Vultures in dreams. The vulture, the crow and the raptor in our dreams. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. To see in the dream so many black or white crows that croak is a sign of misfortune for the dreamer or is it a lucky sign? Black vultures, a condor, ugly flocks of killer birds in dreams. What does it mean to dream of seeing a tall vulture flying in the sky? What does it mean to dream of triumphing over a vulture that is killed, shot with a pistol or rifle and falls to the ground? Why can we dream of killing a vulture? Why can we dream of finding a mating vulture? Have you ever dreamed of being in front of a vulture staring into your eyes? Cure a vulture that is dying, wounded, losing blood, feeding a vulture that is very hungry, giving water to a vulture that has a lot of thirst and is in the desert or on the roof of our house. What does it mean to dream to see a crow playing with a big, huge, giant vulture with very long wings, very wide and that stands out very high flights? Dreaming of a wonderful vulture that pounces on a prey that is dying or flying around and over a carcass of an animal or dead person. What does it mean to dream of a vulture attacking a friend, a work colleague, our parents, brothers, sisters, our uncle, grandfather, cousin, dreaming, husband, wife, son? What is the meaning of watching so many vultures flying in the sky, swooping down to eat the putrid flesh of a horse, tiger, dog, cat, rabbit, hare, lion, pig, boar, elephant, giraffe, bison, buffalo, snake? Often we can dream of a vulture with feathers of white, black, red, dark, yellow or we can dream of a hunter who shoots a raven, a raptor, a wounded me and we cook and eat their meat. What numbers can we use from the Neapolitan grimace to play the lottery when we dream of some vultures flying in the sky above our house, according to the guide and the book on dreams? "Tonight I remember dreaming of finding a vulture in my bedroom. Last night my mother and father were attacked by a big crow. The other night I dreamed of shooting at a flock of vultures. Last night I dreamed that I was with so many black crows that made me very afraid". Let's try to understand the meaning of these beautiful and strange birds when they appear in our dream world.


Certainly crows and vultures are not birds that attract much sympathy. Unfortunately, the crows are, very often, the symbol of misfortune and misfortune and meet, see one of them, can be very scary. The crows have a very pronounced black color and emit a very special and not pleasant sound but we can say that absolutely they are not the symbol of unfortunate events even when these birds appear in our dreams. Vultures are other types of birds that do not have a nice character but above all they are not so beautiful and then, they have a particularity. They appear mostly near carcasses of animals that are killed by other animals, so these birds feed on the flesh of animals already dead. But in our dreams what meaning can crows and vultures have? In a previous article we talked about eagles and hawks that have another meaning, having completely different characteristics. So the crow is a bird that first can presage a big change in our lives. This change is necessary and must be verified so that our life can progress, improve, evolve and mature. The change in our dream world can be represented by death or by the black color when it is very evident. For example, if we remember having dreamed so many ravens who had died on the ground, then surely in our lives an event is about to change our existence but we must not think that this event can be negative. The end of a love story, the conclusion of a working relationship, the need to close a specific page of our life to open the door to a new way of life. So the ravens can also identify a strong need to change interiorly, to evolve spiritually. Never forget that every object we see, every person we meet, every place, every sensation and emotion we experience, are all fundamental elements to extrapolate a right interpretation from our dreams and then see a big dying crow and with us is present our partner of love, obviously signals the need for a change in love.

If we see our parents at our side then we could feel a strong need for independence, a great need to have to leave the house of our parents and this especially when we dream of dead crows at home that maybe are killed by our mother or our father. Even if the crows we meet in the dream world are not dead or wounded, they can always signal ineluctable changes in the dreamer's life because the black color of this bird is really very special. If we kill a crow or so many crows, then we are deciding to change and therefore we are accepting an important evolution in our life, otherwise seeing killing these animals from other people, perhaps unknown hunters, means that change will happen but we can make few choices, we can not decide anything but we can only accept future situations. Certainly this type of bird signals difficult times to face but not necessarily misfortunes and unfortunate events. Strangely, someone also remembers having dreamed colorful crows, for example with white, yellow, red, light blue and green feathers. The white color represents renewal and innocence, the yellow color indicates optimism, the red color instead identifies passion, the celestial color symbolizes a strong introspection, while the green color is the symbol of a period in which it is necessary to have hope and believe in life. Another bird that is not positively considered by men is the vulture. In fact it is absolutely not nice to feed the carcasses of animals without even struggling to kill the prey but the characteristic of the vultures is just that. The most widespread dreams are those in which people remember to have dreamed of a vulture flying in the sky above the house or even creating a nest on the roof of the house. If we dream of a vulture that revolves around our house, we must think of having a small or big enemy, a rival person who can hinder our lives. In short, a person that we can know or that we have not yet known, is waiting for the right moment to enter our lives and create problems.

Understanding who is hiding behind the oneiric symbol of the vulture is not at all a simple thing and here, to get useful details, we need to remember the people who are with us, the places where we are, the objects we see. For example, if we dream of being in the workplace and find, in our office, a vulture watching us, then a hidden enemy is waiting to damage our own working situation and therefore we must be very careful. Generally these strange but beautiful birds represent big difficulties that we can meet in a certain moment of our life, difficulties that can affect any sector and therefore work, love, money, family, feelings and consequently interpersonal relationships with other people. Terrible is the dream in which we see flying a vulture or even many vultures on our heads because, often, after having had a dream of this kind, we will be defeated, we will succumb in front of the power of another person. But fortunately vultures have a very favorable meaning and especially when they are killed, fired and their meat is eaten by us. Obviously eating vulture meat might be a slightly disgusting dream but the flesh symbolizes the energies and eating means being able to recover perhaps physical and mental. Here, eating meat means being able to face a period, even a complex one, with a lot of willpower and a lot of energy. In reference to possible enemies that can be hidden behind the dream symbol of this bird, we must then say that if we kill ourselves these birds, we can certainly defeat this person, we can have the chance to win. We conclude this article also talking about dreams in which a vulture tries to attack a person we know. His attacks symbolize the danger of having to face a quarrel with this person. Finally, eggs of crows and vultures can be the signal of important occasions that should not be underestimated.


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