The rainbow in dreams. Meaning and interpretation. What is a rainbow? How does a rainbow form and is a sign that brings good luck in our dreams? How many colors is a rainbow formed? What and how many colors can be seen in a rainbow that comes out in the sky after the rain? What is the list of colors that can be seen in order of a rainbow? What does it mean to dream of seeing, touching, photographing, recording a video of a beautiful rainbow in the sky after a storm or after a heavy summer or winter rain? What does it mean to dream of a broken rainbow, black, white, double or a snake-shaped rainbow? Being together with our mother, father, brother, sister, friend, co-worker, grandfather, uncle, cousin and looking at a huge rainbow. To dream of having, at your side, a deceased relative, who has been dead for many years observing with us a beautiful rainbow. Why can we dream of seeing two, three, many rainbows coming out, appear outside after a period of rain or a storm? Why is it possible to dream of seeing a child or an angel on a rainbow or even the Madonna or Jesus? What does it mean to dream to observe a marvelous, splendid, enchanting rainbow with a right-hand bend, to the left, which is seen in the middle, which is not seen very well, which can be glimpsed in the sky behind the mountains, hidden by clouds, disappearing, or do you disappear very soon? Have you ever dreamed of seeing a rainbow very close to your home or even above your home? The rainbow in our dreams can have many colors but mainly in real life they are only 7, orange, indigo, red, yellow, green, blue and violet. What numbers to take in the Neapolitan grimace we can play to try to win the lottery if we have a dream in which we see a beautiful and colorful rainbow in the sky, according to the guide and the book on dreams? What does it mean to dream of a rainbow that appears and disappears very early in front of our eyes and the windows of our house? "The other night I remember dreaming of being with some of my friends and watching a big rainbow that had appeared in the sky. Last night I saw a fantastic rainbow in a dream and I was very happy. Last night I dreamed of flying over a big rainbow that had come out after a storm. This night I dreamed of being under a very high rainbow that lit up the sky with its colors". What meaning does the rainbow possess in the dream world?


What is a rainbow? The rainbow is an optical and atmospheric phenomenon that can be observed when the light of the sun passes through the drops of water left suspended in the air after a thunderstorm or near a waterfall. Its arch shape has 7 main colors that are orange, indigo, red, yellow, green, blue and violet. The meaning of this amazing optical effect and meteorological phenomenon in our dreams can be very beautiful and full of importance. His message can really be very favorable to the dreamer but it is not always easy to identify some details of the dream that can lead us to reveal a correct interpretation. We are all amazed when we observe a rainbow appearing in the sky after a period of rain or after a very strong storm. To understand the meaning of dreams in which this object can appear we must first associate its meaning with our life, our earthly existence. So is a rainbow for us a positive thing or not? For us, the rainbow is a beautiful phenomenon, or when we look at the sky and it appears before our eyes, do we have any sensation of wonder? One must say something very important, namely that dreams in which a rainbow appears before our eyes are very rare oneiric events and for this reason they can have a very fundamental meaning and that we must not neglect. For many people, the rainbow is an extraordinary event, beautiful to observe, magical and which gives a feeling of great well-being. Here we have to start from here to try to interpret dreams in which we see this natural phenomenon. Emotions of surprise and enchantment can be experienced by the dreamer in front of a rainbow that appears in his dreams but we must understand what this phenomenon represents for the life of the dreamer himself. Many people say they have lived a wonderful joy, a wonderful event after having seen in a dream a rainbow that appeared and disappeared very soon. In fact, this phenomenon of nature can often be the sign of a joy, a good news, a positive news, a very lucky event that can come into our lives but this event can be very superficial or really important.

And then, if, in our dreams, the rainbow disappears quickly and we do not even have time to observe its colors, then we probably risk losing a good opportunity or we risk not taking advantage of a good opportunity in our best way life. Concretely, a rainbow in our dreams may not indicate anything but simply can refer to our mood. In fact, the analogy with the periods of our life is very important. For example, this phenomenon appears very often after a period of rain or after a storm and here that dreaming of seeing one can mean going from a very stormy period, from a very difficult, complicated period of our life, to a rather more serene period in which optimism and serenity can come out. In short, the rainbow in dreams rarely brings a negative message, but in most cases this meaning is always positive. Something really very surprising, a very nice event that comes into our life after a sad period. After a strong quarrel with our parents, with our husband, with a colleague, after the closure of a romantic relationship or a great economic or professional loss, we can live terrible moments full of anguish and sadness and maybe even depression and here is that during the dream life a beautiful rainbow appears with all its colors that tells us that all the worries can be solved. Important to remember who is with us in a dream because the presence of a person can report further details to understand if we can solve a problem thanks to ourselves or with the support of another person. Often the person who is with us in a dream can be the reason, the cause of our discomfort and therefore the rainbow confirms a reconciliation in real life. Obviously this natural phenomenon can also be not very visible in dreams, be almost transparent or have few colors. Not being able to see all the colors of a rainbow means not being able to completely solve a problem that afflicts our soul and our earthly existence.

The colors in the dream are really very important and when a color prevails a lot we must not forget this particular. The dreamlike colors symbolize our moods. For example, the white color indicates innocence, awareness, the red color indicates aggression, anger, sexual energies, the celestial color instead symbolizes inner serenity while the black definitely signals changes. A color that is present in the rainbow can therefore be brighter than others and must attract our attention. Sentimental or working union, good social relationships, interpersonal, family, success, success, end of a sad cycle, peace, serenity, balance, inner harmony, luck, positive changes and periods of great renewal. All this can happen in the dreamer's life when the rainbow element is prominent in his dreams. And then this natural phenomenon symbolizes the union of our mind with our body because the rainbow starts from the earth to reach the sky. Very often, after having made these dreams, we are able to find a good inner balance between mind, body and spirit. A detail not to be overlooked when we dream of being in front of a rainbow is to try to remember the place where it appears and the sensations we experience. For example, if it appears in front of our house then in the family we will find a good harmony while if it appears in the workplace we could have a good success or make peace with someone we had quarreled in the past. And the emotions are very important because to smile, to feel a very beneficial feeling, pleasant in front of this natural phenomenon, means to find an inner serenity that maybe we did not have for a long time. The rainbows can also be many and not just one. And here, to dream to see various rainbows full of 7 colors, means to be in a wonderful period, a period in which beautiful events can happen very favorable and that will allow us to mature and evolve in our earthly existence.


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