Hairs and armpits in dreams. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. What does it mean to dream of many axillary hairs? What does it mean to dream of washing your armpits with water and soap, or those of an elderly person, an old man, a deceased relative, a child, our mother, our father, our grandfather or a friend or colleague of work? Seeing or finding hairs in dreams is a very common thing. Dreaming of hair and hair, dreaming of feeling bad odors, dreaming of unpleasant odors and bad breath. Why can we dream of finding ourselves in the bathroom, under a shower while we wash the underarms that stink? What is the meaning of the sweaty armpits in dreams? What does it mean to dream of shaving, washing, shaving long hair under the armpits, black or white hair, long or short? What does it mean to dream to see armpits that hurt, to find a cyst, an abscess that causes a lot of pain under an armpit, to see armpits that bleed? And what does it mean to dream of licking under my arms with my tongue and feeling pleasure or disgust? A terrible smell of armpit sweat or blood from the armpits is not very common but some people also dream of all this. What does it mean to dream of having underarm hair and to be with our children, our husband, some friends or work colleagues in the studio of a beautician? What does it mean to dream of meeting a famous actor or singer who has very long hairs under his armpits? Why can we dream of kissing or making love, having sex with a man or a woman who has very long underarm hairs that also smell bad? How many and which numbers of the Neapolitan grimace we have to play if we want to try to win lottery money if we dream of cutting the hair under our armpits, according to the guide and the book on dreams? "The other night I dreamed of being with my boyfriend who did not want to hug me because I had a large number of hairs under my armpits. Last night I remember dreaming of going to the doctor because under my armpits I found some worms. Tonight I dreamed I was in the bathroom and shaved off the black hair I had under one armpit. Last night I dreamed of smelling the armpits of an unknown person with my nose and the smell was terrible". Let's try to understand the meaning of these particular dreams in which we can feel a strong disgust.


So, let's just say that this type of dreams is not widespread and women certainly dream much more than men, parts of the body to be shaved. But these dreams are not just trivial and meaningless. First of all we need to clarify something very important. In fact, it is necessary to assess whether the dreamer is a man or a woman and whether he has a manic way of washing, cleaning and therefore appearing. To understand the meaning of these dreams, then we must try to understand if the dreamer has a sense of hygiene very developed or not. If the dreamer, in his life, usually likes to wash very often, always loves to be clean and fragrant and above all to shave every part where the hairs are born and therefore also the area under the armpits, certainly must highlight a problem that is emerging or that is already present in the dreamer's life. In fact, a man or a woman who usually shaves the hair under his armpits but who dreams of having very long hairs and maybe that smell so much, right in that part of the body, almost certainly is facing a problem related to their self-esteem. We have said many times that when in our dreams we are in front of a mirror or we are washing or shaving, we must think we are not up to a certain situation. Practically the body that we do not like, that stinks, that is full of huge hairs, in which perhaps even small worms grow and proliferate, represents an unsatisfactory mood of the dreamer who at some point in his life is confused, does not like to himself and above all he thinks he is not attractive to others but not only from the physical point of view but also in various areas of life. For example, a man may not be able to perform a job that has been entrusted to him, he does not feel he has the skills and therefore his low self-esteem comes in a dream with terrible and stinking hairs that grow in every part of the body and especially under the armpits. This area of??the body is not casual because who knows how many times you did not feel comfortable with the sweaty armpits that stained your shirts.

In fact, the symbol of the axilla in the dream world is very often related to situations of light or strong embarrassment that we can experience in our lives. Often when we have very sweaty armpits we must be particularly careful not to point out this detail and usually the bad smell that the armpit sweat emanates can be very annoying and for many people is also a symptom of an illness. So when we dream of feeling a bad smell of very sweaty underarms, then we must think that in our real life we??are in a situation of difficulty, we are experiencing a situation that causes a lot of embarrassment. For example, we are living a love story, a romantic relationship in which we are not particularly convinced of the emotions we feel, of the feelings our partner feels for us and here that in dreams these doubts, this emotional relationship become terrible hairs from which it comes a terrifying stench emanates, a bad smell that generates much embarrassment in us. In which area of??life we??do not feel very safe and maybe we feel a little or big sense of embarrassment? Never forget that every detail present in our dreams is fundamental for understanding, perceiving the dream message and therefore objects that we see and use, people we meet and talk to, places where we are and who we visit, colors, feelings, emotions that let's try, they are all fundamental elements and must not be forgotten absolutely. So if we are with a person and this person has some very long underarm hair, hair that sweats and stinks, then we try to remember who this person is if we want to understand the problem we face or do not want to face. Being in the workplace and finding ourselves with a bunch of hairs under our armpits that do not allow us to work peacefully, means that we are living a complicated period right at work. In short, the hairs we are ashamed of always represent a low level of self-esteem that we possess.

This low level of self-esteem does not allow us to control our emotions, to live quietly social, interpersonal, work, family and sentimental relationships. Obviously, even part of these dreams can be positive. In fact we can dream of having long and stinking hair under the armpits but we can also dream of shaving, shaving, washing, the area where there are these hairs and then the dream meaning is much more positive, much more conducive to the dreamer who then sees the increase his level of self-esteem because washing oneself in a dream is an excellent sign of order and cleanliness in our life, an excellent indication of a life we??are living as we would like. Even though it might seem like a very trivial thing, washing your armpits can mean having good ideas, having a very balanced mind and allowing us to design everything in a very efficient way, paying attention to details. Shaving the hairs we have in this particular area of??the body means being aware that only through clear and cleaning of all that is not needed and useless in our lives can we succeed. In short, shaving the armpits means being able to understand everything that is useful to our progress and also all that is useless and therefore must be thrown away. Obviously these dreams can also be very banal. For example, if a woman loves to wash very often in daily life, shave her private parts and even the hairs under her armpits, these continuous actions can reappear in her dreams and represent only the reality and that is the need to always be clean, in order, fragrant. We conclude this article also talking about those dreams in which from the armpits come out drops of blood or worms or still find, under the hairs some abscesses and cysts. The blood, always represents the lack of energy and therefore losing blood from under the arms means feeling tired, not very reactive. Abscesses and cysts signal a possible problem that we try to hide but which must be resolved quickly. The worms instead are the symbol of situations that we do not like and from which we would like to stay away.


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