The wardrobe in dreams. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. What does it mean to dream of breaking a wardrobe with a hammer, chipping, cutting, forcibly opening the closet of our bedroom or destroying and burning a large wardrobe? What does it mean to dream of creating a beautiful wardrobe using wood and putting a sweater, a dress, a jacket, shoes, a hat, a scarf, a skirt inside? What does it mean to dream of giving or buying a small wardrobe for our mother or father? Why can we dream of seeing a wardrobe with very neat and ironed clothes? Why can we dream of ironing clothes and putting them in the closet of our bedroom? What does it mean to dream of a wardrobe that falls on us, a wardrobe with lots of clothes, untidy, open, new, white, black, brown, broken, full of clothes or a very old wardrobe? Why can we dream of so many closets full of food or lots of money, closed closets that stink, with worms and insects? What does it mean to dream of moving a very heavy wardrobe alone or with the help of a friend, relative, work colleague or thanks to the support and strength of an unknown man? Sometimes it happens to dream and see carry a wardrobe with a van, truck, on a car or you can dream of a locked closet that does not open because we do not have the key. Dreaming of a wardrobe that falls on someone or buying a wardrobe in a shop of cheap furniture, a very fine wardrobe. And many people dream of emptying a huge wardrobe with lots of clothes inside. What does it mean to dream of a closet that no longer closes? What numbers of the Neapolitan grimace can we play to try to win the lottery if in a dream we are locked in a small wardrobe, according to the guide and the book on dreams? "The other night I remember dreaming of being locked up by my mother and father in a small closet and it was all dark. I was very scared and could not get out. Last night I dreamed of being with a long-dead relative who gave me a beautiful wardrobe full of clothes. Last night I remember dreaming of being together with my uncles, brothers, cousins, children and my husband and together we tried to build a wardrobe. Tonight I dreamed of breaking the lock of the closet I have inside my room". Let's try to understand the meaning of this piece of furniture when it appears in our dreams.


To understand the meaning of this object in our dream world we must try to remember its usefulness in real life and never forget that to interpret well a dream we must always try to compare the objects we dream with those of everyday life. So a wardrobe is a piece of furniture present in all homes and in every room, often in the bedroom, useful for storing clothes, shoes, clothes and accessories that we use, just to be able to dress. The reason why we put these items in a closet is very simple. We need to make order and then easily find a dress or a pair of shoes or maybe a simple scarf or trouser belt. Here is the first meaning of a wardrobe. When we dream of a wardrobe, we must think that we are in a moment in our lives where we need to put some order into some things. We are probably facing a great period of mental confusion that does not allow us to live quietly some family, work, professional or sentimental relationships. And here in a dream we open a wardrobe and do not find our clothes or we can not find what we are looking for. This mental confusion, which can also be very lived in everyday life concretely, must be resolved because otherwise the dream would have no meaning and instead it appears just to provide a message, to make us understand that we are experiencing a small problem, a little drama, an uncertainty in our life in a certain sector of it. Disorder, mental confusion, work problems or idleness and therefore little desire to engage, to work, to achieve successes and implement projects. But if the person who does this kind of dreams, in his life, is usually very messy and does not like to arrange clothes, but in dream she finds all the clothes in order, then the concept becomes more complicated and difficult to understand.

Being messy in real life but finding yourself in front of a large closet full of stuff with various drawers all ordered, means being in a moment of their lives where it is necessary to rediscover order, we must try to establish good ideas to positively develop their lives that otherwise it can become too confusing and not allow to carry out projects and achieve results. On the other hand, if we are generally very tidy and love to have all the clothes tidy in our closet while in dream that same closet is very messy, then the concept to be understood is slightly different. Perhaps the dreamer is living a period in which his methods, his way of moving forward in a very precise, stable, concrete way, is not very favorable to the development of his life and therefore it is also necessary to use imagination, creativity and therefore not too ordered but give vent to chaos because often from the chaos can be born beautiful things. A wardrobe can also be broken, closed, not easy to open or even completely destroyed, burned just by ourselves. Destroying a wardrobe that we have at home means, probably, not accepting some family relationships that perhaps we consider too strict or that closet that we destroy represents our way of being, of acting, of living life that is no longer conducive to our development and maturation. In fact, an object of this type might seem trivial in our dreams but its importance can become crucial to give meaning to our dream world. Break a closet with a hammer, split the handle, pull out its drawers, all the clothes inside it, denotes the non-acceptance of one's social status, the rejection of some interpersonal relationships that may be familiar, working, sentimental. Here it becomes very important to remember the people who are with us while we break or open a closet because they indicate the relationships that are sick.

This concept can be understood by making a quick example that can then be used as a comparison to bring out a right interpretation to dreams in which the wardrobe is a protagonist. Suppose we are in our house, in our bedroom and together with our husband. In front of us we see the closet that is locked and can not be opened, then we decide to force its opening using a hammer and then breaking its wood. Something in our romantic relationship does not go very well and the difficulty of opening the closet represents precisely this relational difficulty that must be resolved. Maybe we can open the closet and inside we find nothing or we do not find our clothes. We no longer know who we really are, we no longer recognize our way of being and living and we are no longer comfortable with the person we love. Some people say they find inside a closet a man or a woman unknown or even a friend or a relative but in this case jealousy in love plays its part and obviously these dreams do not concern a possible betrayal in love and therefore the possible infidelity of the person we love, but anyway we can think about all this because we are pretty jealous. The closet, however, is almost always the symbol of hidden things that the dreamer knows he possesses but who forgets to use in his life. For example we can be very courageous people but in life we??do not use this courage that instead, in some moments, should come out. If you can not open a closet, you certainly have relationship problems, obviously opening a closet and finding it completely empty can signal a period in which our life is without stimuli. Before concluding this article we would also like to refer to another important meaning of this kind of dreams. The wardrobe can represent the female genital organ and therefore the need to become a mother for a woman who may simply have the need to be more protective of her children, and the need to vent their sexual energies regarding a man.


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