The ace in dreams. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. Have you ever dreamed of having a winning card in your hand like an ace or a joker? What does it mean to dream of many playing cards, to see many aces on the table? What does it mean to dream of cheating by playing poker with friends? Playing poker in a dream is not a very common thing. What does it mean to dream to draw an ace from the deck of cards and win the game with a splendid aces poker? Why can we dream of having an ace of spades, hearts, flowers, diamonds, money, cups, sticks or many aces in playing cards? What does it mean to see an ace of poker cards while we are with our parents, relatives, brothers, sisters, cousins, brothers-in-law, uncles, grandparents, husbands, children? What does it mean to dream of having an ace up your sleeve or dreaming of playing cards, poker, rummy and having 2, 3, 4 winning aces? How many times have you dreamed of playing cards together with friends and business associates and losing money? What does it mean to dream of an ace that allows us to win a card game? What numbers of the Neapolitan grimace I can play I want to try to win the lottery if in my dreams I see a nice pair of aces in my hands, according to the guide and the book on dreams? "The other night I remember dreaming of being with my mother and father while we played cards and we were happy. Last night I bought a deck of 5-axis cards in it. Last night I remember dreaming of being around a table while I was counting playing cards. Tonight I dreamed of lending my deck of cards to a friend". The cards in our dreams may appear for various reasons, some very banal others that may have more important meanings and therefore we must not forget the details of these dream scenes especially when cards like the aces appear. Let's try to understand the meaning of this type of cards when they are in our hands, maybe while we are playing with someone.


First of all, to understand this type of dreams, it is necessary to understand if the dreamer is a card player or not. Obviously if the dreamer is a card player, dreaming of playing cards is a very common thing and does not have a very important meaning because it simply represents a desire or even a scene of one's life that repeats itself in the dream world. The meaning of the cards, however, is much more important when they appear in the dreams of people who usually do not play cards and have no interest in winning or losing games with playing cards. When we dream of a deck of cards, when we dream of playing cards with someone we know or someone we do not know, we must think we are in a rather complicated situation but above all we must think that we are in a situation of enormous chaos, confusion in which things depend on destiny rather than on our efforts, our actions. To understand this concept we must start from the fact that playing cards such as poker, can be very connected to luck and not just the skill of the player. The symbolism of playing cards is therefore often related to luck, with unpredictable events, unexpected events that may occur in the life of the dreamer. And we must never forget that in order to interpret a dream very well and to draw out the right message that our subconscious wants to communicate, we must remember every detail. Places where we are, people we meet, objects that we see and use and also sensations and emotions that we can prove that then are perhaps the most important elements of dreams. Then we can find ourselves sitting around a game table and playing cards with friends or work colleagues. This type of dreams can have two meanings, a simpler, more trivial meaning, and another more interesting and important.

Dreaming of being around a table with some friends or relatives and playing cards can simply signal the possibility of being in a phase of fun, of relaxation in our life, in short in a very optimistic, serene and in which we feel good with some people. So we can play cards with a friend and have a good relationship with him in real life, have fun with him and maybe even carry out some projects. Playing with some relatives signals the possibility of being comfortable with them, of living quiet family relationships. But when we play cards we can also cheat, that is we can make up the game to try to win. This aspect is very important in our dreams and must be analyzed carefully trying to remember, on waking, if we were to cheat or some other person. Cheating playing cards means exploiting a characteristic that we perhaps possess but which usually does not come out, namely cleverness, cunning as well as intelligence. In short, when we dream of cheating we must think that we are in a phase of our life where we need to be particularly astute to solve a problem, a situation we are facing. So this kind of dreams is very positive because it represents our strong desire to find a valid solution at any cost. But if we dream of being cheated and that someone is playing with us and using techniques that are not allowed, then the risk is to fall into a trap, to be deluded by someone or to be cheated and it is very important to remember the person who cheats. For example, a colleague who wins by using some incorrect techniques, identifies a communication problem and probably an envy that someone has for us in the workplace while a relative who cheats signals misunderstanding in the family, perhaps not only with the person who we remember in a dream but also with other relatives.

But among the playing cards there are also aces, that is very important and lucky cards along with the jokers. Of course the best cards to hold are the wild cards but also the aces are essential because having 4 aces in hand, in the game of poker, means doing a poker of aces and defeating anyone. But if we dream of having an ace among the cards we have in our hands? If we dream of drawing an ace from the deck of cards in the middle of the table or we find ourselves with many aces in our hands? This dream is generally very nice especially if thanks to these axes we win the game. The ace undoubtedly indicates a very good opportunity, an excellent opportunity that can come in life and that we must try to exploit and in fact, only have an ace as a playing card in our hands, it does not mean anything but you need to merge this card together other cards to be able to win. And here the ace in our dreams signals the possibility of a beautiful event that can arrive, the beginning of a new phase of our life because, we must not forget that the aces represent the number 1 in the cards. The number one signals, in numerology, the beginning of a new path, the beginning of a new phase of our life and the possibility of starting over after having closed with a period that may not be very favorable. So this playing card can be very positive and favorable when it appears in dreams but we must try to remember another very important detail. The ace can be an ace of spades, diamonds, hearts or flowers. Without doubt, when we have one, two, three or four aces of hearts in our hands, we must think that we are in a very positive period in love and may even know a new person, make a new friendship or live a wonderful time with the person who already we love, while aces of spades, paintings and flowers can signal luck in the work and excellent earnings. Sometimes dreaming of aces or jokers means being able to actually win a lottery but these dreams are really very rare.


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