The land in dreams. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. What does it mean to dream of plowing a wasteland with a red, black or white farm tractor or another agricultural vehicle? What does it mean to dream of seeing a farmer or a worker who is plowing, working our house garden with plants and flowers completely destroyed, a small plot of land or the land of the neighbor? What does it mean to dream of a land, an avalanche, a landslide that is collapsing, that comes down from a mountain, from a hill and invades the whole city? Why can we dream to see a plow, two, three plows or see a mechanic who plows system or still use a large plow to plant plants and trees with fruit in our land? Why is it possible to dream of breaking a plow or dreaming of settling, adjusting a plow? The earth is brown, dark, which lands beneath our feet or burned by the sun or a beautiful soil to grow. How many times have you dreamed of being on slippery ground or falling on you, sinking under the floor? What meaning hides behind a muddy, arid, wet, flooded, fertile ground, which is under shoes, when it appears in our dreams? What does it mean to dream of getting dirty shoes or boots with earth? Dreaming of digging into a ground and making a big, deep, big hole in which to throw a person still alive or in which to throw a corpse, a long-dead relative or our mother, our father. What does it mean to dream of driving a tractor that plows a vast land of a campaign? What does it mean to dream of plowing land together with our parents, sisters, brothers, brothers-in-law, in-laws, grandparents, uncles, sons, husbands? Which and how many numbers can we play using the Neapolitan grimace to try to win if we dream of working the land of a campaign or of our garden to the lottery a bit of money according to the guide on dreams? "Last night I remember that I was with a friend of mine and we were working on land behind my house. This night I dreamed of being on a ground that was sinking like the quicksand and I could not do anything to save myself. Last night I dug a big hole in my ground with a big shovel and then I buried myself inside. I was very scared. The other night it rained and the ground I walked on became mud". In this article we try to understand exactly how to do to interpret dreams in which the terrain becomes the protagonist.


Often in our dreams may appear the earth, a land, a small plot of garden in which we can grow flowers, plants, trees or collect fruits. Plowing land is a very complicated, difficult, very hard and tiring thing to do. In fact, the farmers are people who get up very early in the morning, head to the fields and sweat a lot to improve their crops, their land. But the land offers its fruits to all of us. Here they can come out of this kind of dreams, two important meanings and messages when a terrain is the protagonist. The achievement of good results is possible in our existence only if we work hard and if we decide to sacrifice many things in our lives, such as leisure time. When in a dream we see a field and we ourselves are working to fix it, then we are very likely committed to life in order to achieve some goals that are still very far away and that really require many sacrifices. The love that a farmer offers towards his lands and towards his flowers, plants and trees, is an infinite love, a love that is then repaid with the harvest. If we see a terrain and we ourselves are inside and we are struggling to plow, then this type of dreams wants to tell us that only with hard work we can get good results, obviously in the business sector because very often the appearance of this dream symbol, precisely represents the world of work. Working in the land with your own hands and without agricultural tools means having many difficulties and going on in life very slowly, while using plows, tractors, shovels, hoes is a very positive sign because it signals the possibility of being helped by someone or to find the right tools to work, the right ideas to achieve results with little effort. Driving a tractor or a plow to work the ground is a good sign and often indicates that we are progressing in our lives and we can achieve good successes if we do not give up and the commitment grows.

But the earth can be very hard, very muddy, full of water or it can collapse, sink beneath our feet. This oneiric symbolism is widespread and does not have a trivial but very important meaning for the dreamer, especially in the workplace. When a land collapses under our feet or when an avalanche, a piece of mountain comes towards us, towards our house and overhangs us, then we have to face various problems in our lives but above all some fears, some fears that do not allow us to live quietly and develop our ideas. Sinking together with the land near our house, it means losing some certainties, some points of reference that are in our family and very often, after having made this kind of dreams, we can argue with a parent, with a brother or sister, with his wife or the husband or with a child. The breaking of a family relationship, interpersonal, can hide behind a landslide that threatens to make us sink and drown. Unfortunately, these dreams are widespread among the people just because our fears are many and even our social and professional relationships, as well as family and sentimental are always in the balance, never sure but always uncertain. And therefore not being able to plow a land together with a colleague of work can mean having great difficulty in the relationship with this person with whom we may not have a profitable professional collaboration. Plowing a muddy ground, full of water, in the rain and maybe with the tractor that does not start, has some problems, means not being able to carry out any project because of a wrong approach to the way we do things. These dreams must open their eyes to the dreamer and be a warning but also a reason to be encouraged to change, to do things in the best way but following other paths. Seeing workers, peasants, men, women plowing the land may indicate that we prefer that other people work for us.

One of the most terrible dreams is not only that in which the earth collapses under us and we are sucked, falling into a huge ravine, but the one in which we dream of digging a hole in which we are then buried alive by someone. We can even dream of a gravedigger digging a deep hole in which we must be buried. Some people say they dig a hole, end up inside it and be buried, feeling the terrible sensation of losing their breath and dying. Nightmares that can make us wake up at night with a terrifying fear and a heart that beats very fast. Obviously no one will bury us in real life but in any case, do not forget that the bad feelings and emotions we experience in dreams always have a very important meaning and are a sign of fear we have to face, situations that should not be underestimated. Upon awakening from this kind of dreams we must always ask ourselves some questions to understand everything that generates fear within us, in everyday life. But dying in a dream or even just being buried in a large pit also has a very favorable meaning. This kind of dreams can signal the need to turn the page, the need to change, to close a period of our life to open another period. Under the soil the roots are born and proliferate, so many minerals and worms that help the growth of plants and therefore be buried means to be reborn, having the possibility of closing a bad period of our life in order to be reborn and solve various problems. We conclude this article by reminding all of you that the earth can generate many fruits if it is cultivated well and then dreaming of working the land and seeing some plants born, means being able to plan one's life and obtain good results and if with us they are present some people then we must not forget their role in dreams, because even the smallest detail can be very important. For example, to dream of plowing a land together with the person we love and to see the birth of fruit, plants and trees means knowing how to build a solid life and a romantic relationship.


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