Insurance in dreams. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. What does it mean to dream of signing an insurance contract, a policy? What does it mean to dream of having an indemnity, an indemnity, a compensation after having had an accident with our motorbike or car? Why can we dream of paying insurance in dreams that is also very expensive? What does it mean to dream of an insurance policy to be taken out for our motorbike, car, home, life with a very low or very high payment? What does it mean to dream of securing your material goods, jewels, gold objects, money or parts of your body? Why can we dream of signing a big insurance for our death? What meaning do those dreams have in which we speak with an insurer? What does it mean to dream of being together with our parents who want me to sign some documents? What does it mean to dream of an insurance company that does not have a deadline or an insurance that has expired? What numbers of Neapolitan grimace do we need to play if we like to bet a little money on the lottery if we pay the insurance of our car in dreams, according to the guide and the book on dreams? "The other night I remember dreaming of being in an office and I had to pay insurance for my car. Last night I dreamed of being with my mother, my father, my husband, my son, my brother, my sister and I could not pay for my home insurance. Last night I dreamed that I was with a friend and colleague of mine and together we signed a good insurance that protected us from the dangers at work. This night I dreamed that someone wanted me to sign a very expensive insurance but I refused". Today we see that we understand the meaning of insurance in our dreams. This kind of dreams is not widespread but some people remember to sign contracts, documents and to take out insurance with someone, relative to the house, to a precious object, to their own life or to the motorbike, car.


First of all, to understand this type, dreams must always start from the real meaning of what we dream of. So, in this case, insurance, in our real life is a special document that protects us from future accidents that we can have with our car, with our motorbike or even on foot. We can decide to insure our home against theft by thieves, we can also ensure ourselves or someone in our family against a possible accident or if we die, we can make sure that our family can receive a good amount of money after our death. The fundamental words that occur when it comes to insurance are protection, money, security. So, in our life, to make a simple insurance for our car, means signing a document and paying a certain amount of money, to be protected when we make an accident. Certainly understanding the message of these dreams is not at all a very simple thing because dreaming of insurance is not a very widespread thing and here every detail of the dream becomes indispensable. For example it is very important to remember the places where we are, so if we are at home, on the street, in an office, at work. We must also remember the people who are with us and the objects we see, but the most important thing are the emotions and feelings we can experience. Stipulating an insurance contract in our dream world certainly reveals our concern and an important need. When we have a dream of this kind we must try to remember, when we wake up, what is the reason for our concern. Why are we worried? What situation creates a more or less important malaise? Answering this question means having a good part of the dream interpretation in your hands. The insurance therefore denotes a small or big concern.

What needs to be done in our lives to feel more protected and more secure from events that can create problems? This is another question we have to ask upon waking up after having had dreams of this kind. Signing documents concerning the stipulation of a home insurance, for example, means being worried about some situation that we live in the house and for some family relationship. For example we can dream of being at home with our son and see the insurance sheet. What concern do we have for our son? Perhaps our son is facing a complex period at school or his job is very uncertain, full of doubts and few gains and that our concern is manifested through an insurance contract that can be signed or not. To sign means accepting certain conditions of our life that can be positive or negative for us while not signing documents means having strong doubts about a situation and deciding to think, to take time to avoid making wrong choices. These dreams are never trivial and the key to their interpretation lies in the place where we are and in the people who are with us. An insurance contract can be positive for us because we can receive money in the event of an accident with the car, for example, but behind this type of dreams, in addition to hiding a need for protection, we can find the need for an agreement. Often the agreement concerns two people or even more people. Some people remember to have dreamed of being with their partner who has sentimental documents to sign, an insurance policy. Clearly these dreams identify doubts, problems, complications regarding our love life. Maybe our love story is not having a good time and we are not sure that the person we have at our side has real feelings towards us.

And here these uncertainties, these worries that we have in daily life, manifest in a dream with contracts, agreements, insurance to be stipulated. Interpersonal, family, sentimental, working relationships are often at the center of our dreams and so never forget the people who were with you because they can provide very useful indications to give a correct interpretation. If in a dream we decide to secure our home, an object or even our body, then we are afraid of something, we fear that something very serious can happen in our lives and these fears can be justified or not. Getting to the core of the problem and trying to understand what these fears are, what they refer to, is very important to learn, to evolve, to become stronger, mature and to no longer have this type of dreams that can often become nightmares. Someone we do not know forces us to sign a contract or we find we have signed a contract for our death. Death always indicates the possibility of a change in our life, the end of a period and the beginning of another period that becomes necessary, indispensable and signing an insurance means trying to find the way to upset our existence, change the our way of life which is no longer positive for us. We must not be afraid of change and we must not fear any new situation that may arise in our lives because new situations can get excellent opportunities and in fact, we must never forget that the signing of documents in a dream, very often means the arrival of good news, excellent opportunities to earn or work. From the study of many dreams in which people remember to have entered into an insurance contract, it also emerged that often, these dreamers are afraid of their future that is uncertain, unsafe. And this uncertainty must open the eyes of these people who must begin to believe their potential.


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