Bridges in dreams. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. What does it mean to dream of having to be forced by someone to cross a bridge suspended in the air at a great height? What does it mean to dream of a viaduct or a flyover? What does it mean to dream of building a new bridge or tearing down an old bridge or dreaming of passing under a very high bridge? Why can we dream of crossing a busy road and passing under a huge revolving bridge that opens and closes, with the passage of large military or cruise ships? What does it mean to dream of walking along an ancient medieval bridge that unites two forests, two cities, two houses? Dreaming of crossing the tracks, a level crossing or a bridge with dirty, limpid water, a swamp and falling inside. What does it mean to dream of passing along a bridge of fire, with very high flames or on a road full of burning coals, which burn? And dream of falling into quicksand saving ourselves with the help of our mother, father, brother, sister, cousin, nephew, grandfather, son, husband, wife, brother-in-law, friend or work colleague? The metaphor of the bridge in our dreams is widespread and we often dream of passing on a river, on a stream, on a small bridge, on a lake and on the sea alone or with someone we do not know. Cross an iron, stone, wooden bridge, broken, under construction, unsafe, with our car, on foot, by bicycle, by motorbike, by a van, train, bus, bus. Why can we dream of seeing a bridge, passing by a bridge, over a bridge that is collapsing, that collapses under our feet and eyes and we risk falling into a deep ravine? What does it mean to dream of not being able to pass on a very slippery and swaying bridge, it moves too much? Being afraid to cross a long bridge under which we can observe a huge bottomless chasm. What does it mean to dream of crossing a very long bridge that never ends? What numbers can we pull out of the Neapolitan grimace if we want to play the lottery when we go through a ruined road in our dreams, according to the guide and the book on dreams? "The other night I remember being on a very dangerous bridge that was wobbling. I was afraid of falling into a precipice. Last night I dreamed of being with my parents and we had to cross a small bridge to get home. Last night I dreamed that I was with my boyfriend and I had to build a bridge. Tonight I dreamed of falling from a collapsing bridge and I could not save myself". Bridges often appear in dreams because they have very important meanings.


So the bridge in our dreams can have many meanings but certainly to understand the message that our subconscious wants to communicate when a bridge is important in the dream world, we must always start from the real meaning of a bridge. The bridge is a natural system or made by men, to unite two places that otherwise could not be united and therefore it serves to reach a destination. We can immediately say that seeing a bridge in a dream can represent a very positive and favorable moment in our lives, a moment when we are really very happy and optimistic because, perhaps, everything is going as we want. This first meaning is really widespread among people, so when you dream of an object of this kind, you can hope to live a beautiful life or at least you can get out of a negative period to face a very positive period. But in a dream we can also find ourselves in front of a bridge and try to pass on it. Walking over a bridge is a positive event, favorable for the dreamer who then decides to face an obstacle, a danger, a difficulty, a problem that life faces. If we can cross the bridge then we can solve all our problems. Obviously walking on this object which is perhaps hanging in the air, can be simple but also very difficult. The path of our life can be represented by the bridge that is crossed with few or many difficulties. If we manage to get to the other side of it without particular difficulties, then we will solve every problem in our life and we can achieve many of our desires, while if the journey is complicated, if we stumble, if we are afraid and proceed very slowly, perhaps clinging to support , so in order to realize our desires and solve our problems, we will absolutely have to fight against obstacles and fears that we have but that should not be demoralized. The most terrible thing that can happen to those who dream of walking over a bridge is to look down and see a great chasm, a huge crater, a bottomless ravine and completely dark.

At least once in our life we dreamed of falling off a cliff. Falling into a dream means being afraid of something in our life. For example we have to face a test, an exam, a job interview or we have a health problem and we fear we can not solve this problem and here we fall, rush into an endless ravine. Even while we are crossing a bridge we can stumble and fall or the bridge collapses under our feet and we fall down. The collapsing bridge is another very important symbol but simple enough to understand. If the bridge represents our path of life, our evolution and interior maturation, what is after it, then the other side of the bridge, represents the goal to be reached in our life. If everything collapses and we fail to save ourselves and then we can not get to the other side, then the problems, the obstacles will force us to abandon our projects that could be unrealizable. But we must never forget that dreams do not indicate situations that will have to happen forcibly. They want to put our attention on a problem and it is only us who can change the course of things. So dreams are lessons from which we can learn. Very often, just during the dream scenes, we can see some objects, people who are with us and that maybe cross the bridge with us and we can also see some places that we know. For example, if we cross a bridge that joins our house with our parents' house, clearly interpersonal relationships, family relationships are fundamental and require our attention. The presence of a person who supports us and helps us to pass over a dangerous bridge, is a very important element that should not be overlooked because that person will be fundamental for the resolution of some of our problems. Very often the bridge also represents the possibility of joining forces to go forward but also the possibility of living a period of peace after having lived conflicts, wars, family discussions, sentimental, working.

One of the most widespread dreams is that in which we dream of helping our sentimental partner to cross a very long bridge that is in danger of collapsing or wobbling due to the strong wind. We can therefore be alongside our fiancé, husband, lover and we can try to cross the bridge. Our love life is facing a fairly complex period in which we both have some guilt and we both have to try to help us in order to move forward and resolve misunderstandings. Being able to cross the bridge without any problem means being able to live a very beautiful romantic relationship and very often, on the other side of it, we can find a beautiful house, a wonderful forest, in short an enchanted and magical place that can represent our emotions and sentimental well-being. If the bridge collapses and we both fall into a very deep and dark ravine then a change in our love relationship is absolutely necessary and should not be underestimated. Perhaps the moment to close a love story that is no longer useful for the dreamer has arrived and we must take a drastic decision. Some people also say they built a small bridge in their dream world, perhaps together with friends or work colleagues. The construction of a bridge is a very positive and favorable event for the dreamer who can then succeed in realizing his great desire that depends on his strength, his decision, his ideas but also the help of some people. If instead we dream of building a bridge only with our hands, without the help of anyone and perhaps after so much effort, then, after many difficulties, we can achieve an important goal, a very long lasting success that will bring many satisfactions. We conclude this topic by offering another possible interpretation regarding these objects that appear in our dreams. Bridges can represent the link between our past and our present but also between our present and our future and therefore memories can be indispensable to move forward.


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