Become rich in a dream. Get rich in dreams, be very rich, dream of winning the lottery and winning a lot of money. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. What does it mean to dream of getting rich by doing a lot of business, working or even without work and without getting tired? What does it mean to be very rich by stealing money or robbing a bank and having a lot of money to spend? What does it mean to dream of receiving as much money as an inheritance from an ancestor, grandfather, uncle, cousin, brother-in-law, a dead relative, a deceased for so many years? Why can we dream of meeting a very rich man, a very rich woman, a politician or a famous actor or singer who gives us a lot of money and gold coins? What does it mean to dream of having a lot of money and lending money to someone who needs it, giving money to a friend, relative, making a small or large donation, making a check or receiving a check with a large sum of money from a unknown person? To dream of having a lot of money and to become rich, millionaires, millionaires, capitalists, landowners, wealthy people, to live a very wealthy life, to be wealthy and not to be poorer, poorer, to be hungry. Why is it possible to dream of being able to buy a beautiful house, a villa with many rooms and a large and wonderful swimming pool and live together with our husband, son, mother, father, brother, sister? In a dream we can see and meet a person we do not know very rich who wants to give us a sum of money. What does it mean to dream of becoming rich thanks to a friend, a work colleague or an enemy? What numbers can we find in the Neapolitan grimace to play to try to win the lottery if in our dreams we have a lot of money and we are very rich and not poor, according to the guide and the book on dreams? "The other night I remember dreaming of winning a lot of money at a game and I was very happy. Last night I dreamed that I was with my parents and with many children and we were all very happy because I was really very rich. Last night I dreamed of going to a party where people were very rich. This night I dreamed of receiving a large inheritance from an old relative who died". We all want to get rich and have no more money problems, be able to buy everything we want without thinking about saving. A desire that can appear in a dream very often. Let's try to understand the meaning of this kind of dreams.


Wealth in dream can be widespread and the reason, the cause is very simple to understand. Often behind this kind of dreams hides a simple desire to improve our earthly existence, to improve our way of life, to be more serene by having more money in our pockets. Then we can dream of finding lots of gold coins on the ground, lots of money or very precious items to sell so we can get rich. Finding precious objects in dreams and even money makes the dreamer always very happy, but unfortunately these dreams do not indicate that wealth will come in real life. To understand this type of dreams we must start from the concept of wealth in real life, in everyday life. Wealth indicates material well-being and above all security. Having so much money in fact allows us to solve various problems, allows us to face various expenses without thinking too much about savings, without thinking too much that one day the money will end. Here is a first meaning to associate with dreams in which we become very rich after winning the lottery or having found a large sum of money or a lot of gold, is linked to the concept of security. Money and wealth in our dreams signal the need to achieve the security that at a certain moment in our lives is missing and causes us much suffering. Here we are not only talking about economic security but also about security in every sector of our lives. If we are experiencing a bad period of sentimental or family and therefore the bases of our interpersonal relationship are collapsing, here we can dream of a very beautiful place full of many expensive things, we can dream of being at a very luxurious party or even driving a very expensive car and have a wallet full of money. The familiar and sentimental problems and the lack of certainties in the interpersonal relationships we are experiencing, are also manifested by this type of dreams, which unfortunately are not at all easy to understand.

In fact our dreams and our subconscious communicate in a very strange, absolutely original and particular way and also exploit the dreaming qualities of every dreamer. Then we drive a beautiful luxury car and very expensive and when we wake up we can think that we will have the opportunity to buy a beautiful car or we will become very rich. But in a dream maybe, while driving the car, at our side, we notice our boyfriend, our husband, our father, our mother, our brother who is afraid because we are driving too fast and that this fear that we perceive ourselves, represents the insecurity of the relationship of love or of the family relationship. Associating money with the insecurity of our relationships can be a very audacious and risky thing but you will notice that when money appears in large quantities in a dream, a relational problem must be solved in your life and above all you have to fight some uncertainties that do not they allow you to be very calm and you must also consider that really very rich people can still have many responsibilities. Here is another possible meaning of dreams in which we have become very important and above all wealthy people. Generally this kind of dreams represents the need to assume their responsibilities when we have to face a problem or solve a situation in our life. Money is not always a source of joy and security, but it can also represent great responsibilities that must then be endured and sacrifices because, in fact, material wealth, therefore economic, is reached, very often, with many sacrifices. It must be said that statistically this kind of dreams is much more common among men and not among women because men need to express their potential, their physical, mental and sexual strength, much more than women, and in fact we can speak of a third symbolic meaning of money when it appears in dreams.

If he is a man to become very rich in dreams, then probably in his life he has the need to express all his strength, to realize all his projects, trying to achieve success in every area of??his life. So an instinct of survival but above all a strong desire to show everyone and the world their value, their qualities and talking about value we can then reconnect with money. But money also represents sex and the desire to express one's sexual strength towards another person. So you can understand how the meaning of money can be very far, in our dreams, from the real meaning of this object. Sometimes, behind a dream of wealth, there is a strong or slight sense of personal, family, sentimental and work dissatisfaction. For example, our life is not difficult on an economic level but we would like to achieve more but we can not fulfill our desires and this sense of frustration reverberates in dreams where we accumulate so much money, so much gold, so many coins and so many precious items. An opportunity that fades, which escapes from our hands and therefore the disappointment for not being able to seize a good opportunity. This condition can also be expressed in a dream through wealth. Dreaming of being a very rich person and spending money unnecessarily, for things that are not necessary, for things that are not indispensable, can mean that the dreamer does not give the right value to his life, to the things he is doing in his life. Never forget that the objects we see and use in dreams, the places where we are, the people we meet and especially the sensations and emotions we experience, are all very useful details to try to deepen the meaning of this very complex dream world. that often, behind the wealth, hides a great poverty of mind that money can not absolutely satisfy and that can be solved only through a hard job of understanding and acceptance of oneself.


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