The highway in dreams. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. What does it mean to dream of going along a motorway in the wrong direction or running with the car along a motorway that is interrupted or under construction? Why can we dream of walking on a long highway at night, risking being hit by cars, trucks, motorcycles? What does it mean to dream of passing under or over a motorway bridge or stopping at a motorway toll booth in order to pay the toll? What does it mean to dream of making a big accident with people wounded and dead on the tarmac of a highway? Dreaming of seeing a terrible car accident, rescuing people, calling the police and ambulance or firefighters is a very common dream among the people. Dreaming of traveling, of traveling along a large highway with our car, alone or with our mother, father, uncle, cousin, brother-in-law, relative, grandfather, nephew, wife, husband, boyfriend, friend or work colleague. What meaning is hidden behind dreams in which we dream of not being able to return home along a highway that never ends? Drive in contradiction on the highway, the ring road or the simple road that leads to our house. Wrong road or face an uphill road, downhill, full of bends, with the asphalt completely ruined, with many holes, which collapses. What does it mean to dream of crossing a very busy road on foot and risking being killed? What does it mean to dream of a highway on which all cars catch fire, have very high flames with a black smoke that invades the sky? Which and how many numbers can I find in the Neapolitan grimace to win the lottery if in my dreams I am in the middle of a big highway full of cars, according to the guide and the book on dreams? "The other night I remember dreaming of being with my parents on a road that took us nowhere. Last night I fell from a bridge that was on a highway and I died. Last night I was struck by a stone falling from a bridge as I drove on a small road. Tonight I dreamed of doing a terrifying accident with my car". Let's try to understand this kind of really widespread dreams.


Roads but also highways often appear in our dreams or nightmares. The explanation is very simple and we can get to understand their oniric appearance making a comparison with our life and our path that we face every day. In short, the dreamy streets represent the path we are doing in our earthly existence, a path that can be simple, complicated, full of obstacles and difficulties. If a small road can symbolize a small path we are facing, then a great road is absolutely the symbol of a great possibility, an important path that we can face in our daily life. The road is not always straight or downhill but can be uphill, it can have terrible and dangerous curves, it can be interrupted, ruined, with many holes and uphill. Some people even dream of arriving at the end of a road with no way out but with a precipice where it is possible to fall. Every object, every thing we find along a road that we travel in our dreams, represents a small or big obstacle. Very often we have to face an important work, professional or have had a great opportunity that can allow us to achieve excellent goals and successes and then we can dream of being on a very long road, a highway with many lanes on which we must be able to move, walk, drive the car. But the streets in the dream world are not just working situations that are progressing and regressing but also life itself, interpersonal relationships and therefore family relationships, sentimental. For example, we can be in our car together with our parents and take a road with an incredible fog. The fog, the rain, the frozen and slippery asphalt, a storm with thunder and lightning, can symbolize relationship difficulties with our parents, especially if the dreamer still lives with them and is therefore not independent. Misunderstandings, worries to parents, a sense of oppression that return in our dreams through races with cars or motorcycles really very reckless that can even lead us to death after having made a terrible accident.

If the motorways represent a path of life, a situation to be faced very important, then any obstacle that we can encounter along the way, is a fundamental obstacle that must be overcome. Having trouble driving our car and risking crashing into a wall, tree or other cars means not having the right tools to get ahead in life and cope with changes and not having security. Very often, making an accident along a road or not being able to drive means precisely experiencing a moment of great insecurity, a period of mental weakness that does not allow us to make the right choices and make correct decisions. But the roads do not only indicate our path of life. They can identify the dreamer's need not to leave his home, his family, and so, for example, in his dreams he leaves for a journey but can not walk a road because it is full of holes, it is ruined, it is blocked . When we have a dream of this kind we must try to understand why we do not want to leave our family, the reason why we want to stay in the same situation we are without trying to change. A boy might think of becoming independent leaving his family, his parents and trying to live alone in another house but at some point in his life, he thinks that this choice is wrong, the fear of making mistakes , of not being able to face a life completely alone, assails his mind and the uncertainties end up blocking any attempt at independence. These dreams are really widespread and hardly when we dream of traveling along a long highway, we find no obstacle. To lose control of your car or motorcycle, to make an accident, to invest someone, to run too fast and to be blocked and arrested by the police. All dreamlike elements that must make us think that we are living a very complicated period in which we do not know what to do, what decisions to make.

We have said that people who walk with us along a road, on foot or using a means of transport, are fundamental elements because they signal any interpersonal relationships that can be a valid help or an obstacle to our progress. In fact, we often live in a condition in which we can not go on with our strength and we are forced to ask for help, we are forced to ask for support from someone and here is our life can improve but only if in our dreams the people who are with us allow us to drive safely. Some people remember to have dreamed of walking along a dark highway, without lighting and without any kind of road signs. Walking in the dark means not having certainties in life and not being able to ask for help. These dreams can make us wake up with a great worry, with immense fear and the heart that beats really very strong. Very often, analyzing the dreams of many people, it is possible to understand that the highways are the symbol of a right path that the dreamer is facing in his life, a path that can take him very far, being able to achieve excellent goals and successes especially if in dream remember to arrive at your destination, so if we remember to have left and arrived, without any problem, in another place. A decidedly serene, positive period, full of optimism, with a lot of balance and harmony, especially when the highway is lit by the rays of a beautiful sun. Wonderful and unforgettable moments can come into your life when you drive motorways without any difficulty and these moments can relate to work, love, family, money. But we must not underestimate any obstacles, we must not underestimate the excessive speed and maybe the people who do not allow us to drive safely because all these dream details could signal small or big difficulties before reaching the final goal.


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