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"Last night I dreamed that I had cut my hair even though they were few, sparse. I remember cut, popped in my dream red hair, blacks, brown, blond, curly, straight. Last night I dreamed of doing the tint to my hair long, wavy and then change the color. Last night I dreamed of having very long hair but also almost all white with a white beard. What is this dream ? What does it mean to dream baldness, to be completely bald ? Why dream often see myself in the mirror and have short hair, zero, then shaved or to meet up with your hair in your mouth ? I dreamed that I had grown so much hair. I had a dream in which I went to the hairdresser, the barber to trim my hair that were damaged, brittle, broken and split ends. I dreamed that my hair with knots and they were very dirty and I decided to wash it with shampoo and conditioner". What is the meaning and interpretation given to such dreams ? Let's figure.

The hair in a dream are a symbol widely spread and have an important meaning often associated with our energy, our strength, our manhood. Short hair in the dream world are a bit like the blood. When we are left with hair that is damaged, damaged, broken, split ends, or we are left with thinning hair or even no hair on his head, then we are facing or are about to face a very stressful time, full of commitments that maybe we can not support and for this we have a lack of energy, mental but also physical forces. So in our dream hair is not in good condition. Dreams of this type simply tell us to try to recover from this state of fatigue.

But the hair in our day or night dreams can also bring positive messages. In fact, if we see ourselves in the act of treating our hair, wash dirty because, to shorten, to cut, to improve their appearance, then we are in a period of life in which we are very attentive to our welfare. We live and then doing a lot of attention to the needs of our body but most of our minds. These dreams may also be related to some positive event that is coming. Go to the hairdresser to fix her hair is always so positive and favorable to the dreamer.

When we decide to change type of hair, color of our hair, to make a clean break with them, then it is clear that we have a craving for big news in our lives, we need to do new things, we want to renew. And if in a dream, we are left with the shaved head since we are women or men ? If we see ourselves completely bald or with hair that is very few ? We probably have many concerns with which to cope in our lives or we realize that time is passing inexorably and we are no longer so young. Finally, it may happen to be adults or children and young people but still dreaming of being with white hair or even with a white beard. These dreams usually bring with them a positive meaning attached to a certain wisdom, experience gained over time. So we are facing a period of perhaps maturaizone inner evolution.

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