Being beaten or beaten in dreams. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. What does it mean to dream of kicking, punching and slapping someone in a dream or dreaming of being beaten by a close friend or colleague? What does it mean to dream of being beaten by a mother, a father, a brother or sister, a boyfriend, a husband, a stranger and losing a lot of blood? Why can we be caught, surrounded by a gang of boys, men or women who wants to hurt us physically? Being attacked, beaten and eaten by a dog, an animal like a ferocious cat, tiger, wolf, bear, horse, pig, wild boar, rhinoceros, elephant, lion, fox. To beat, to beat, to slap, to punch, to spank, to beat, to beat, to beat, to beat, to beat, to strike and to hammer. What does it mean to dream of being afraid of being beaten, beaten up, barred, beaten up, by a lover or wife, a child, a group of drunken boys? Why can we dream of being thrown against the wall or beating with the car against the guard rail? What does it mean to dream of being beaten by an actor, by a famous singer, by a shadow, by an angel, by a person I do not know, by many children, by a priest, a monk, a priest? Dreaming of beating someone, a boy or a girl but not being able to hurt. What does it mean to dream of being beaten by someone or taking part in a fight in which we ourselves hurt a friend or a person we do not know? How many and which numbers of the Neapolitan grimace we have to play if we want to try to win lottery money when we dream of beating a person we find inside our house, according to the guide and the book on dreams? "The other night I dreamed of finding a thief in my house who beat me and I felt so much pain. Tonight I remember dreaming of beating a friend, a parent or relative. Last night I dreamed of getting kicked, punched and slapped by a faceless man who scared me so much. Last night I dreamed that someone wanted to chase me to give me so many punches". Today we try to understand the meaning of dreams in which we can be beaten or ourselves can hurt a lot.


First of all, very often, these dreams are about our level of aggression. Often during the day and therefore while we are awake, we can experience a feeling of suffocation in every area of??our lives. For example, a child or a boy can suffer the severity of the parents or the school teacher or even some friends and here in this dream that is repressed in real life appears in the form of terrible scenes in which the child or the boy beats or he is beaten. In everyday life, the law requires us not to be able to beat any person, no animal and therefore the anger that is accumulated and that somehow must come out, explodes right in our dream world. You have to pay close attention to these dreams because they can be really dangerous in some cases and hide a very strong aggressiveness that even does not find vent even in the world of dreams and sooner or later explodes into real life. And here that being scolded by their parents or the school teacher, being cheated by someone, being damaged by a person, can become a valid reason for venting that manifests itself with very dangerous gestures in a dream but, unfortunately, even in real life. So when we dream of beating someone we must think we are in a period when our instincts are indomitable, our anger and our aggressiveness can not find a valid safety valve and therefore grow inside us in a very dangerous way. Of course, however, one must also say one thing and that dreams and nightmares can be excellent tools to unload all the anxieties and tensions that we live in our lives. So beating someone or something in a dream can be medicine to our instincts that are repressed in everyday life. But surely these dream scenes should not be underestimated and indeed must open our eyes and make our mind reason why, however, a problem to be faced exists.

Obviously we need to make a difference between the dreams we are beaten by someone and the dreams in which we ourselves kick, slap, and punch a person or an animal. We first want to focus on those dreams in which we beat and even kill an animal or a beast that wants to attack us. Animals represent our instincts that want to manifest themselves but when we do not want to show these instincts because maybe for us they are very dangerous, then we can dream of killing an animal. Returning to people and then kicking, punching, slapping that we can give to someone, we must first remember if the person who is beaten is a person that we know and frequent in our lives. For example, kicking and punching a parent is obviously a sign of a relationship that is not beautiful and very complicated with the father and mother who, perhaps, according to the dreamer, are too strict, oppressive and do not allow to be independent. Dreaming of beating a brother or sister could indicate jealousy and envy and the same thing could happen when we do the same dream but we see a friend or colleague. Maybe in the workplace our ideas are not great and the employer prefers to accept the ideas of one of our colleague and this disappointment becomes anger, aggression in the dream world. Even anger can be so strong that it can also kill the poor character we meet. But what does it mean to be beaten by someone? Why in our dreams can we meet a man or a woman who hurts us? Even in dreams we can feel, experience physical pain and never forget that the feelings and emotions we experience in the dream world are fundamental to provide a correct interpretation. So the dreams in which we are beaten, beaten and we lose blood identify another kind of problem. The low level of self-esteem, a period of our life in which we do not know what to do and the possibility of being overwhelmed by situations.

When we are living a period in which we are very hesitant in work or in romantic, family, social relationships, then we can dream of suffering a terrible aggression on the part of someone we do not know and unknown people in dreams, shadows that assail us, identify our fears, our difficulties and a low ability to face a problem that we prefer to suffer instead. Here in this dream our passivity, our block and this difficult social and professional condition, become kicks, punches, slaps. Blood is also a very important element. Being beaten and losing a lot of blood means needing energy, energies that unfortunately are very lacking in life. So we can be very tired and can not go on in life. Our dreams are lessons from which we must learn and all these fears, all these problems must absolutely be addressed otherwise the nightmares will return during the night and during sleep. Really terrible are those dreams in which we beat our wife, our fiancee, our husband, our son or our parents, in short, people we love and with whom we live and have an interpersonal relationship. Unfortunately, these relationships can also hide misunderstandings, discomfort, misunderstandings that can not be hidden in a dream and come out with all their energy. And then when we wake up we have to analyze well what we have seen and try to recover and improve a relationship that is still important for us, for our inner balance and for our evolution and maturation. Before concluding this article we must also talk about those dreams in which we even beat a deceased person for so many years. The dead represent something that no longer exists, so they are the symbol of death and beat death obviously signals the rejection of change because death often indicates its own change, a necessary change in the life of the dreamer but that is not accepted.


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