Being attacked and bitten by a dog in dreams. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. What does it mean to dream of undergoing an attack by a terrible dog that breaks us and eats our flesh, our body? What does it mean to dream of being chased and bitten, points by a snake, a wolf, a cat, a boar, a shark, a lion, a tiger, a bees, a bear, wasps, flies, mosquitoes? Why can we dream of being caught, during a race, by a frightening black animal with a very long hair, by a terrifying beast who wants to hurt us very much and who is together with one of our dead relatives, dead for so many years? Why is it possible to dream of being attacked by so many unknown men, by so many unknown women, by a shadow that wants to kill us or even by some children with the face of a monster? What does it mean to dream of seeing a dog that protects our home or a person we love? What does it mean to be chased, reached and bitten to a leg, to an arm, to the face by a terrible and angry dog??with sharp teeth that smudges, has red eyes and barks towards us? To dream of many dogs that want to attack, to jump on us to bite us is one of the most widespread and scariest dreams we can do and also very widespread. What does it mean to dream of being attacked by a dog that chases me but also our parents, brothers, sisters, uncles, brothers-in-law, friends and work colleagues? What and how many numbers from the book of the ancient Neapolitan grimace can we play to try to win if I dream of being hit by the bite of a dog that makes me lose so much blood, according to the guide on dreams? "Last night I remember having dreamed of being chased by many ferocious and especially very large dogs who absolutely wanted to make me in many pieces. Last night I dreamed that I was walking with a person I did not know and whose face was dark and a huge dog with very sharp teeth came towards us. The other night I dreamed of being killed by a black dog that ate parts of my body and then my flesh. This night many dogs came to me and wanted to kill me but I could escape and find shelter inside the house of a famous singer and actor". Dreaming about dogs is really a widespread thing, but the meaning of these dreams is never trivial, even these dreams hide important messages that our subconscious wants to communicate to us. So let's analyze this kind of dreams that can really scare us and make us wake up with a heart that beats very hard.


The dog often indicates a danger. We must start from this concept when we see a dog in our dreams. Many people think that the dog can represent a friend, a friendship that we live in our lives or our instincts. These things are also very true but here we are talking about dogs that attack people. The fury of a dog in a dream can not only represent a friend or our instinct. If we observe a dog that is still, wags its tail in happiness or wants to be caressed by the dreamer, then almost certainly in our life we??have a very important person we can trust so much and in many cases this dog represents us themselves and a part of our character. For example, we can be in a moment of our life where we are very calm, calm and here is a very docile dog, who is caressed can be the symbol of this particular moment of our earthly existence and therefore be the representation of us themselves. That dog therefore we are the ones who face a good time. We must never forget that objects that we see and use, colors, sensations, emotions, places where we are and people we meet, are very important details to provide a correct interpretation. So if the dog is white then the dream may indicate sweetness, goodness of heart, innocence of the dreamer or of a person who lives with us or with whom we work or otherwise have an interpersonal relationship. For example, if we dream of caressing a dog and we are in the workplace, then we are spending a very peaceful time at work and perhaps the relationship with a colleague is very good. If we dream of being with a white and very calm dog at home, with our family, then we can hope to spend a great time, full of harmony with the members of our family. Dogs that do not bite us, do not want to bite but seek our company, have a beautiful meaning and indicate that we can be very calm and move forward on our way, with so much confidence in our qualities.

But, too often, dogs in our dreams want to bite us, they want to bite, they want to chase us to kill us or hurt us. Why can a dog do these things in our dreams and nightmares? In this case and that is when a dog in a dream represents a potential enemy, a threat, a danger that makes us run away and makes us reach a place to find a good shelter, the meaning is even more important and must be analyzed without being underestimated. The dog that looks like a fierce beast, a terrifying beast, a drooling monster and has incredibly sharp and enormous teeth, is surely the symbol of a small or great danger we are facing or facing in our lives. This dog can represent a person who wants to damage our lives or a situation that can make us fall into a trap, a situation that can be very complicated to manage. And here in the dream we can see many dogs that surround us and do not allow us to move, to escape, to look for an escape route. The situation we are facing in real life is really very difficult to solve and we can not find a good solution, so we are trapped and we risk being overwhelmed by emotions and above all by fear. And in fact shadows, unknown people without faces, big animals, beasts, dogs that come towards us, are the symbol of small or big fears that we have to face in life but from which, perhaps, we run away. Perhaps we are living a period in which the responsibilities are so many and we do not have the strength to go on and here these terrible nightmares appear precisely to remind us of the responsibilities that must be addressed and not neglected. So, summarizing, a dog that attacks us, bites us and makes us lose a lot of blood with the risk of dying, often means fear of something, fear of a situation we are experiencing or a possible danger that can damage our lives, danger that it can also be a real person that maybe we do not know yet.

By the very detailed analysis of thousands of dreams and nightmares in which the dog is the main protagonist of the dream world, it has emerged that very often, this diabolical figure can indicate, signal a very particular person that we know and frequent in the life of all days but that behaves very cleverly, hiding its real intentions. In short, a dog that attacks us in a dream can be the symbol of a real person who may seem innocent, can be very attracted to us and get our trust, but in fact his projects want to harm ourselves. Understanding who this person is is not at all simple and that's what the dream elements are essential. If the dog is at our place of work then the danger and the person who wants to ruin us moves right in our work or if the animal is at home, then in our family someone hides something from us. A dog can therefore represent loyalty but also infidelity, sincerity but also falsehood, lies. If in a dream the dog manages to reach us and bites us we can even feel a lot of pain. And the feelings and emotions we experience in our dreams are always fundamental and very important. Feeling a strong pain means that this person or the dangerous situation we are going to live, will make us suffer a lot, while not feeling any pain during the bite of a dog in a dream means not experiencing any suffering in life and therefore being able to face complex situation. Certainly a dog that attacks us, bites and makes us lose so much blood can also signal a period of our earthly existence in which the energies are almost finished and we need to regain our strength to face new challenges. We conclude this subject by also talking about dreams in which dogs protect our home or ourselves, from danger. Dreaming of a dog barking at us indicates the possibility of being warned before a danger can come and damage our lives. So these dreams are often premonitory dreams and the dog is the symbol of a big help, a support, is the symbol of a possible advice that someone can give us so as not to fall into a trap.


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