Furnish your home in dreams. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. What does it mean to dream of furnishing an entire house, a building, an apartment, our bedroom or the kitchen with various expensive furniture? What does it mean to dream of decorating a new home or to dream of changing, changing the decor of your apartment by replacing tables, chairs, wardrobes, drawers, beds, mirrors? Why can we dream of removing old furniture and installing new furniture in our home? What does it mean to dream of seeing a big, tall piece of furniture fall down on us and it hurts us very much and hurts us? What does it mean to dream of buying, buying various furniture for a new transfer to a new rented house? What does it mean to dream of selling a house and also the furniture inside it? Precious furniture in dreams, sell or rent used furniture, with holes, burn furniture, destroy furniture. What is the meaning of antique furniture in a dream? To dream of ruined furniture, dark, black, old, white, broken, with split drawers, to dream of seeing furniture moving, changing or moving furniture from one room to another room in our home. What is the right interpretation to give to dreams in which we see wooden furniture? What does it mean to dream of furnishing a house with our mother, our father, grandparents, uncles, brothers-in-law, cousins, relatives who have been dead for so many years? Why can we buy furniture at a good price with our husband or son? What numbers can we find in the Neapolitan grimace to play to try to win the lottery if in our dreams we buy furniture to set up, furnish the house, according to the guide and the book on dreams? "The other night I remember that I was together with a friend and colleague of work and we moved a large wardrobe that was in the kitchen. Last night I dreamed of being with my parents and in front of us we saw a worm-eaten piece of furniture. Last night I dreamed of being together with some people who helped me move some cabinets, chairs, tables on a truck because I had to move house. Tonight I dreamed of furnishing my office". Who knows how many times you have dreamed of furniture such as chairs, tables, wardrobes. Let's understand the meaning of the furniture that is used to furnish and fill the rooms of our home or office.


Certainly dreaming of buying some furniture and trying to furnish our home can be a very strange dream and with an apparently meaning not very important but we must not forget that the house in our dreams often represents our mind and, for example, the cellar represents our unconscious. If we take this detail into consideration and then consider the home as our mind, then furniture can represent some thoughts, some ways of living our lives and some attitudes we use in our earthly existence towards situations and people. Often the furniture is particularly beautiful and maybe it is furniture that we have never seen in our home. Finding in the rooms of our house, of our apartment, very beautiful and perhaps very valuable, expensive furniture, means that we are living a period very favorable to our personal development and our inner evolution with a level of maturation that is growing. In fact, the aesthetically beautiful furniture can represent excellent ideas, excellent projects that we are working on and that seem to be very important to develop an equally positive career path. In fact, furnishing an apartment in our dreams may also involve a strong need for cultural enrichment, therefore a strong need to become more and more intelligent, to understand everything of our existence and therefore the gesture of buying furniture to fill the rooms of our home can it means also to seek greater security in our lives, a security that may not yet be present and for which we are struggling. Generally, therefore, dreaming of very beautiful, refined and also very expensive furniture is a good sign because our life can definitely improve and it is no coincidence that after having dreams of this kind, some excellent job opportunities can come but also favorable opportunities in love because furniture and furniture in the dream world can cover any sector. Here it becomes very important to remember every detail of the dream.

For example, furnishing our office with new furniture obviously has a different meaning that can affect our working life, progress and opportunities in the workplace and the possibility of realizing projects and ideas that we have been working on for years. Home furnishing, on the other hand, can have a more intimate, more personal meaning and concern some aspects of our family, of our interior, some aspects of interpersonal, social and sentimental relationships. However, in a dream, the furniture we find at home or in the office, or the furniture we buy ourselves, may not be very beautiful and give a feeling of disappointment. The emotions and feelings that we have in our dream world are always very important and help a lot in giving, providing, a right, correct interpretation to the dream. So seeing some furniture and being disappointed, sad, not feeling a good feeling of well-being and serenity, means being particularly concerned about a situation we are experiencing or being internally disappointed with some projects that we can not achieve. An empty house, in fact, an apartment without furniture, means having an empty mind, a mind devoid of ideas, of projects and that does not allow us to be particularly active in everyday life while slowly inserting objects of furniture beyond that furniture in a room, means starting to lay the foundations for a very positive future and full of excellent opportunities. In fact, furnishing a house is almost always a positive symbol, favorable for the dreamer who in most cases manages to develop a much better earthly existence than in the past. Very favorable dreams are those in which we ourselves build furniture that we then use to furnish our home. Clearly these dreams identify even better, the fact that we ourselves are realizing our future, we are improving our lives and we have the opportunity to progress thanks to our commitment, effort and our ideas.

A detail not to be overlooked, when we dream of furniture, are people. We must remember the people who are furnishing home with us or are building furniture together with us because these people can provide further details and make us better understand the dreamlike meaning. Furnishing home with our children certainly means being able to find peace, serenity, harmony in relationships with them while furnishing home with our husband, our parents, means improving these interpersonal relationships and maybe working together on a project. If the new furniture has a very positive meaning and identify the need, the desire of the dreamer to change, to change some aspects of his character, his life and his way of behaving with others, the old furniture, burned, ruined, chipped, broken, are the symbol of a mind that does not want to progress but who prefers to remain fixed on some goals and on some situations that will not allow to improve their lives. Psychologically one does not want to accept the possibility of being able to change, the possibility that life itself, the situations we live, can provide and therefore this rejection manifests itself in a dream with very old, ruined furniture that also provoke bad feelings in the dreamer. Throwing old furniture really means finding the strength to change one's earthly existence, realize all the ideas we have and be able to progress alone or together with other people. The furniture that we put in a room then, can be particularly important to better understand the field of manifestation of the dream. For example, furniture such as tables and chairs to put in the kitchen, can symbolize family relationships while a bed can relate to intimate life, sexual life, the need to express sexual energies and the desire to improve the relationship sentimental. Some people dream of buying very old, very precious and expensive furniture. Obviously here we are facing the past that returns and that could complicate our progress. Finally, splitting, throwing, ruining, furniture means not accepting the possibility of improving life, of progressing, of doing new things.


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