The famous person in dreams. Characters, singers, famous actors in dreams. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. What does it mean when we dream of an actor or a singer who signs an autograph for us? And dream of a footballer or a very important sports character who calls us and wants to talk with us or wants to make love, sex with us? What does it mean to dream of seeing a dramatic actor, comedian, actor who makes us laugh, cry, sing along with our favorite singer? What does it mean to dream of meeting with a famous actress or being, to become the actress or actor of a film? What does it mean to dream of being, to become the singer of a well known music band all over the world? Why can we dream of a very famous person who kisses us, hugs us, speaks to us in our ears or wants to kill us? What does it mean to dream of kissing a well known actor in the world? What does it mean to dream of a great actor, an opera singer, jazz, pop, rock, rap that you really like in real life? What does it mean to dream of a famous actor or singer who calls us on the phone but we do not understand his words? We can often dream of singers and actors who have been dead for a long time or have been talking to us for a few years. Dreaming of seeing, talking, giving a beautiful kiss, hugging, caressing, pushing, killing, healing a man or woman we know in our lives. What does it mean to dream to meet a great actor in theater, cinema, fiction, comedy, adventure, science fiction and detective films? What does it mean to dream of being in the cinema or at a musical concert with our mother, father, uncle, cousin, brother, sister, brother-in-law, father-in-law, grandfather, nephew, husband, wife, lover, friend, work colleague? What numbers indicates the Neapolitan grimace if we want to play the lottery when we dream of meeting a very famous person that we really like, according to the guide and the book on dreams? "The other night I dreamed of being together with my favorite idol. Last night I dreamed of being together with a singer who was playing just for me. Last night I remember dreaming of being with an actor that I really like sexually. Tonight I remember making love with a very nice actor". Singers, actors, very famous sports figures, often return to our dreams and may have trivial but also important meanings.


Often when we dream actors and singers or other very famous characters in life, we can also dream of asking and receiving autographs. Very often these dreams are trivial and do not have an important meaning because during our life we??can watch a movie, go to a musical concert and see people that we like a lot, characters that attract us for their way of interpreting a film, a scene or to sing a song and here in our dream world all these real representations are transformed into strange dreams in which we can even have sex with these individuals that we may never have known in real life. These dreams are simply a mixture of life scenes that we have experienced and which can easily be processed by our mind and our subconscious but without any particular meaning. Admiring a person who plays an important role in society is a very common thing for all of us and only sometimes seeing in a dream these characters can take on a fundamental meaning that should be interpreted to bring out a positive message for our evolution. So if during the days before the dream we remember not having seen concerts, not having seen actors and then we have not seen films that have attracted our attention, we could still dream actors and singers. Well these dreams can, instead, identify something, a necessity that we have but that we do not understand and that comes our powerful subconscious. We must always ask ourselves what a famous person we meet in the dream world represents for us. First of all actors and singers are often characters with great social power, with a great charisma that can even change some things in the world. So the role these people play in social life can be the key to providing a correct interpretation. And here is a very important concept is perseverance.

When we dream of these characters talking to us, they want to communicate something, they want to touch us, do something with us, maybe make love, we can think we need to be much stronger in our life, we have to be more persevering, to have a greater sense of decision in order to face certain obstacles, challenges, problems that may arise on our journey, on our path to achieve the goals we have set ourselves. So perseverance because an actor or a singer but also a man or woman who play sports and have become very famous, have had to face almost certainly difficult periods and only great to constancy, commitment, sacrifice, perseverance, obstinacy, they were able to reach economic, professional and social success. And behind these three words is another very important meaning. When we dream of a very famous person and that we like in a very special way because he has qualities that attract us, we can think of wanting to achieve a good economic success in our life that is very disappointing, monotonous, not very interesting in terms of work . A man or a woman may also have the need to appear, in the eyes of others, fundamental social characters and here in the dream we eat together with a singer, actor, politician, we talk to them, we work with them. Even our unconscious bond with these people can be so strong that we can try to kill them in dreams just because we want to own their qualities, we want to be like them, do what they do and here we also find another kind of meaning, envy and the jealousy we have in life for all those people who have so many things compared to those we possess. We know very well that an actor, singer, politician, sports character, have fame, money, success, are surrounded by other important people and can participate in parties, social gatherings really high level. So it is very likely that when someone dreams of seeing a famous actor or singer, he nurtures a little envy and jealousy in his inner world.

Many people say they dreamed of meeting a very famous singer and later they received good news, they had a stroke of luck or even they could meet interesting people and especially useful for their work. This thing, in part, is true because, since these famous people are often rich and well-off, then their dreamlike encounter, can represent the possibility of meeting some individuals able to offer some advantages that can be working and economic. Behind the dreamlike meaning of the singers we can also find another possible message, that is we can be in a very fertile period from the point of view of creativity with a good imaginative energy that allows us to create, realize projects, have many ideas and this concept born from some fundamental aspects of the singer and that is his creativity and originality. In order to be able to write a musical text, its music, to be able to interpret the song, we really need a lot of creativity and freedom of expression. And here's another important word. Freedom of expression can hide behind these dreams, ie the need to feel completely free to do some things. A child, a boy can dream of being at the concert of their musical idol and watch a movie with their favorite actor or actress and need to break away from their parents who may be too oppressive, severe and do not allow to be free and independent. The same thing we can think of when in our dream, together with us, during a concert or a movie, our sentimental partner is present. The emotional bond can be positive or negative, it can be favorable to our progress and the manifestation of our feelings or be too cumbersome and oppressive and therefore represent an obstacle for our evolution and maturation. And so during a concert we can be sad, we can try to talk to singers and actors who refuse and turn us away or we can feel a sense of disappointment, dislike of these characters. Behind a very famous individual often hides our need, a need to express qualities that are blocked and do not allow us to be particularly independent.


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