The lawyer in dreams. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. What does it mean to dream of being a lawyer or being a good lawyer? What does it mean to dream of being helped by a good and good lawyer? What does it mean to dream of calling, contacting, choosing an excellent lawyer to be followed in a lawsuit and legal process? Why can we dream of a lawyer who is our friend, dressed in a toga and who speaks in court with judgments? What does it mean to dream of a lawyer who reads the sentence? Have you ever dreamed of receiving a letter from a lawyer, magistrate, judge? Prosecutor, jurisconsult, consultant. Some people say they dreamed of kissing, hugging a lawyer, phoning a lawyer, wanting to speak with so many lawyers, killing, killing, murdering their lawyer. What does it mean to dream of a lawyer who talks and discusses with our mother, father, brother, sister, uncle, grandfather, nephew, friend, co-worker, cousin, brother-in-law, husband, wife, son? The lawyer who speaks, who shouts, who discusses, who issues a sentence, who condemns is a symbolism very common in dreams. What is the meaning of dreaming of a lawyer who is dead, wounded and who loses blood? What does it mean to dream of treating a lawyer who is about to die or to greet his lawyer who runs away from us or leaves our house? What does it mean to dream of talking to a very threatening lawyer who is so frightened? What numbers does the Neapolitan grimace suggest to me if I have to play the lottery when in my dreams I am in the office of a lawyer, according to the guide and the book on dreams? "Tonight I remember dreaming of my mother who was in a law firm to fix some documents. Last night I dreamed of being together with so many lawyers who judged me guilty and I was arrested and taken to prison. Last night I dreamed that I was in court and you must be judged for a crime committed against a colleague of mine. The other night they took me to jail and my lawyer came to see me". Well today we try to understand the meaning of judges and lawyers in a dream. We can often see these two types of people who possess meanings that are never trivial but important for our inner serenity.


First of all we need to make an important distinction between lawyers and judges, Although in real life a lawyer can also be a judge and a judge can be a lawyer, it must be said that lawyers serve to defend people from possible charges and therefore for probable crimes committed while the judges judge and eventually condemn a person. Of course we remind all of you that dreams are desires and often a mere mixture of scenes and events that we have experienced in everyday life and therefore, perhaps, we have a legal problem, we need a lawyer, we talked with our lawyer and in the days Later we can dream of being with him. This type of dreams simply signals events that we have already experienced and that have no importance. If instead we dream of meeting a lawyer but in our life we??are not facing any legal, bureaucratic cause and therefore we do not have problems with justice, then this dreamlike figure takes on a more interesting and fundamental meaning. So, the first thing to remember when we dream of this kind of person is if it wants to help us, so defend or want to accuse us. After having dreams of this kind, when you wake up, you have to think that you are in a problematic situation that must be faced following the advice of other people. In short, the lawyer is the wisdom, the ability to listen to someone who offers us any solutions to be able to positively resolve a situation. Obviously this symbolic symbol represents, symbolizes a sense of guilt that we can have for some event that we have lived but we can also think we are right. With an example we can clarify the ideas. The dreamer may have made a mistake on the work that apparently seems to be insignificant but that the unconscious perceives. Here is that during sleep this small and irrelevant sense of guilt comes to the surface and we can meet again to speak with a lawyer. So within us we know we're wrong and we can think we're right or wrong.

Many people think they can have problems with justice when they see a lawyer or a judge in a dream. In reality, this is not true but surely their dreamlike appearance can identify a problematic situation to be faced in life just because these two professional figures serve in times when someone has a problem with justice. Sometimes we can simply be too arrogant or too sure of ourselves and therefore, this kind of personality appears in our dream world. So lawyers and judges can also symbolize an aspect of our character, our quality or our fault that appears in some moments of our lives, merits and defects that can be accentuated at a certain moment of our earthly existence. However, in most cases, being with a lawyer in your study means having some concerns that must be arranged following the order and rules. In fact, this professional figure also serves all this and that is to order and follow certain rules when someone is involved in a process. Often, speaking or simply seeing a lawyer in a dream, according to many interpretations, refers to inner contradictions and indecisions that the dreamer possesses and does not manifest in everyday life, contradictions and indecisions that come out with all their force, in dream world. Obviously every detail of the dream is fundamental to understand if we are facing this type of elements. Lawyers always try to solve tangled situations, trying to find an agreement, a balance between people and can undoubtedly make it possible to absolve a person from a serious crime or be able to obtain a very slight sentence. Speaking of pain and therefore of guilt, very often, behind this kind of dreams, hides a strong sense of guilt that the dreamer can have because he knows he has done something wrong and here he finds himself in a law firm or in a courtroom while being heard and judged, and perhaps even convicted.

Many people remember not to be directly involved in lawsuits or judicial processes in their dreams but they see family members, relatives, friends, sentimental partners who are involved and who seek help and support from a lawyer. Obviously behind this type of dreams we can find anxiety for a situation experienced by someone we know and who involuntarily involves us too. For example, our child may have a small problem at school, may have lost his job or may have difficulty finding a new job and here we parents, brothers, sisters can dream of being in a courtroom while the person we know is judged for its faults but in reality we are simply worried and we live a period of anxiety for the difficult situation that that person is experiencing. What if we dream of being a lawyer? If we remember wearing the toga and judging someone or defending a person during a legal process? Excellent dream that indicates great analytical skills and the possibility to make a choice, to make a very important decision in our life, knowing not to make mistakes. If in a dream we want to kill or injure a lawyer then all this means that we are not able to follow the rules, we are living an uncontrollable period and that could harm ourselves but also the people who live and work with us. Sometimes this professional figure also signals a very strong sense of guilt that we can feel after committing a crime, after having created some problems for a person, and here in a dream we can be a lawyer who judges this person negatively. Our subconscious understood that we were wrong and wants to make us understand that we are not properly judging our faults. A lawyer who in our dreams can not make us absolve and so we are forced to go to jail, symbolizing difficulties that we can not overcome and even the support of other people can bring positiveness and improvement of the situation. Understanding the scope of manifestation of the problem, of concern is very easy because the places where we are, the objects we see and the people we meet are all fundamental elements to be analyzed.


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