Seniors we do not know in dreams. The male figure of the elderly in dreams. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. What does it mean to dream of finding a very old man or woman and lending a hand? What does it mean to dream of meeting a man with dirty and long hair, who has not been brushed for a long time and without teeth? Why can we dream of an old man who dies, who commits suicide, dead, who has died for so many years, who cries, who laughs, embraces us, kisses us, cries, who insults us, who talks to us but we can not understand him? Why is it possible to dream of an old man with a stick and a very long white beard that falls, burns, hurt, bad, ill, weak, unhappy, sad? The old man in dreams is a widespread symbol. At least once in your life you have dreamed of an old man with a big stick asking for help, asking for food, money, a very old and unknown man, sitting on the ground in the street asking for alms. What does it mean to dream of seeing two very old men who fight each other? Or what does it mean to dream of giving some money, a little money to a very old person who is so hungry? Why can we dream of seeing an old couple making love? Dreaming of an old lady or an old gentleman who is with our mother, father, wife, husband, son, brother-in-law, cousin, grandfather, friend, work colleague, lover. Which and how many numbers, using the book of Neapolitan grimace, can I play to try to win if I dream an old man with a long white beard according to the guide on dreams? What does it mean to dream of an unknown old man with very long black hair who comes towards us to hurt us? "The other night I remember dreaming of being with my children and a very old man wanted to kill us. Last night I dreamed of being with my girlfriend and a very ugly old woman shouted at us. This night I dreamed that I ate with many men full of wrinkles because they were very old. Last night I saw a person coming towards me but I was very scared and ran away". The very old people in a dream that we can know or not, are a very frequent symbolism and that hides a meaning that is not indifferent, a message that must absolutely be interpreted very well.


Dreaming of old people is a very common thing among people because this type of dreams establishes ties with the people we have by our side in a very important period of our earthly existence. This oneiric symbolism also represents the need to be guided by a mature and wise person, while at other times this kind of dreams represents the dreamer's fear of becoming old. Here we can dream of old people crying or elderly who need help and who are very sweet or terrible old men who want to kill us, make us sick and generate a terrifying sense of fear. When we dream of an elderly man or woman, we must think and reflect mainly on four aspects of our lives. We must reflect on life and death, especially if we are already ahead with age, we must reflect on physical and mental aging, on the passage of time and therefore also on the last act of this life, namely physical death. In order to understand this kind of dreams we always try to remember what an elderly person is for us. When we think of a very old person, perhaps we think of our grandmother or our mother or father or the elderly who beg for alms on the street or those who live in hospitals and nursing homes, in hospices. Memory lapses, dementia, various diseases associated with advancing age, loneliness. All these elements are never trivial and can be the fulcrum of our dreams, just those dreams in which an elderly man is very present. Obviously when we see a very old person in our dreams or nightmares we must first try to understand if that person is ourselves, so it represents ourselves, our body, our mind or a period of our life in which loneliness prevails, uncertainty, boredom. Although these dreams can be very distressing, unpleasant, disturbing, terrifying and cause much fear and anxiety in the dreamer, they always communicate a useful message of great depth related to our personal evolution, acceptance of the life we??are living in a certain period and the resolution also of some problem that tires us very physically and mentally.

Old age in our dreams can represent many aspects of our daily existence, of our life. For example, it can represent weakness, experience gained through the years, making mistakes, obtaining successes, reflection and maturity, intelligence and experience. All qualities, all aspects that can be a very useful guide for the dreamer and for the people who live with him. Dreaming of old people can also bring out aspects of protection, a strong and intimate need for protection and offer valid alternatives and advice to solve the problems that the dreamer has to face every day on his earthly path. Certainly it is very important to remember every aspect of the dream so that the male or female figure of the elderly person can find a valid position and thus arrive at a correct interpretation of the dream. We must never forget that objects that we see and maybe use in dreams, people we meet, places where we are and above all emotions and sensations we feel, are really fundamental to understand the meaning of the dream itself. For example, surely you have dreamed, at least once in your life, an old unknown man who came towards you in a very threatening way. Maybe an old man with a stick or a knife and with a really terrible face. Here this dream figure can represent our father or anyway a male or female figure that we perceive to be despotic, severe with us in real life. Children and young people can often dream of old people and, in this case, these dreamlike figures can represent a parent or school teacher who is too strict. When this very old man who does not have a face does not represent a very severe person with whom we have a contact in our lives, it could represent a situation we are living in, so a situation full of responsibility, a very complex situation that requires a lot commitment, dedication, sacrifice.

We can try a lot of effort, be very tired and do not want to fight to get results and here in the dream, the old person comes to us with a threatening face just because he is our conscience that tries to give us the shock, try to wake us up and to make us react to a stasis situation that can be very dangerous. These dreams are never trivial but carry very important messages that should not be underestimated. But what other clues can we extract from the elderly in dreams? If, for example, we dream of walking along a road and meet a very old man sitting on the ground who is hungry and asks for help, then that old man may be us who need support that we may reject in our lives. What is missing in our earthly existence? What do we really want from life? Perhaps we are experiencing a moment of complete abandonment and solitude? Here this dreamlike scene draws attention to a complicated period of the dreamer's existence to which a solution must be found. This meaning is even greater when we dream of the elderly person who cries, who is sad, suffers, is very weak, thin, does not eat and drinks for a long time. Tenderness, understanding, compassion. If we can feel these feelings and emotions during a dream towards a very old person, then perhaps we are understanding the real problem we are facing and we are willing to ask for help and here in the dream we can see, alongside the elderly person, a a friend, a work colleague, a parent, a brother or a sister, in short, someone who can help us to come out of the complex situation. We conclude this argument by describing, however, also some positive aspects of this kind of dreams. The elderly person indicates the passage of time and for this reason can signal wisdom, maturity, inner and mental evolution. In short, the dreamer is in a very beautiful period of his life in which he can evolve and improve his earthly existence. Finally, never forget that very old people have lived and can give fundamental advice. So when you wake up from these dreams, someone can provide you with useful tips for your evolution.


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