The kite in dreams. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. Kites are dreams that fly in the clouds and the symbol of freedom or at least the desire for freedom. What does it mean to dream of dropping a kite? What does it mean to dream of losing a kite or stealing a kite from a child or a friend or work colleague? Why can we dream of kites falling from the sky, catching fire or an unknown man or woman selling kites near our house? Why is it possible to see many children playing with kites or dreaming of kites that are torn because of the strong wind? What does it mean to dream of having a tattoo on your arm, hand, leg or face with the shape of a colorful kite? What does it mean to dream of observing in the sky a flying kite and seeing so many white, black, red, yellow, orange, blue, light blue and green kites flying in the clouds? Not being able to hold the thread of a big kite that runs away and disappears in the immensity of the sky and space is a widespread dream among the people. What does it mean to dream of a kite that runs away from our hands? Which and how many numbers can we extract from the book of the ancient Neapolitan grimace to play them in the lottery and try to win if I dream of many kites flying in the sky according to the guide on dreams? "The other night I dreamed of seeing a big kite but it was torn, had some holes and could not fly in the sky. This night I remember dreaming of buying a beautiful kite with my husband, my grandfather, my children, my sister and my brother and we all went running in a wonderful green meadow, flying this kite. Last night I dreamed of being with some guys and with my boyfriend who gave me a small kite to fly in the sky. Last night I dreamed of my father building a kite for me and I was very happy". Dreaming kites is not a very common thing even among children and boys who usually play with this type of object, but also sso has a symbolism and a meaning not indifferent and not to be underestimated when it appears in our dreams. Let's try to understand the dreamy message that kites want to provide the dreamer.


If you have played at least once in your life with a small or big kite, then you know that it is essential to run to see it fly in the sky otherwise this object can not take flight and here you run in a dream to try to fly a kite in the sky it is the first concept not to be underestimated but to be taken into consideration. Everything flying in the dreamlike sky is always a symbol of freedom. Even the kite in our dreams represents this sense of freedom that the dreamer is looking for or already possesses and then uses in his life. However, in order to live, to experience this wonderful sense of freedom, independence in our life, we must also be able to work, commit ourselves, make sacrifices and that running in our dreams in the attempt to fly a kite in the sky means precisely this and that is to look for to reach a good social position, an excellent level of independence, however, making many sacrifices and exploiting all our qualities. Generally these dreams are very positive because they signal a moment of our life in which we are free or we are getting rid of a problem, a very oppressive situation or a person who does not allow us to go on alone. But these dreams are favorable if the kite flies in the sky without problems, if we can fly it and follow its path but if this object falls, does not stand out flying, it burns, is torn, has some holes or the wire that binds to us it breaks and it flies away and gets lost in space, then certainly this type of dream hides a meaning not very favorable to the dreamer who therefore has a strong need to fight in order to achieve his independence, freedom. Obviously all the elements of a dream contribute to better understand the meaning and therefore the people we meet, the objects we see, the places where we are and above all the emotions and sensations we experience, are essential to try to understand if dreams with kites they can be positive or not.

These dreams can be positive or negative, they can bring a good message or a bad message, they can bring good advice or advice that we do not accept because, perhaps, we are not able to understand it. Clearly feeling a wonderful sensation while playing with our colorful kite means being in a phase of life where serenity is very present and we are therefore very balanced and we feel in harmony with the world around us and with the people we live with. A detail not to be forgotten about these dreams is that related to other people who may be present with us. For example, if we are playing with our children, our mother, our father, brothers, sisters, then the dream certainly signals a beautiful period that we are living with these people, a wonderful moment of our earthly existence in which the family is really important for our maturity and for our inner evolution but also social and professional. So people from our family who play with us but also boyfriends, husbands, lovers, wives or friends and business colleagues, even strangers who appear strangely in a dream and have fun with us. Unknown people often report unforeseen but favorable events for the dreamer who acquires a greater level of awareness and understands the importance of collaborations and social and interpersonal relationships in order to improve in life. And here is another meaning very present in dreams in which a kite flies in the sky without problems. Collaborate with someone, create companies, have the opportunity to develop their ideas together with people who have our own ideas because, in fact, if you stop a moment to think, you can understand how the symbol of the kite can represent a very idea that you have in mind and that can take flight, so it can be realized.

Seeing many small kites flying in the sky without problems, pushed by ourselves but also by the wind means having so many good ideas, a lot of imagination and a lot of creativity that have to find absolutely vent in life maybe through the help and support of other people who they share our projects. So we can dream of flying a kite with a friend, a colleague of work and here the meaning of the dream is expressed in the sense that we have specified before. And if instead, together with us, at our side, we have the person we love, then that kite can represent our own feelings, our relationship of love that can live a good period or not. In fact, if the object can not take off because it is torn, holed, burned or ruined, then our affective relationship is not experiencing a good moment and therefore needs to evolve positively. Everything that the kite meets during its flight in the sky represents an obstacle to our projects. It can be caught in the branches of a tree, on the terrace or on the balcony of a house or hit a bird in flight that is always the symbol of freedom, freedom that, in this situation, is blocked, is not free to express itself in the dreamer's life. Rarely kites in the dream represent negative messages and especially rarely we can feel bad feelings during these dream events. So, concluding, we can say that dreaming of kites is certainly one of the most beautiful dreams that a man or a woman can do. Surely we can not finish this article without talking about another possible meaning of these beautiful objects of fun that appear in our dreams. When we are now adults and therefore we are no longer children, we lose that sense of innocence and lightheartedness that in the dream instead appears because our subconscious does not forget that we too have been children. And so the kites can simply represent the nostalgia of past times that can no longer return. But trying to be a child is sometimes possible.


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