The elevator in dreams. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. What does it mean to dream of being locked in an elevator that does not open and sound the alarm but nobody comes to save us? What does it mean to dream of asking for help, shouting but no one arrives and instead come the firemen who open the elevator doors and release us? What does it mean to dream of seeing a small elevator that rises, of glass, horizontal, vertical or oblique, or that flies into the sky? What is the meaning of a broken elevator, which oscillates, out of control, which catches fire, which burns with so many flames and in which there are dead people? What does it mean to dream of being in a broken elevator that crashes down and we all die? What does it mean to dream of climbing into an apartment, on a building taking a lift with our parents, brothers, sisters, boyfriends, friends, brothers-in-law, grandparents, uncles, relatives and work colleagues? Why can we dream of taking the elevator that stops on the wrong floor and going down to a floor that is not the right one? Dreaming of waiting, waiting for the elevator that never comes. This kind of dreams is really widespread. Dreaming of a small elevator, or huge, large, luxurious, full of many people, men, children, women, who goes up and down very quickly. Why can we dream of an elevator that does not start, that breaks while we are inside? Dreaming of using an external lift with clear glass but remain locked inside. What does it mean to dream of taking a lift but never being able to get where we want? How many and which numbers of the Neapolitan grimace we have to play if we want to try to win lottery money if we dream of entering a lift with a dead person, dead for many years, according to the guide and the book on dreams? "The other night I dreamed of being with my father and mother while we waited for the arrival of an elevator that never arrived. Last night I remember taking a lift that went up very fast. Last night I dreamed of getting stuck in a lift with my husband and son. Tonight I remember seeing the elevator in my house exploding and falling". Let's try to understand the meaning of this type of dreams.


The significance of the elevator in our dreams is really very important and should not be underestimated. First we have to start from its real use in real life and then understand what exactly is an elevator. It is a useful transport tool used to bring people from one floor to another of a building, from an apartment to another apartment or from an apartment directly in the garage. Obviously this tool greatly facilitates our movements and allows us to transport boxes, envelopes, our expense, without great effort. The elevator therefore allows us to avoid going up and down stairs which are much more tiring. When a lift appears in a dream, then we have the possibility of obtaining advantages from a situation, especially at a professional level, in the working sector. For example, a widespread dream is one in which we dream of entering an elevator and climbing easily and quickly. Here in our real life we??can be helped, we can find the support of a person who will allow us to solve a situation, to progress and achieve success. So this dreamlike symbolism is often connected with our social ascent, as happens also in the stairs in dreams but the stairs are more difficult to climb while the elevator does not make us tired. We are probably facing a period of our working life in which our ideas and projects can have great successes and reach excellent goals but only if the lift has no problem and allows us to climb without difficulty. If it goes up then we can really achieve excellent professional goals but if it goes down we must be slightly worried because the descent into dreams can mean a regression in our lives and then, at work level, we can go back, make some mistakes, even if we must say that this descent can represent another thing.

In fact, the lifts that go down and that take us to the cellar or garage of our house, can mean the need to go to the bottom of a problem and carefully analyze all the details, as the cellar and the garage are often in analogy with our mind but above all with our unconscious. So when we go down, we can take a small step back in our social climb or we can decide to carefully analyze a situation that creates some discomfort. But the elevator can be very scary to people. Very often, people who suffer from claustrophobia, can not get into an elevator that is still a closed place because they can suffer from panic attacks or even lose their lives. Dreaming of entering an elevator and being very afraid, simply means being afraid of progressing in our lives. To understand this concept we try to make a simple example. Suppose that the dreamer is experiencing a period of evolution in work and at some point in his life comes a great offer, a job offer for which he does not feel ready, he thinks he does not possess the right qualities and here in a dream he you can take a lift that goes up but you have a lot of fear that it may fall, fall to the ground, explode, break or even get stuck. These dreams identify, precisely, the fear of not being able to accept a choice, a proposal, a collaboration because their level of esteem is very low. But this kind of dreams must open our eyes and must make us think that we are able to realize everything only if courage does not lack. These dreams are never trivial but allow us to face various fears that otherwise could damage our lives in a very important way. If the elevator freezes and does not rise or fall, then we are experiencing a period of stasis, ie a period in which we do not know what to do, we are very uncertain and this uncertainty, these doubts can be harmful to our inner evolution.

Obviously every detail of dreams and our nightmares must never be forgotten and therefore the objects that we can see in an elevator, the people we can meet and with whom we can get on and off and above all the emotions we can experience, are all fundamental elements for understand the message of our dream world and that if we dream of taking a lift while we are at work, it is clearly the work that must attract our attention and it is in this sector that we may have significant progress or regression. If instead we are inside the elevator of our apartment, most likely the family, our independence and relational, sentimental freedom, are the fulcrum of the message of the dream. Of course we must not underestimate the presence of other people in dreams who are with us in the elevator. Many people say they have seen unknown people, faceless, even shadows or wild beasts by their side in an elevator. Here we are faced with our fears, the fears we have talked about before and that do not make us rest assured, they do not allow us to evolve in life. If we have a fight with our partner, with our parents, with a friend or business colleague, then in our dreams we can meet these people in an elevator and if it continues quietly, then we will most likely improve the relationship, find a good peace, a good balance with these people. The elevator that breaks, which burns, which stops and does not allow us to go out, always identifies low levels of self-esteem, ie the dreamer can have the opportunity to move forward in his life but unfortunately due to his fears, for because of his low level of self-esteem and therefore because he does not believe in his qualities, he can lose these excellent opportunities. And a rushing elevator manifests precisely this great fear, this enormous fear that can ruin all our social and work relationships. Being closed in a lift but asking for help and being rescued is a very positive thing because we will find the right way to defeat our fears.


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