Aliens and ufo in dreams. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. Dreaming of a great alien spaceship flying in the sky but then falling to the ground exploding and catching fire. Dreaming of seeing a very fast, phosphorescent alien ship, with so many lights starting, disappearing and disappearing in the sky or throwing missiles and bombs on our house. What does it mean to dream aliens and UFOs? What does it mean to dream of chasing an alien gray, white, black, red, with big black eyes, without hair, huge, gigantic, scary and terrible that is very scary? What does it mean to dream of an alien child or an alien child? Why can we dream of eating the meat of an extraterrestrial or making love with an alien? What does it mean to dream of an old alien who is dying, is injured and asks for help? And dream of killing, murdering, killing an alien? What does it mean to dream of being in space and traveling with an alien ship together with our mother, father, friend, work colleague, a long-dead relative, uncle, grandfather, cousin, brother, sister, actor or famous singer? Dreaming of good, kind and helping or bad, evil aliens who come to earth to annihilate human beings, who enter our home, kidnap us, rape us, want to kill us, suffocate us. Why can we dream of the arrival of aliens or dream of alien attacks on the Earth? What does it mean to dream of seeing an alien spaceship coming down from the sky? See aliens who make war and do not come in peace. What it means to dream of seeing an extraterrestrial with a strange form or talking to him. Because we can dream of being chased by so many aliens who want to kill us or make us sick. Some people say they dreamed of eating with so many aliens, being kidnapped by a flying saucer and going to another distant planet in the universe. What numbers can I take from the Neapolitan grimace to play the lottery if I have a dream in which I am kidnapped by a large spaceship with aliens, according to the guide and the book on dreams? "The other night I dreamed that my husband and son were kidnapped by an alien ship. Last night I dreamed of having sex with an extraterrestrial. Last night I dreamed of being shot by an alien. Tonight I remember dreaming of eating with so many aliens in their spaceship and on their planet". Today we try to understand these strange dreams that are, however, very widespread.


First of all, before starting with the interpretation of aliens and spaceships, we must always remember something very important so that our interpretation is correct and not wrong. What are aliens for you? What do you think about extraterrestrials? Do you think the extraterrestrials exist or are simply the fruit of many people's imagination? Believing in the presence of aliens somewhere in the Universe certainly means believing in something we do not know, believing in something we have never seen and then accepting the possibility of other lives in the Universe just because we think other organisms on other planets they can live. Aliens in dreams often do very strange things. For example, many people say they have dreamed of being kidnapped, killed, wounded by strange individuals very similar to us who spoke an incomprehensible language. Here is an aspect, a very important detail of the dreams in which the aliens appear. When we hear an alien trying to speak with us in a language that is truly incomprehensible, we must be very careful about a situation we are experiencing or we might live in the future, where things are not or will not be very clear. The dreamlike alien often, in fact, represents a very strange situation, a situation even complex that we can not understand and therefore we do not find a just solution. For example, our fiancee, our husband, our lover runs away from us without an apparent reason and then we can dream of seeing an extraterrestrial kidnapping this person and we can not do anything to stop the kidnapping. The impossibility of understanding a situation and of doing something, of finding a solution. Here is an important meaning of aliens and their spaceships that often come towards us in a threatening way and want to hurt us, they want to kill us. In fact, many people say they have dreamed, at least once in their lifetime, of having seen a huge spaceship that descended from the sky, stopped near their home and from inside there were strange characters, very terrifying that came towards them.

The fear, in these cases, is very large and you can wake up before the alien can get close to us or it can hurt us. The aliens in our dreams can be very afraid and therefore represent a situation that must be resolved or they can be very harmless, they can want peace and therefore their meaning is absolutely positive. Very often behind their symbolism, it is possible to see the identity of a person who we really know in real life and who works with us, lives in our family. Certainly it is not easy to understand the identity of this person but the details of the dream, the objects we see, the places where we are, other people we meet and feelings and emotions that we feel, can provide useful clues. For example, if we dream of seeing an alien spaceship landing on our house or in our garden, we probably face a strange situation at a family level while landing a spacecraft near our workplace, can identify a real work problem that must be understood and resolved. For many people aliens and spaceships do not exist and only our world exists in which life is present. But even these people can make these kinds of dreams. A person who dreams aliens but does not believe in their existence, may have the intention to change the world or may want to change a situation in which she lives but that can not be changed because it is too difficult. In short, sometimes the aliens in a dream represent utopias, impossible things that we would like to do, ideas, projects that we would like to achieve but which we absolutely can not achieve. A very widespread dream in which we can see aliens and alien spaceships is the one in which women and men make love with some of these strange characters. We never forget that dreams are desires and making love, having sex with people we do not know, with famous singers and actors or with friends, work colleagues, means that we need to explore new horizons in the sentimental field.

So we have sex with an alien because we are not happy with the love life we??are experiencing. Here we must, after waking up, try to analyze these dreams to understand what relationship problem is present in our lives, with our wife, husband, boyfriend. Very often if we make these dreams, we will always find a misunderstanding, a defect, something we do not like and that we would like to change in our relationship of love. But the most widespread and strange dreams are those in which a spaceship lands and an alien captures us, takes us away and takes us away, far away in space to make strange experiments on our body. Many people say they were attracted to and captured by a strange light, a powerful, very bright ray from an extraterrestrial spacecraft. The oneiric rapture signals a strong need of the dreamer to change his life, his earthly existence because he is absolutely not happy. The disappointment of a relationship of love that has ended, the loss of a job, excessive expenses, many family concerns often, during our life and during the day, make us think of abandoning everything and running away, in a distant country, forgetting problems and people who make us live badly. And here that this strong sensation, this malaise, this need are represented, in the dream world, by aliens and spaceships that capture us and take us away. Unfortunately the escape from our problems is not the right solution and in fact being abducted by aliens is a utopia, it is impossible, unattainable. Killing an alien, knocking down his spaceship or failing to be captured, kidnapped by some of them, means understanding that we can not escape from the problems but they must be addressed. Analyzing some dreams or nightmares in which these strange characters appear, it was possible to conclude that very often the aliens represent a real person that we know and that we would like to know or a situation that we live and that we would like to exploit. For example, a girl can dream of being kidnapped by an alien who can simply identify the attraction for a boy who is really very difficult to conquer in his mind.


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