The donkey in dreams. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. How many times have we referred to an ignorant, illiterate, uneducated, stupid, silly person, saying that he is a donkey? And here the donkey falls. But what does it mean to dream of seeing an ass flying in the sky? The donkey is a very intelligent and not just stubborn animal. Somaro, donkey, mule, ignorant, illiterate, uncultivated, stupid, silly. All derogatory words we can address to a person. What does it mean to dream of riding a small or big donkey that talks and bites? What does it mean to be attacked by a donkey chasing us? What does it mean to dream of killing a donkey to eat his meat? What does it mean to dream of buying a very nice donkey, white, gray, black? Why can we dream of finding a donkey or many donkeys at home, a tiny donkey that runs or can not walk? Why can we dream of shouting at a donkey that does not move, remains still, who does poop and pee or flies? What does it mean to dream of a donkey who wants to kill us? What is the meaning of a donkey wounded by a leg and who loses a lot of blood, braying, suffering, crying or smiling with beautiful white and healthy teeth? Have you ever dreamed of meeting a donkey with many weights on or working the land? See a donkey tied to a pole with a rope or chain, hear a donkey bray or see many donkeys flying in the sky. Why can we cook donkey meat or kill a donkey with a knife or a gun? We can often dream of seeing a child or senior on a donkey taking a walk. How many and which numbers of the Neapolitan grimace have to be played if we want to win even a small sum of money in the lottery if we dream of loading weights on a donkey or to lock up a donkey in the barn, according to the guide and the dream book? "Last night I dreamed of being with my mother and father giving me a donkey. Tonight I remember dreaming of being with my brother, my sister, my husband, my son and other relatives while we ate donkey meat that was very good. Last night I dreamed of hugging a crying donkey. Last night I dreamed that a very big, big, sharp-toothed donkey would run towards me. I was very scared". Let's try to understand the meaning of this beautiful animal when it appears in our dreams.


So we all know the famous fairy tale of Pinocchio, fairy tale in which a donkey appears. In the tradition of many countries this animal represents a very liar person or a really useless person. In order to interpret the dreams in which the donkeys appear we must start from the concept of donkey that we have in real life. In short, the dream-like interpretation depends very much on what this animal is for us, what it represents for us this beautiful animal that we can find in the circus, on a farm, in the countryside. When we dream of seeing this beautiful animal in a dream we must think that in our life we??are facing a period in which we are very stubborn because one of the characteristics of the donkey is stubbornness and disobedience. Here is another important word to be able to interpret these dreams. We are working on a project and we absolutely do not want to leave out any detail, struggling a lot but not listening to the opinions and advice of others. Disobey your parents, a child, an employer and then dream of donkeys. It is not always easy to understand if the donkey in our dreams represents a period of disobedience or a period of great willpower and obstinacy that allows us to go forward because when a donkey works the land, for example, or carries weights on his back on his shoulder, he almost never complains and continues on his way. Most likely the dreamer is facing a very hard period of his life in which the successes, the goals can only come thanks to a laborious job and perhaps without receiving the help of any person. A child, however, then a boy, especially a very young boy, could see a donkey because he is experiencing a situation of complete revolution and little collaboration with his parents. Teenagers often experience these very important periods when their relationship with their parents is really very stormy and then the symbolism of the donkey is very clear and highlights the desire to go their own way without obeying anyone.

A donkey, however, possesses many qualities that must not be neglected when it appears in our dream world. Before talking about these qualities, however, we want to talk about the famous dreams in which we see flying donkeys in the sky. Obviously in real life, seeing an animal that does not own wings is flying is practically impossible, and even a donkey can not fly. If, however, the dreamer sees an ass flying in the sky, in the clouds, on his head and his house, then something incredibly positive is happening in his life. After having made these dreams that however are very rare, it can happen to be particularly lucky and to receive a great opportunity, a fantastic opportunity for work and earning, but there is also a downside and therefore to see a donkey or many donkeys flying, focuses on a possible trap, on a rip-off, on a trap in which the dreamer could fall. Someone offers us something, maybe someone we trust is asking us to sign a document or we accept a very advantageous proposal but then we discover that they have been deceived, cheated. And riding an animal of this kind can mean that we are aware of the trap in which we are falling but we do not do anything to remedy, rather we go forward because we are stubborn. We must never forget all the details of a dream and therefore objects, colors, sensations and emotions that we feel, places where we go, places we visit and where we are and people we meet in our dream world because only the symbolism of the donkey he can say a great deal and can not provide an exhaustive interpretation to the dreamer. For example, because donkeys are stubborn but they can work hard without ever getting tired, if we dream of seeing a colleague working on a donkey or maybe a friend of ours feeding these animals, then these people will probably be important to us for carry out some projects but we must be very careful not to suffer damage, not to fall into a trap, just because this animal can signal illusions and disappointments.

Humility, patience, a sense of endurance, great strength of mind. All these qualities that a human being can have, can be represented by a mule or a donkey that appears in our dreams, all essential qualities to go forward even in the most difficult and complicated moments of our earthly existence. This animal can have other meanings and, for example, be the symbol of a possible change or signal the possibility of being very intuitive and to understand a danger that can arrive and create problems. In fact, often a mule refuses to walk, to act, to work just when he feels that there is some problem and here our dreamlike insight can come out while we dream of this type of animal. But seeing donkeys suffering, crying, working hard and maybe being beaten, denotes a period of great physical and mental fatigue, a period of our lives in which we can be very suffering and be forced to obey a person who is really very severe with us. Often this oneiric symbolism can also mean two things namely ignorance and obstinacy. When we have an idea and we are convinced to carry it forward, then we can be adamant and no one can change our mind. This way of acting can be very favorable and bring many advantages or be absolutely negative for ourselves. In short, very often in our lives we are forced to go on alone because we refuse the help of someone and this thing can be a positive or negative thing. We conclude this article by saying that donkeys can also be the symbol of very ignorant people around us and that we should move away. But ignorance could also be part of us when we become stubborn and we do not like listening to others. And here in dream we can dream to see our boyfriend riding a donkey that comes towards us but we run away because we think we do not have to listen to anyone and thus risking to ruin some interpersonal relationships. Some people remember having dreamed of a laughing ass. Really very rare and very strange dreams that can simply indicate that we ourselves are very strange people or in our life we??can know a very particular person, unusual, extravagant.


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