Soldiers and military in dreams. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. War, military men and women, the army in our dreams, can certainly appear. What does it mean to dream of enlisting, of being enlisted in the army, in air force or in the navy, of being called to arms? What does it mean to dream of being engaged in a war and fighting against many enemy soldiers, armed forces, militias, foreign troops, against a powerful army? What does it mean to dream of being called back to redo the year of military service? Why can we dream of signing a contract to become a soldier? What does it mean to dream of a terrible attack during a fight and many planes and ships that make war by throwing out nuclear bombs? What does it mean to dream of kissing, marrying, seeing a soldier or seeing a boy who burns a military uniform? And what does it mean to see a woman who enlist in an army, in the air force, in the rangers, in the police, in the firearm of the carabinieri, in the Guardia di Finanza? Dreaming of dead soldiers, riding, injured or shooting at us, German soldiers marching towards our house. What meaning to give to dreams in which we dream of being at war with an infinite army of armed soldiers with knives, pistols, swords, rifles? Being in an armed army, in peace or in war, being captured, sentenced to life imprisonment or shooting by an entire army. What does it mean to dream of being a soldier? What numbers is it possible to pull out of the Neapolitan grimace to try to win the lottery if in a dream I am called to arms, according to the guide and the book on dreams? "The other night I dreamed of an entire army of dead, dead people who came to me and wanted to kill me. Last night I dreamed of becoming a soldier and going to war. This night I dreamed of fighting an army of skeletons and wild beasts and together with me I saw my parents, my brother, my sister, my husband and my son. Last night I remember having dreamed of being together with a friend and colleague of mine who left for war". Let's try to analyze this kind of dreams that is not widespread, but when it appears in our dream world it can be very disturbing.


So, in order to understand the meaning of the soldier in a dream, we need to start from the concept of war because, usually when we dream of a soldier, then we also dream of war. The war has a strong oneiric symbology and often represents our current condition of life. In our earthly existence, most likely, we are not at ease, we are very worried, we are living a period with strong anxieties, tensions and fears that we can not solve and here we can dream of being at war, to witness a terrifying war with so many dead and wounded people and even we ourselves can be soldiers who fight with guns, rifles, bombs and other weapons. Certainly a symbolism connected with this type of dreams identifies a real problem in the life of the dreamer who lives numerous contrasts at any level and in any sector of his life. For example, a person does not know which way to choose in work or studies, is not sure to make a choice, to accept advice, to be sentimentally to another person and then in his dreams can witness the outbreak of war or even participate in it. When we live in times of great uncertainty and periods of great perplexity, not knowing what to do, which way to take, then we can become soldiers in our dream world, soldiers who try to destroy, annihilate people, kill all those who meet on their way. So the inner struggles are manifested, sometimes, with the dream wars in which we can lose, be defeated, be wounded, captured, condemned and maybe even be killed by the enemy. Clearly a soldier who is killed, captured and convicted has a non-positive meaning because it represents a defeat, the impossibility, that is, to face with determination and resolve, one's own internal battles, one's own difficulties. So if we dream of being defeated we must try to understand the reasons for all that has become very disappointing in our lives.

Very often, dreams of war and of tremendous battles in heaven, on earth and at sea, represent a period of enormous mental confusion and a period in which we are not able to remedy some errors, entering a phase of melancholy, depression, sadness and pessimism. So war is a state of mind, it is exactly all that we are experiencing inwardly and instead of making progress and maturing, it makes us, instead, reverse, regress. But in battle we can also win, we can defeat the enemy using good weapons or using only a few strategies or only our hands, our physical strengths. Winning the war in a dream or simply defeating a person who is an enemy to us, surely means being in excellent physical and mental form, but above all having the ability to achieve excellent ideas and projects. If we win in a dream then we can win in everyday life, in the life we??face every day with challenges and obstacles. Often being a soldier in our dream world is the symbol of some instincts that we need to satisfy and therefore are repressed in our lives. For example, aggression, hate, violence, sadism, self-defense are all emotions that come out in a dream because in real life they can not be expressed very clearly. And therefore the symbol of the warrior who fights to save the world or who fights simply to save himself from an enemy who in this case is himself, a part of his character. Often during a battle, during a war, seeing blood is a very common thing and here is that blood has another important symbolic meaning that represents our energies, our forces that are very reduced at a certain moment in our lives. So we can be very tired, disappointed, not being able to realize some of our projects and therefore we also feel overwhelmed by a sense of defeat that in the dream world is represented, in fact, by a war that hurts us and makes us lose a lot of blood.

The archetype of the hero and the warrior, very ancient and vital energies that are in the depths of the soul and of the consciousness of every human being. A widespread dream is one in which we dream of fighting against an enemy or against a friend or colleague. When we have dreams of this kind we must think that we do not have something that the other person, the one we are fighting with, instead has. Let's take a quick example to understand this concept. In our life we??work together with other people and in particular a person always has excellent ideas and offers his company the opportunity to progress, to earn and improve at the social level. Little by little a small envy is born within us, a feeling of jealousy but also of aggressiveness that can remain blurred and therefore not be used in real life but that in a dream explodes with all its power. The disappointment of not being able to do what our colleague can do very well. And here in the dream world we fight a battle just towards him or to other people who work with us or simply to an army of wild beasts, soldiers who represent this our hardship. The same thing can arise in the sentimental sector. We are very attracted to a woman or a man but we know that this person has other suitors and here we become soldiers in a dream and we go into battle just because in real life we??need to demonstrate our potential on a sentimental and sexual level. We conclude this article by also talking about another important aspect of the soldier in dreams. In fact, a soldier must also know how to obey his commander, must respect some rules, have courage, sense of duty, responsibility, spirit of sacrifice, values??to defend. Many children who do not like to respect the rules, do not like to obey their parents or do not like to make sacrifices at work to achieve success, therefore they live a very superficial life and at the margins of legality, they can dream of being soldiers who leave for a battle.


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