The employer in dreams. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. What does it mean if you often dream of your boss? How to interpret dreams that concern work? What does it mean to dream of arguing or making love with the employer? Chief, director, company manager. What does it mean to dream of a former employer, an old and new professional employer? Why can we dream of seeing our head of the company dead, angry, crying, laughing, dead? What does it mean to dream of kissing, hugging your employer or even hurting him, killing him with a knife or a pistol? What does it mean to dream of going to a party with the manager or eating and drinking at dinner with his director? How many times have you dreamed of having sex with a business executive? What is the meaning behind the dreams in which our employer hires our mother, father, brother, sister, cousin, nephew, grandfather, brother-in-law, friend, co-worker? Why can we dream of being fired by the head of our office? What does it mean to dream of killing the employer after a terrible fight? What does it mean to dream of our employer crying against us? Dreaming of your head of office, director of work, your superior who forces us to do something and orders us to perform a very important task but we refuse. We can often dream of our manager dismissing us, offering us a higher or lower salary or offering us a few days off. What numbers can we use from the Neapolitan grimace to play the lottery when we dream of entering the office of the director of work, according to the guide and the book on dreams? "Tonight I remember dreaming of having gone to dinner with my company manager. The other night I dreamed that I was with all the work colleagues and we were going on a strike against our company. Last night I dreamed of being together with my manager while we talked about new projects to take forward in the future. Last night I dreamed of being called by my director who wanted to fire me". Today we analyze the figure of the manager of the company, of our employer, in short of the one who commands what we do at the workplace. This professional figure can also appear in our dream world.


The manager or manager of a company often represents a great responsibility. We must always consider that if in our life we??work in a company and therefore in a company where there is a director who commands all the workers, then our dreams can take on different meanings. If, strangely, we dream of seeing a director but we do not work in a company, then this kind of dreams takes on other meanings. First of all, the person who commands an office or a company has many responsibilities. This is a very important word and should not be overlooked after having dreams of this kind. So when we dream of seeing an executive we must think that we are in a period of our life when we are facing a very complicated situation that requires a lot of commitment and a lot of responsibility. Even some people dream of being company directors and commanding other people. In this case the sense of responsibility is much more pronounced. In fact, an employer has important tasks to fulfill and being in a dream probably means that we have to live a very stressful period, a very complex period in which we must act, not remain firm and take many responsibilities not only towards themselves but also towards other people who could appear in a dream. In fact it is possible to dream of being in the workplace and to command our father, our mother, a friend of ours. These dreams identify the need to carry on certain situations that also involve these people. This first meaning for many of you could be negative because taking on big responsibilities is never a good thing but fortunately the directors, business leaders, executives who appear in our dream world can also relate to favorable situations that can develop in everyone's life the days of the dreamer. For example, seeing or meeting an executive means, very often, being able to have news in the workplace, professional opportunities that can make us grow and progress in life.

Especially if we dream of going to a job interview in which a manager allows us to sign some documents, then a contract, we could really get a small or big professional success or make a good profit in the days, weeks and months after the dream. If instead we dream of a meeting, an interview that is not positive and therefore do not sign any contract and we feel a feeling of discomfort when talking to the manager, then we risk getting the opposite effect, ie we could undergo a regression in the business sector and be particularly unlucky . After having made these dreams we do not lose our job but we can have more difficulties or feel a sense of great fatigue, a feeling of oppression and fatigue in the workplace, perhaps caused just by the excessive responsibilities that we do not know how to carry forward. And here is that this excessive workload can manifest itself in a dream through the killing or wounding of our director. Killing a person means wanting to change something, it means wanting to start a new path while hurting and seeing blood means being in a very strenuous period and where the energies are very small and must, necessarily, be recovered. One of the most terrible and anguishing dreams is that in which we dream of being called by our company manager in his office, because he has to talk to us. Here in these cases the feelings, the emotions we feel are very important and should not be forgotten because if the feelings are favorable then you can get merit, praise, gratification in our life, otherwise, any negative feelings, fear, fear, apprehension, they can signal difficulties to be addressed. When we are called in front of an employer, however, we must not think that we are successful or unsuccessful only in the business sector. In fact, during these dreams we can also notice other people with us or objects that represent certain people.

For example, we might dream of being in the director's office talking to us and noticing, at our side, the person we love, our sentimental partner. The sense of guilt or the sense of gratification will be experienced in the sentimental sector and then we must try to analyze the relationship of love to try to understand if we have to face a good period or a bad period. And if we dream of becoming a director, a great company manager and even we can command many people? Big responsibilities coming soon or an overestimation of our qualities. Ambition often appears in the dream world just under these strange features and therefore we can be, become what we are not really because we are living a period in which we are too, excessively ambitious. This strong ambition is not absolutely positive and can damage our earthly existence, our progress. In fact, very often, behind this kind of dreams, lies a strong egoism, narcissism that are not absolutely conducive to our inner maturation. Managing a company and then commanding other people can signal the need to achieve very important results for which you have to work hard. Some people remember having a meeting with their employer, a very friendly, kind and serene meeting and after having had these dreams they noticed a better professional atmosphere, greater serenity in the workplace. Despite, very often, the directors of companies do not have a good bond, a good affinity with the workers, sometimes we can dream of kissing, hugging, making love, going to dinner with these characters. These gestures are the manifestation of our desire to want to do something new in the workplace but above all indicate the need to get something from the company manager. Therefore, having sex with them, giving gifts, means trying to obtain advantages that can also simply concern the request for a salary increase.


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