Poison in dreams. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. What does it mean to dream of having been poisoned or dreaming that someone wants to poison the food we eat or the water we drink? What does it mean to dream of poisoning someone we do not know, a person who wants to hurt us with cyanide, arsenic, hemlock, aconite, belladonna? Poisoning from infected water, full of bacteria. Drink poisoned water, ingest poisoned food and fruit with herbicides. Even these things we can dream. Why can we dream of dying poisoned by our mother, father, husband, wife, fiancé, work colleague, friend, uncle, cousin, nephew, grandfather, long-dead relative? What does it mean to dream of killing, killing, murdering a person we do not know by using a powerful poison? In a dream, poison a child, a dog, an animal, a cat, a horse, a tiger, an insect, a pig, a hen, a rabbit, a bull, a lion, a bear, a wolf, a boar. What does it mean to dream of being poisoned by a person we love? What does it mean to dream of injecting a toxic substance, a lethal substance, a toxin with the syringe in an arm or a leg? And what does it mean to dream to inject with the syringe an antidote, a vaccine? Some people say they have dreamed of putting drops of a powerful poison in a glass of water. What meaning do dreams have in which we use or ingest rat poison or snakes? What does it mean to dream of eating, drinking, vomiting poison? Poisonous spiders, poisonous mushrooms, animals, insects, very poisonous house fish, poisonous snakes that bite. How many bad dreams and nightmares can we do during sleep. Which and how many numbers can I find in the Neapolitan grimace to win the lottery if in my dreams I put a little poison in a glass of water, according to the guide and the book on dreams? "The other night I remember dreaming of being with my parents in a restaurant and died because of a poison. Last night I dreamed that I was alone in the house and I killed myself drinking a poisoned liquid. Last night I dreamed of dying because of a working colleague who poisoned me. This night I dreamed of eating poisoned food and I felt really bad and I escaped to the hospital". Let's try to understand the meaning of these particular dreams that may appear during sleep.


So in order to understand this kind of dreams that can be very scary, we have to start from the meaning of poison in real life. Poison is a substance that, taken by a living organism, can have harmful and even lethal effects. Because of a poison we can kill someone, we can die ourselves, we can dry plants, trees, flowers. The poison can kill people and animals but if it is not very strong it can only create discomfort and temporary problems. Certainly if a person decides to poison another person in real life, most likely their interpersonal relationship is not excellent. For example, a co-worker can decide to kill his employer, another co-worker, because he is simply jealous, envious of the other person's social position. Here are two very important words that are very useful for analyzing dreams of poisoning. Jealousy and envy towards another person. Poison in dreams has this meaning. So if we dream of poisoning someone then we can feel envy and jealousy towards this person but obviously in daily life these feelings will not really lead us to kill the one we hate or for whom we feel these feelings. In our dream world everything is amplified and therefore a slight sense of struggle, a sense of malaise can turn into truly terrifying murders. Many people say they have dreamed of killing their own enemy and it is easy to understand the message of this type of dreams that symbolize a battle, a race with a person who for us is an obstacle, just an enemy. But we can also dream of killing, using toxic substances, even a friend, a parent, our boyfriend, a colleague with whom we may live a normal interpersonal relationship, family, sentimental, working. Perhaps we do not realize the power of our subconscious that manifests itself in oneiric life. This very deep part of our being amplifies small events, small signs that in everyday life might seem insignificant.

For example, we live a very serene love story with a woman or a man who are very attractive and therefore, involuntarily, attract the gaze of other women or other men. This situation maybe does not cause us trouble but unconsciously we can all feel a little jealousy in love and this jealousy can be amplified in a dream through situations, really terrible events. For example we can dream of putting a poison inside a glass that we then drink our boyfriend, husband, wife, lover. Our subconscious is telling us that we should not underestimate that slight sense of jealousy we can have towards the person we love and so we need to find the way to speak, analyze the problem, so that this feeling, this emotion will not be amplified in the near future really bad situations. This hidden envy can be present among co-workers, between relatives and in fact many people say they have dreamed of killing their parents, for example, injecting poison into their blood, through the use of a syringe. Often children have communication problems with their parents, perhaps they suffer because they do not want to obey, they feel that mother and father are too oppressive and severe and here in the dream world this malaise, which in real life, is blocked, manifests itself with scenes horrible when our parents are killed by a lethal dose of poison. But we can also dream of killing animals and not just people, using poisons. The animals, we have often said, symbolize our instincts, some sides of our character, our personality and then poison a cat or a fox, could indicate that we do not love our cunning and cunning and unconsciously we would free ourselves of this feature. Taming our instincts. This concept also hides behind dreams in which poison is a tremendous protagonist. In this sense, therefore, the oneiric message is a warning message, a useful advice that we must try to analyze very carefully after our awakening.

But the poison in our dreams can have other important meanings. How many times in your life you have had to suffer a situation, you have been forced to live a complicated situation in the work but you could not do anything but be quiet and go on without asking for anything. Swallow the frog, do something that we do not want to do, live a period in which we do not feel free and independent and indeed we are oppressed by others but above all by the situations that surround us. This sense of oppression, this sense of constraint can also manifest itself, in our dream world, through the ingestion of a toxic substance. Some people say they have dreamed of drinking a glass of water or wine with a few drops of a powerful poison inside and in the days following this dream, they received good news or a beautiful event has come to cheer up life. Certainly these premonitory dreams are not widespread and could simply be coincidences. Very often, however, dreaming of giving poison to someone can signal the possibility of making a person skeptical, of making a trip just to that person who is with us in a dream and that then we poison. But it can not even die and therefore the unconscious desire to harm that person will not have the upper hand in real life. But never forget that killing an individual in our dreams means facing a period of renewal, means facing a closure necessary to take another path and this in all sectors, areas of our lives that can be highlighted in a dream by a object, a place, a person. We conclude this article by also saying that poisons can be concerns, bad thoughts about problems that we have to face and that just do not make us sleep at night. Even possible contrasts and quarrels with some people we frequent can be symbolized by the poison in dreams that we can inject directly into the blood using a syringe. Absolutely we want to find the solution to a problem that afflicts our days.


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