Our Lady of Sorrows, the Immaculate Conception, Mary of Nazareth coming down from heaven with angels dressed in white, sorrowful, weeping, very sad, touching you, whispering words, kissing on your cheeks and caressing you. How many times have we dreamed of this wonderful religious figure in our lives? But what does it mean to dream of seeing the Virgin Mary? Have you ever dreamed of talking to Madonna or praying to Madonna for some miracle? What does it mean to dream of playing a rosary at Our Lady or holding in the hand the medal of the miraculous Madonna that is really beautiful to us, with long black or blond hair, celestial eyes, dressed in black or with a celestial, white or blue mantle Full of light? What does it mean to dream of the Madonna of Lourdes, of Medjugorje, of Fatima, of the Ark, of the Rosary? Why do people often dream of watching the Madonna crying with tears or laughing, smiling or embracing and kissing? Have you ever dreamed of the Virgin Mary in procession with other Saints or with her Baby Jesus or in the side of God or coming from the middle of the sea? What does it mean to dream of seeing Our Lady? But what does it mean to see the Madonna in procession with her face very angry or happy? Feeling, watching, seeing, glimpsing, scrutinizing, contemplating, seeing the presence of Our Lady in a dream is possible. But why can it come to our dream world? Dreaming of Our Lady in Heaven or coming down from heaven on a white cloud surrounded by the rays of the Sun, dreaming of the Madonna dressed in a celestial mantle and headgear, dreaming of Our Lady of Grace, etc... "Tonight I dreamed of a statue of Our Lady crying. Last night I saw in the dream the Virgin Mary, Mother of God and I talked to her. I was very happy. On the past night I dreamed of talking with a statue of the White Madonna, broken and falling and breaking. This night I dreamed of praying with the Madonna that embraced me, caressing my face and cheeks and kissing me. I dreamed of Our Lady of grace, who caressed me, smiled at me, embraced me, but also screamed at me and scolded me". Meaning and interpretation, numbers to play from the neapolitan grimace and numbers to win to the lottery. You can find it all here.


Our Mother in our dreams can have different and important meanings. First of all she can represent the femininity of a person and therefore of the dreamer. Men and women have a femininity that often, during their lifetime, can be choked without finding an outlet to express themselves. Here is what the female figure of Our Lady is just to make it clear to the dreamer that it is time to pull out her female part. But this is the least widespread among all. Instead, a meaning widely diffused in various religions, religions that naturally worship this holy figure, is maternity. I tell you a short anecdote about a story that happened a few years ago. "A woman could not have children with her husband, and she was mocked and teased by her relatives for this problem. One night she saw in a dream the Madonna who was smiling. After a few months she got pregnant of a beautiful child". So when a woman dreams of Our Lady is very likely she is living a stage in her life in which she has a strong desire for maternity and therefore wants to have a baby. Certainly then one must not underestimate another important meaning of this dreamlike figure. In fact, Our Lady is known as the Mother of God, the Mother of Jesus Christ. So dreaming about the Madonna means also dreaming of her mother. Often, if our mother has died for a long time or a few months, we can see in the dream just the Virgin Mary who is there to represent the memory of our mother and the pain we experience for her loss.

Sometimes Our Lady in our dreams may indicate that we have a problem with our mother in real life. If Madonna weeps, if she is sad or screams against us maybe the relationship with our mother is experiencing a period not so good. Very often the Virgin Mary in dreams identifies a female figure in our life that may also be different from mom. Many people tell of seeing Our Lady in a dream crying with blood tears or who is very sorrowful. Blood often indicates a period of lifelong life where we are with little energy, we are very tired and so this dream can indicate that we are experiencing a phase of our life quite complicated, problematic and that needs to be resolved absolutely. A very beautiful Madonna who smiles, embraces or caresses us, even kisses us on cheeks or forehead, is a really beautiful dream that can really indicate a great change in our life and really very positive or the exit from a very bad period of Our earthly existence. Almost always the Madonna, but also other religious figures in the dream, brings with him a message of peace, serenity, faith. Here is the faith. These dreams tell us to trust in destiny, in life because things can be resolved. The feminine figure of the Virgin Mary coming down from the sky together with some angels, surrounded by an aura of light and sunlight, and on a cloud, can represent a strong dream of the dreamer to make a turn to her sad life.

We talked, in a previous article, of the hair in dreams and we said that when they are very beautiful, strong, long and shiny, they indicate great strength and a great physical and mental energy that can make us overcome many trials in our lives. Here is also to see a beautiful and beautiful Lady with a very similar meaning. And if Our Lady is grieved and weeps evidently our time is not a good time and we must absolutely try to get away from some of the problems that our mind is dealing with. And pray to the Virgin Mary in dream what meaning can she have? Why can we pray in our dreams by speaking our words to Our Lady, perhaps asking for a miracle? These dreams have an even more important meaning because we are probably facing a serious problem in our lives and we know that the solution to it is very difficult to find, virtually impossible and just a miracle can save us but you do not forget that the figure Female lady of Our Lady tells us to have so much faith because with it miracles can take place. We conclude this article by talking about those very religious people who often dream of religious figures and therefore also the figure of the Mother of God. Often their dreams simply indicate that they are very devoted to God and to other religious figures and their lives are full Of love and desire to love above all God.


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