The school in dreams. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. Do you ever dream of having to go to school even if you are now adults? Why do adults keep dreaming of going to school? For some people, dreaming of being at school can become a nightmare. What does it mean to dream of seeing a school, a school building, an institute, a college? What does it mean to dream of going, heading, starting, proceeding, marching towards our kindergarten or returning from school? Move away, leave, go out, escape, emigrate, expatriate, move, move from one school to another school in another city. Why can we dream of going to school without shoes, in slippers, in underwear, completely naked and feel so ashamed, without books, in pajamas, in slippers, late, without pants, in a suit and tie, with apron or without apron? What does it mean to dream of the old kindergarten, a kindergarten, your own elementary school, middle school, high school, university? What does it mean to dream of a terrible rejection at school? Some people tell them to always or often dream that the school is on fire, burning, catching fire, with very high flames. What does it mean to dream of being in class with old friends or with pupils we do not know? And to dream of seeing your own school collapsing, bursting, abandoned? We can even dream of stealing folders, notebooks, registers, desks, chairs inside the school. Dreaming of being in school, going back to school alone or together with parents, siblings, relatives, grandparents, uncles, friends, husbands, wives, lovers, children, children, boyfriends, work colleagues, brother-in-law, cousins. What is the meaning of talking to a teacher or a teacher that we have not seen in a long time or do not know? What does it mean to dream of going to school to give some exams and to ask some questions of Italian, mathematics, English, Spanish, geography, history but do not feel very prepared and be afraid? What numbers of Neapolitan grimace do we need to play if we like to bet a little money on the lottery if we see our school in dreams even if we are now men or adult women, according to the guide and the book on dreams? "Tonight I remember going back to school with my mother and father because we had to attend a party. Last night I dreamed of going to school but I could not go in because the door was locked and I had arrived very late. Last night I dreamed that I was in my old school and twenty-one questioned by a professor I did not know. The other night I dreamed of going inside the school and stealing everything I found". Let's try to understand the meaning of the school in our dreams.


Unfortunately, school can often return to our dreams and sometimes these dreams become terrible nightmares. All this can be easily explained by trying to understand what the school was for us. We know that dreams are often unexpressed desires but we would like to be able to realize and that dreaming of being at school or dreaming of going to school alone or with a friend might mean the need to return to a peridone of our life that was very carefree and happy. In fact this kind of dreams is widespread among adult people while the boys who attend school and have dreams in which it appears, obviously have to interpret these dreamlike messages differently. If we are children or boys and we go to school in real life, then their presence in a dream can simply be a concern for a question, for a task in class or the desire not to attend it anymore. In short, for many children, school is not a positive place and therefore in dreams it can come out in a very special way. For example, a boy who hates going to school in his daily life, can dream of seeing it collapse, can dream of entering the classroom and find the desks, chairs, blackboard that catch fire. Those who have a good relationship with the school then can easily make dreams in which it is perfectly in order, clean, quiet. But very often the school appears in the dreams of people who are already adults and who have not studied anything for a long time. The reasons for this oneiric manifestation are never banal but can hide very important and fundamental meanings that must be understood to improve one's life. So school is a place where we can learn, we can teach and we can also socialize, that is, to meet new people. In a dream we must therefore try to remember every detail of it. Objects we see, people we meet, rooms in the school where we are and feelings, emotions that we can try. Every detail is extremely important in order to analyze a dream in the best way and that's why when we are at school everything we remember when waking up can provide useful clues to give a correct interpretation.

A widespread dream is one in which we are adults and we dream of being in class together with other people we do not know in order to perform an exam or a task in class. Generally this kind of dreams identifies a period of our life in which we have a test to face, an obstacle to overcome and we need to prepare ourselves to avoid making mistakes. And here is that the school represents the moment of our life that must be faced and overcome. The exam is the obstacle, the proof. For example, in real life we??could have a good job opportunity that requires a lot of effort, sacrifice, preparation and much study and so we can dream of entering a school that we do not know and be questioned, do a task in class, take an exam and if this examination or questioning are good then we can hope to be particularly lucky and we can therefore succeed in realizing a project, achieving a good goal and improving our lives progressing and taking advantage of every good opportunity that comes. In this sense, the dreams in which we are at school are very positive because they exhort us to be on alert to take advantage of every opportunity that destiny can provide us. Often when we are in school we are very worried, we are afraid but these feelings that we can try are useful and identify a period of our life in which we are always very attentive to our needs. And if we are questioned by a professor and unfortunately we get a very low grade? Clearly you can understand that this thing identifies a possible defeat in life in front of a challenge or our concern that we are not sufficiently prepared. Never underestimate the people who are with us in a dream. In fact, we said before that the dream school can be the symbol of a good opportunity, a challenge to face but also of our social relationships because at school we can meet people and make new friends that can remain for a lifetime.

So this place in our dream world can represent the interpersonal, social, family, sentimental and working relationships we create in our daily lives. For example, we can dream of being in school with our parents as we talk to them or study with them. The meaning is very simple. Our family is an indispensable core to learn, to learn new things and then behind these dreams hides the possibility of creating a good relationship with mother and father who can give us further advice and in fact many kids dream of being at school and listening to a lesson performed by a parent. If we are at school with our boyfriend, our wife, our lover, then we must think that our love life can progress or may have some problems. Generally not understanding a dialogue, not understanding what a professor says, not being able to hear the words or making a mistake or a question in class, means having little or big problems of incomprehension at the sentimental level, considering the presence of our partner love in a dream.When we look at our old school that collapses or catches fire from outside, we have to think that some memories of the past make us suffer and we would like to cancel some of the situations we have experienced. A meaning very related to the school is the regret of our childhood and our adolescence. Many adult men and many adult women can, in fact, dream of going back to school with books and briefcase simply because they have a great regret of the time that has passed and can not return. Old memories, thoughts of carefree life that can no longer be lived. All this is connected to the school in our dream world and trying to enter one of them at night to steal means not being satisfied with what has been done in one's life and regretting the times that have passed, the years that have passed and that instead could be exploited much better. We conclude this article by reminding that the school is a place of culture, where we can learn, study, prepare our mind to think in the best possible way and therefore often behind these dreams is hidden the need to evolve, to mature, to progress in every the field of our life but also on an inner and spiritual level.


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