Famous people in dreams. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. What does it mean to dream to meet and talk with an actor or singer that we love so much in real life? What does it mean to find in a dream the idol of our life together with one of our friends, a colleague, a mother, a father, a brother, a sister, a son, a husband? Why do we often dream of making love with very famous, very famous people? What does it mean to dream to meet and talk with famous people, historical characters, cartoons, fantasy, fantastic, mythological, movies, TV series, public figures or even people we do not know but that are very important? Actors, singers, politicians, footballers, men and women of sport, famous in their dreams. What does it mean to dream of kissing, hugging, caressing a famous footballer or singer who then dies? See a single famous artist or many famous artists, celebrities of the show, the cinema and the sport. Why can we dream of being a famous singer ourselves? What does it mean to dream of getting an autograph from a well-known actor or to know a very important, powerful, rich person? How many and which numbers can I play in the Neapolitan grimace if I want to try to win some lottery money if I see a very important person in a dream, according to the guide and the book on dreams? What does it mean to dream of a famous person who comes towards us and wants to kill us? "Last night I remember dreaming of being together with a man who was an actor and he gave me a strange object. Last night I dreamed that I was with my parents and we went to a show. The other night I dreamed of talking to my favorite singer and I was very happy. This night I dreamed of eating together with an actress well known in the world of cinema, very beautiful and good". Meeting celebrities, men and women that we may have seen in newspapers, on the internet or on television, is a very common thing. Let's try to understand the message behind these dreams that apparently are very banal but that actually offer a useful message to the dreamer who therefore should not neglect any detail of this type of dreams.


When in our dreams we meet very famous people to talk, discuss, make love, we must think, first of all, that that famous person represents a part of us and exactly he represents one side of our character. To understand this concept, just start from real life and just trying to understand why we are attracted to some characters, some celebrities who can be actors, singers or politicians. So these characters have a dowry, for example the singer can attract our attention because it is very good and his songs we like a lot because they make us move, create in us a set of beautiful emotions. This character can become, for many of us, even a guide, an example of life, then an idol. Obviously dreaming of the person we love so much means precisely this and that is to desire his presence near us. Often these dreams seem to be very banal because we dream of a very famous actress, very beautiful because in everyday life we??are attracted to her, from her physical beauty as well as from her work. But famous people perhaps have something we do not have. You have to ask yourself a question when you dream of famous people and that is to ask yourself what aspect of their character we would like to have. What's more of a celebrity than us? Money, popularity and other talents we would like to have but can not have. For example, a singer or an actor can get excited during real life and then in a dream, these strong emotions are transformed into scenes in which we hug, kiss, caress this character, trying to relive the emotions experienced in life in a dream. real. Most likely when we do this kind of dreams we are facing a period when we are not very happy, we are quite sad, we have economic and working problems and we are very disappointed with everything we are doing. And here in dreams the presence of these famous characters becomes an antidote to sadness, our disappointment and the negative period.

But in our dreams we can do the strangest things and among these some things can also scare us a lot because they are actions that we would never do in our lives. For example, many people say they make love with an actor or a singer or a very famous model. Maybe during the sexual act we feel beautiful emotions, we are happy and very happy with ourselves. Sex in dreams can take on various meanings but mainly when we make love with someone we have never actually known but only seen on television or in newspapers or even at the cinema, we have to think that something in our romantic relationship does not it's how it should be. If we do not have a person to love by our side, then these dreams can simply represent the desire to love, to be able to return to feel emotions and sensations that only a beautiful love story can provide. But why exactly that famous character? Here we have to introduce a very important concept is that it is the key to solving these enigmatic dreams and then receive a response, a correct and not wrong interpretation. What does this person like that like? What qualities do you have? In real life we??can be interested in an actress just because we like it physically or maybe just because it allows us to experience wonderful emotions with his films and his interpretations. Then, probably, the dreamer desires a sentimental relationship that has, as bases, the emotions and sensations. Never forget that dreams are desires and therefore what we do not have in our life, what we can not have or have not yet had, can appear in a dream and therefore we do not have a love relationship and we dream of making love with a famous person. Or we are living a very monotonous sentimental relationship, which does not make us happier and therefore we would like some things to change and here in the dream the appearance of strange people with whom to have sex, identify this lack. Very often, behind these dreams, we can find the disappointment of a relationship of love.

Of course, however, we can also dream about very famous people that we hate, so we do not feel attraction and therefore we do not like them at all. Our subconscious is really very powerful and tries to show us some aspects of our character that we do not consider in everyday life. In short, the celebrity that appears in the dream world is a psychic mask very useful to our subconscious in order to understand some things that we do not want or can not understand in everyday life. Then we meet an actor that we like very much because the need is to be like him, to have some characteristics that this person has or we dream to meet and talk with an actor that we hate, that we absolutely do not like because we absolutely accept a part of the our character that we do not like. Quality and defects are two basic words to understand the meaning of these dreams and when we talk about quality and defects we are talking about our qualities and our faults that can be hidden and instead need to come out or have to be put under control. In the dream world every detail can be very important to give a correct interpretation and therefore objects, places, people, colors, emotions and sensations should not be forgotten after our awakening. Seeing a famous person at home and maybe talking to our parents means that we probably want our parents to have a quality that they do not have, or this character identifies a relationship problem with his mother and father. Meeting an actor, singer, politician, model, in the workplace means that we need a change in the work that is so disappointing at some point in our lives. We conclude this article by saying that behind the mask that these characters assume in our dreams, we can also find the need to progress, evolve, mature and become more important, more independent and not necessarily more famous or rich.


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