Move away from someone in dreams. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. But what does it mean to dream of running away from someone? What does it mean to dream of trying to approach a person with whom we had a fight in our life? Approach, reconnect with a man or woman. What does it mean to dream of getting away from the world, from parents, from husband, wife, lover, children, brothers, sisters, uncles, relatives, friends and work colleagues? Why can we dream of escaping from someone, from a man or woman who wants to hurt us or wants to kill us? Have you ever dreamed of moving away from the bank of a river, lake, sea, stream to avoid falling and drowning? What does it mean to dream of keeping a cat, snake, dog, rats, a ferocious animal, a terrifying beast, a devil or any danger close to us? Dreaming of seclusion, isolation, separation from a group of friends, colleagues, enemies. What does it mean to dream of getting away from a person who calls us and wants to help us? What does it mean to dream of removing wasps, hornets, flies, insects, bees from inside our house or our office? Which and how many numbers can I find in the Neapolitan grimace to win the lottery if I drive a person away from me in my dreams, according to the guide and the book on dreams? "Last night I dreamed of being with a friend of mine but I decided to leave without saying goodbye. This night I dreamed of being with my mother and father but I left, going away from them and crying. The other night I dreamed that I was alone and I had the desire to take a plane to leave. Last night I dreamed of being turned away by a person who did not want to have me by his side". Today we are talking about a series of dreams that can be really very strange and almost insignificant but in reality, they too may want to signal something to the dreamer. The removal, the separation from a house, from a person, from a job, from an animal. All this can also happen in our dreams.


Some people say they dreamed of being together with a person who suddenly decided to leave, to leave, to greet and get away. Other people say they have dreamed of being with their parents, family, children or sentimental partners and being abandoned by them. Still, other people remember having dreamed of separating themselves from a friend, a work colleague. In short, the word removal can be very present in our dream world but not easy to understand. For what reason at a certain point in a dream, we run away, flee? First of all we must remember all the elements, the objects, the details, the dreamlike scenes we have experienced. Every person we meet, every object we see and use, every place we are in, every emotion and feeling we can experience. All of this is essential to be able to correctly interpret our dreams. Meanwhile we can go away, escape for various reasons. In life we??can escape from a world that we do not like, from a home where our parents are too oppressive, from a boyfriend or husband too jealous and obsessive, from a job that is not very rewarding and that does not allow us to earn a lot of money. Behind the word removal there is always a possible danger from which we run away, a threat that we do not see during the days but that we can perceive unconsciously and that this perception is processed by our subconscious through a series of strange scenes in which we flee for example, from a dog who wants to bite us, from a strange animal, from a man with an obscured face and so we do not know. So trying to understand the reason for our dream escape is fundamental. We can often see strange fears, fears and sufferings behind a removal. For example, we may be afraid to face a work commitment because we do not feel very prepared and therefore we dream of escaping from our office, one of our colleague, the employer.

Many of you think that the escape from a sentimental partner, then from your boyfriend, boyfriend, husband, husband, wife, can mean the arrival of a probable sentimental separation. One of the most terrible dreams a woman can have is one in which she dreams of being under the altar to get married but her husband runs away or she runs away, fleeing from within the Church. The need to have a family, the need to become independent and to build a new life with the person you love. Everything, at some point in our existence can collapse, can become a big doubt and these uncertainties, these fears, are amplified in dream by incredible escapes. We must always try to understand what we are escaping from, what makes us suffer, what does not allow us to be particularly serene because every flight represents a malaise we are experiencing. But in our dreams we can see someone escaping from us or we can be ourselves escaping from a person. The difference is very important. Often when we escape from someone, then we have a fear, a fear that does not allow us to be calm and if we know the person we flee from then we have the interpretation of the dream in our hands. So we run away from our husband because the relationship is sentimental lives some problems that do not allow us to be quiet. Quarrels, discussions, misunderstandings can appear in our dream world just with escapes from the person we love. But the same meaning can be given to dreams in which we escape from a work colleague or from our parents. Above all children can dream, very easily, to leave the house, to move away from the mother and father forever, to leave for an unknown, unpredictable place. Here are the children who make these dreams have the strong need to become adults and to be independent, to build their lives without obeying parents who are perhaps too oppressive, obsessive, severe.

But we must make an important distinction. Escaping or moving away do not have the same meaning and even in dreams this difference can appear and must be understood. In fact, some people say they dreamed of being with a friend and saying goodbye, going away, walking towards the opposite road. So the dreamer is not running away from a danger, from a fear but perhaps recognizes the need to mentally detach himself, psychologically from a relationship that is no longer useful, it is no longer indispensable in his life. We decided to change jobs or no longer intend to continue a professional project together with some colleagues and unconsciously, this need, which remains blocked and can not be expressed in real life, comes out in our dreams with a scene in which we take a road while our colleagues are heading elsewhere. In a dream we can get away from a person or even an animal. We have said so many times that animals represent our instincts, some aspects of our character, our personality and so if we dream of removing a dog, perhaps we no longer trust ourselves, if we remove a fox. then we understand that our cunning is no longer useful, while if we try to remove a pig, then we feel the need to improve our inner appearance, trying to appear more dignified people. We conclude this subject by also discussing those particular dreams in which we deviate from us even devils, demons, shadows. Devils, demons, shadows often represent strong desires that remain unexpressed in our daily life and therefore appear very important during sleep. Here these desires must be heard and perhaps expressed because they can signal important needs. Removing someone, something, from us is almost always the symbol of the need to change an aspect of our life that has become monotonous, useless for our inner progress, for our maturation.


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