Claws in dreams. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. What does it mean to dream of a cat hurting us with its sharp and pungent claws? What does it mean to dream of being hit and wounded by the terrible and very long claws of an animal, of a terrible and frightful beast or of a frightening dog? Why can we dream of sharpening our claws to our cat, a stray cat, a kitten we do not know that scratches us with its sharp claws? What does it mean to dream of seeing a cat climbing over a tree quickly using its claws but can not get down? What does it mean to dream of seeing a cat attacking the mother, the father, our uncles, grandparents, cousins, children, boyfriends, children or even a deceased relative who has been dead for many years? Often in our dreams we meet animals such as a dog, fox, tiger, lion, bear, wolf, eagle, hawk, with large sharp and very dangerous claws. What does it mean to dream of looking at the long, large claws of a panther and a jaguar bleeding? The nails of cats or other animals are also their claws, therefore a protection and a defense weapon. Pull out the claws and become aggressive. These two concepts are fundamental for understanding the meaning of these dreams. What does it mean to dream the claws of a cat that chases us and wants to scratch our face, our hands, our legs? How many and which numbers can I play in the Neapolitan grimace if I want to try to win some money in the lottery, if in a dream I see an animal with terribly sharp nails, according to the guide and the book on dreams? "The other night I remember dreaming that my mother and father were scratched by the claws of a terrible animal. Last night I dreamed of caressing a cat but it scratched me and ran away. Last night I was hurt by the very sharp nails of a cat I had found on the street. This night I did a terrifying nightmare in which many animals chased me and wanted to hook me with their claws". Let's try to understand the meaning of the claws of cats but also of other animals when they appear in our dream world.


Protection and defense weapon. Pull out the claws and become aggressive. From this sentence we must start to try to understand the meaning of the claws when they appear in our dreams and are particularly dangerous for ourselves or for those who are with us. The claw is an element that is found at the end of the paws of many animals and birds but also many reptiles, fish and worms can have a claw or many claws very sharp, therefore very pungent and sharp. The scorpion but also the eagle, then get to the simple cat. The claws for these animals are indispensable for various things. They are useful to hunt prey and therefore are a useful tool to eat but for birds, for example, they allow a better grip on trees and other places. Obviously the claws of animals are a valid system of protection against intrusion, against attacks by other animals or people. An animal uses its claws to protect itself, to defend itself or to attack. The moment an animal attacks and exploits the power of its claws to hurt or otherwise scare another animal, he demonstrates all his aggression. And here is a very important word that should not be underestimated when we dream of a cat, a bird, an animal that has tremendous claws and exploits them against us, to hurt a part of our body. Generally, dreaming of being attacked and scratched by a cat means having an aggressive side of one's character that fails to express itself, remains stuck and does not come out in real life. A cat that scratches us, therefore, can be the oneiric representation of our fears, of our desire to express a force that we know we have but which, for some strange reason, seems to be firm, blocked. And here the claws must make us aware of these qualities that we possess and that must absolutely come out otherwise we can live an unfavorable period, a period in which, failing to express ourselves, we go to melancholy, sadness, depression.

But the claws can indicate exactly the opposite of everything we have said before. That cat that we see in a dream can indeed represent ourselves and do not forget that animals are often the symbol of some of our character aspects. The cat can be a very tame animal but can become very aggressive. And if that cat is us? And if that cat represents a part of our character? And here the claws can identify a moment of our life in which we are really aggressive, we have a lot of energy that wants to come out but that must be exploited positively, it must be controlled effectively so as not to create problems. When a cat attacks us and scratches our face, it hurts our hand, our arm or even our leg, we must think that that cat is ourselves and that we are living a particularly complicated period in which it is necessary to be very determined, very serious and very determined. Maybe we have to face a family problem, maybe we have a sentimental situation that is not very favorable or the work is creating some complications and here the claws that hurt us signal the need to act, to move, to find a viable solution to overcome these obstacles. To understand the field of our life to which this type of dreams refers, we must obviously try to remember, after awakening, the objects, places, people, colors and above all the emotions and sensations we experienced in our dream world . If, for example, the cat hurts our husband or our son, then we must face a relational problem in the family and we must therefore be very concrete, decided not to be overwhelmed by the situation that could worsen. Dreaming of an animal in the workplace that attacks our colleague, could mean a difficult relationship with that colleague who is perhaps too aggressive towards us or we ourselves are too aggressive towards him.

Very often seeing claws of animals is a symbol of possible quarrels, discussions that can take place in our lives and in many areas of it but first we also talked about protection and defense weapon. In fact, animals use their claws to protect themselves, to defend themselves from danger and the analogy with our lives is very clear. We must try to remember from whom we want to be protected, which person is attacking us and damaging us in our lives. Furthermore, we must also try to understand why we do not feel protected. For example, a son could dream of a terrible animal that runs towards him and bites him and shuts with its tremendous and sharp claws and here that animal could represent the mother or father and therefore the difficult relationship with parents. This kind of dreams is never trivial and must be studied very carefully because the aggression accumulated in everyday life and then appears in the dream world in the form of these animals that make us very ill and maybe kill us, can burst suddenly and create really big problems. Our advice, especially when you dream of being attacked very often by an animal, is to try to analyze these dreams by a psychologist and psychiatrist who will know how to assess your fears, why you are so aggressive, what you you are defending and why you can not express your true potential in life. In fact, the claws indicate a regenerative, creative force, an imagination that can be blocked and does not allow anything to be done. Animals exploit claws to capture their prey and we also have to use our ideas, our imaginative power to be able to accomplish everything we desire because every desire we have but which is repressed within us can become a very dangerous bomb, ready to explode at any moment of our life.


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