Oranges in dreams. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. What does it mean to dream of giving, buying, buying, stealing oranges or selling many oranges at the market together with our mother, sister, grandmother, friend? What does it mean to dream that someone gives us a kilo of oranges, an envelope or a box of very good, perfumed and juicy oranges? Why can we dream of giving so many oranges to an unknown person or dreaming of a dead relative, who has died for many years giving us an envelope full of beautiful oranges? Oranges, mandarins, lemons, grapefruits and chinotti can be very common fruits in our dreams. What does it mean to dream of seeing a tree or many orange trees, to be in an orange grove to gather oranges with other men and women? Why can we dream of eating oranges, mandarins and lemons that are rotten, with mold and have a bad taste in the mouth? Why is it possible to dream of peeled oranges, giant, big, poisoned, dirty, yellow, black, red, orange, green, falling from the tree, ripe or unripe or tearing down an orange tree that is dried and has no fruit? What does it mean to dream of peeling and eating lots of oranges or dreaming of eating only the peels of an orange? Have you ever dreamed of doing, preparing a good and fresh juice or jam with red oranges or have you ever dreamed of drinking the juice? Throwing up moldy oranges in the garbage or dreaming of stealing oranges or dreaming of a flowering orange tree and plucking, watering this tree. What does it mean to dream of an orange falling on the ground from inside our hands? Which and how many numbers can we play using the Neapolitan grimace to try to win the lottery a bit of money if we dream of buying an orange, according to the guide on dreams? "The other night I remember dreaming that my mother, father and boyfriend gave me so many red oranges that were very good. Last night I dreamed of being in a greengrocer while I was buying some kilos of oranges. Last night I dreamed that they were throwing so many oranges on me. Tonight I was with my parents, my sister, my brother, my brother-in-law, my husband and my son and we all ate many oranges". Fruit in our dreams appears very often and has a very important meaning, but when we dream of a very special fruit like oranges, the oneiric meaning can be even more specific. Let's try to understand the symbolism of these splendid fruits in our dream world.


So to understand the meaning of oranges in our dreams we must always start from fruit and therefore from its oneiric meaning. As we always say, to be able to interpret a dream or a nightmare very well, we must try to remember the real meaning of an object, therefore its meaning in everyday life and we must never forget other dream objects that we see and use, places that we visit, people we meet and who can talk with us and feelings, emotions that we can try. So fruit has a very important meaning in the dream world, a meaning that comes very close to that of food. Fruit is also a food and all the food is needed to allow us to continue living. Fruit, however, has a very important detail, that is, it can be very rich in vitamins, essential vitamins to our body. Without fruit we could not live and we could not fight various diseases. The orange is a very beautiful fruit, colorful but also very good and above all very rich in vitamin C, a vitamin important for our body, for our health, because it prevents many diseases and helps us to recover from many seasonal illnesses such as example, the cold. Dreaming oranges therefore can indicate that we are living or we are going to live a good moment of our life in which we are very strong, we have so much energy and a great desire to engage our forces in so many projects. Seeing oranges is certainly an excellent sign of prosperity and excellent mental and physical health, but eating this fruit in our dreams is even more important. In fact, if looking at many oranges can mean being in a good period that can be very profitable thanks to our hard work, eating oranges means just tasting the success, the gains, the positive evolution in our life. Our dream life is never trivial and therefore even a simple object, a very simple fruit like oranges, can hide fundamental meanings. And here, seeing and eating oranges is a sign of good opportunities that can come.

In fact, if we dream of picking oranges or remember that someone gave us an envelope or a box full of very good and juicy oranges, we can probably hope to receive good news but above all we can hope to solve some problems that caused many worries. Great dreams because very often immediately after having dreamed of receiving oranges, good news can come, favorable events and very lucky and if you are looking for a good job, you can also have a good job opportunity, professional. If you are investing money in some project oranges in your dreams are a great positive sign that they can say and affirm that financial investments, real estate, economic, will give a lot of satisfaction. We must not forget that the quantity of oranges and their shape, their size, are details not to be neglected in dreams because they are the sign of other useful details and important information. For example, dreaming of seeing a large orange, a giant orange can mean the arrival of a great job opportunity or the opportunity to earn a lot of money in a very short time, but the most beautiful dream is the one in which oranges are so many. To dream of seeing many oranges, obviously in good health and very good, means being able to receive lots of good news and many opportunities to earn money. A very important difference is that in which we collect oranges, buy oranges or they are given to us. The oranges that someone gives to us can represent the relationship we have with a specific person in our life. For example, if we dream of receiving a little oranges from our parents, then the relationship with them can improve, it may progress later, perhaps, a complex period full of misunderstandings. If we receive oranges from our husband, our wife, our fiancé then, clearly, our romantic relationship can be really positive and progress with many emotions and new sensations to experience.

Collecting or going to buy fruit in our dreams means having the need to work long before reaching success and above all the collection of oranges has a symbolism connected with the sacrifices to be made before they can get excellent job and professional opportunities. But oranges in our dreams can still be spoiled, ugly, dry, can smell bad and can even be poisoned. Obviously this type of dreams has another meaning, less favorable but never too negative. Buying or collecting from trees, oranges that are rotten and therefore can not be eaten, means that we are risking losing some chances in our lives, so we must be very careful to avoid missing out on excellent opportunities that may never come again. Unripe oranges have a completely opposite meaning to this. Harvesting unripe oranges means not yet ready to receive good chances and therefore the period is not absolutely ripe to progress in life but we must wait with confidence. Harvesting always involves a sacrifice, a hard work and then picking fruit like oranges means engaging a lot in life and especially in work to get small and great results. Some people say they dreamed of receiving poisoned oranges and then remember feeling very sick after eating these oranges. Here the poison symbolizes envies and jealousies from someone who can damage our lives. In this kind of dreams we must never forget the person who gives us this poisoned fruit because it could be just this person who will create some obstacles in our path, or we simply think that it can harm our work, economic and social progress . Before concluding this article we want to remind all of you that fruit and therefore also oranges, lemons, mandarins, grapefruits, can have a very strong erotic, sexual meaning and represent these very energies that need to be expressed in the love life.


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