, symbolize the hope of returning to life. This hope is even more evident if we dream of Our Lady, Jesus Christ, the Pope, God or even the Holy Spirit who comes towards us and rests on our bodies. Absolutely beautiful dreams that make us wake up with a truly remarkable psychophysical well-being. It must be said that in our dream world the human senses can be much more developed and therefore people can feel the presence of someone even if their eyes do not see anything. This is the famous sixth sense that in the dream is really very powerful. Many people, in fact, tell of having dreamed of feeling the presence of men, women, shadows, in short, of someone who was watching their movements. Intuition for something that can happen, an intuition that can be favorable because it can allow us to anticipate any problems, disasters, accidents. These insights can therefore be very positive for our life. We conclude this article also talking about those dreams or nightmares in which we can perceive the presence of dead people, relatives who have died recently or for many years. Obviously these people were important to us and their lack is still very strong even if so many years have passed and every so often their memory returns in a dream.


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