Screws, bolts, lamps, corkscrews, nails in dreams. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. What does it mean to dream of screwing so many bolts into the car's engine? What does it mean to stick a lot of nails or stick a big nail into the wall or into our leg or arm? Why can we dream of unscrewing a small or big screw, a big bolt, a huge lamp that does not come on anymore? What does it mean to use a corkscrew in a dream? Not being able to unscrew or screw a set of screws or tighten a large bolt with a wrench and experience a lot of tiredness, a lot of physical effort. What does it mean to dream of using a screwdriver to lock some screws or to throw a screwdriver towards a person? Have you ever dreamed of borrowing a screwdriver so you can do a job at home, such as adjusting, repairing a pipe that loses a lot of water in the bathroom or kitchen? Break a bolt, screw, burst a light bulb, replace a lamp that is burned out with a new lamp, change light bulbs at home. Even these things can happen in our dream world. What does it mean to dream of screwing a screw, bolt, light bulb together with our mother, father, sister, brother, cousin, brother-in-law, uncle, grandfather, dead relative, husband, son, wife? What numbers does the Neapolitan grimace suggest to me if I have to play the lottery when in my dreams I use a screwdriver to disassemble a screw, according to the guide and the book on dreams? "The other night I remember dreaming of buying a series of big screwdrivers to do some housework. Last night I dreamed of breaking up, broken a long screwdriver and I hurt my hand very much, I was losing a lot of blood. Last night I dreamed that I was with my parents who could not take apart the wheels of their car. This night I dreamed of being in a mechanic's workshop to repair my motorcycle that had lost some bolts while other screws had come loose". In this article we try to understand the meaning of screws, bolts, light bulbs and other objects. Each of us may have dreamed of doing some work at home and having the need, therefore, to screw something, to make a hole in the wall to hang a picture.


So some people also dream of doing work in their home, in their workshop in the basement or in the garage, using normal tools or strange tools. Certainly repairing a broken water pipe in our bathroom or dreaming of fixing a problem with our car, motorcycle, is a very common type of dreams among people and that may have important meanings or be very trivial. The most widespread dreams are those in which we dream of repairing our car or our home, exactly some parts of it like the bathroom or the kitchen. Each of us owns a car or a motorcycle. We have already said in other articles that cars and motorcycles, but also bicycles, buses, trucks, represent the means we have to move forward in our lives and face any challenges, obstacles, problems that may arise in every moment. So you can also understand yourself, without our help, that dreaming of repairing a problem with our car, means having some problems to face obstacles, challenges in our earthly existence. In short, changing the wheels, adjusting the engine, repairing the bodywork, changing light bulbs using various tools such as hammers, screwdrivers, bolts, screws, means having a strong need to stop in your life, to think about what best strategy to implement and avoid to make mistakes. In fact, we know that proceeding with a car that has a serious engine problem can mean risking an accident and that's why it's important to stop, think, plan, plan in our earthly existence before proceeding, before going ahead. All the tools we use represent our ideas, our energies, our creativity, imagination and then we can even dream of using a drill that we have never used in our life, an object that we do not even use but that in dreams we are in able to exploit.

One of the most widespread dreams is that in which we dream of repairing our car and we have understood that these dreamlike gestures represent the possibility to understand well what to do in our life before moving, before facing a challenge. Very positive dreams but only if we can make the repair, otherwise we could create further problems. Not being able to fix a mechanical problem, not being able to screw a bolt, a simple light bulb, means not having the right tools to face a road in life, in order to face a small or big challenge. So the dream signals unpreparedness, an unpreparedness that can cause a lot of damage. Sometimes we can dream of trying to repair something but we can not do anything and so we decide to call a mechanic, a plumber, a mason, in short, someone who knows how to do his job well. Behind these dreams lies the need to be helped by someone to listen to the wise advice of a person who is much more experienced than us, to avoid making further mistakes. Finding yourself in your garage and trying to repair a broken object, an electronic tool using screwdrivers or welders, means trying to understand everything that is not right in the depths of our subconscious because, often, the garage in dreams, represents our subconscious, the depth of our soul and our mind. Some dreams are really widespread. In fact, many people dream of repairing an object belonging to another person, such as a radio, a telephone or a television. We have said so many times that in our dreams, in various forms, our interpersonal relationships, our family relationships, sentimental, working relationships can be represented. And here, for example, if we dream of adjusting the bathroom of our parents, we may need to improve the relationship we have with them, trying to talk, to act differently.

The bathroom, then, is an environment of our home, very intimate, like the bedroom and dream of settling something in these two places also means you need to improve our relationship, which maybe is not living a great time. Often during the settlement phase we can see our wife, our husband, our girlfriend. So we dream of repairing a piece of furniture using various tools and at our side we find a person we know and with whom we need to change the relationship. We remind all of you that every element, every dream detail, is very important and must not be neglected. So, objects, feelings, emotions, people, places are all fundamental details to interpret every dream in the best way, trying to bring out a valid message and above all useful to improve our lives. Another widespread dream is to change light bulbs or hang pictures on a wall. Light bulbs are used to make light in a room, inside our home or outside it. So we can dream of being in a room completely in the dark because a lamp is burned out and we try to replace it with a new lamp. We want to clarify a situation that concerns us and that can be important to continue on a certain path. Even darkness and light often represent interpersonal relationships. We can dream of changing a light bulb that has burned out in the workplace and we see our colleague trying to help us. Here we can live a period of excellent collaboration with this colleague and therefore achieve good goals and successes. But the light bulb and its light often indicate an excellent idea that can be very positive for our progress. Screwing a light bulb that turns on and illuminates our room, means having a good idea that can allow us to improve our earthly existence. In conclusion we can affirm that screwing screws, bolts and other objects, screwing light bulbs, changing the tires of our car, repairing pipes or hanging panels on walls, means feeling the need to prepare for new challenges that will have to come or that we are already facing.


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