"Last night I saw a strange man coming into my house and took mo son, my child who disappeared in the dark. Why I dream that someone kidnaps my children? The other night my son was kidnapped by a gang of men who had their faces covered and carrying guns and even weapons. I had a lot of fear. Last night I dreamed that a woman kidnapped my boyfriend and I could not free him, to save him. I was crying and I was sad. Last night I dreamed that kidnapped my son, my mother, my father, my husband, my boyfriend, my girlfriend, my best friend. Why I do this kind of dreams?" But what does it mean, what does it mean that they steal your son, your children, what meaning is behind the kidnapping in a dream of their kids, children, babies are in their cradle? Some people dream of seeing aliens who kidnap children. Certainly for a parent, especially a mother, having dreams of this kind can lead very frightened because the kidnapping of a child, his sudden disappearance can be a terrible event. Let's give a sigificato and an interpretation of this kind of dreams that can bring a lot of apprehension in the life of the dreamer.

First the children represent the innocence of life. They are pure creatures and still deprived of wickedness typical of men who are already adults, and then we can think about that when they are kidnapped in a dream then the dreamer is about to lose something in his life, an important aspect of his character that made him look exactly like a child. These dreams are common especially when you have a transition from a wild phase of life to another. For example if we get married and do this kind of dreams clearly our subconscious He wants us to understand that with the wedding we lost some of our freedom of single people at the expense of a couple's life. If you were very close and we loved our lonely life, our lives when we were alone then we can dream that a child or a boy is taken away from us and that child is just one side of our character as well as a period of life that He will never come back. Certainly this kind of dreams can be interpreted as favorable to the dreamer but actually shows an evolution of the character, a maturation.

If in real life we are parents and have children, and in a dream someone takes them away from us, from our house then it means that we are very apprehensive parents, we love our children so much and we want to take care of them and be very close to them at every stage of their growth, certainly in the first phase of their lives. These dreams then indicate a strong attachment, a strong love and a strong dedication to the children why we feel so much apprehension because we adults are aware of the many dangers in life everyday. Sometimes these dreams is hiding behind the fear of a parent to a child she is carrying a lot of concern. For example, our son is not very good in school and we parents feel guilty of his bad school performance, then we can dream that he goes away, is kidnapped by someone who does not know.

And if our children are abducted by someone we know, maybe a father, a mother, a grandfather, an uncle, a mother-in-law, one of our co-worker or a friend of the family? What significance hide these dreams that we can reawaken the heart beating very strong? When we do this kind of dream in which we know the kidnapper, the kidnapper, we must try to understand what kind of relationship we have with him in real life. If we do not have a good relationship then we fear that his presence would not be positive for our children while we do not have children but we dream that one person we know we shall take them away, then surely this person limits us in real life, limits our freedom and our way of living and acting. If children are abducted by a parent in everyday life then the problem is in the family of origin of the dreamer as if the kidnapper is a co-worker, then our spaces are very limited own workplace where perhaps we feel very free to act and too controlled by other people. In the final analysis it can happen to dream that our children are abducted by aliens, by extraterrestrial spacecraft. Typically these dreams indicate a fear of losing their children or lose some sides of our character but has no basis.


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