Absorbents in dreams. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. What does it mean to dream of having a diaper full of urine or poop on and feeling very uncomfortable? What does it mean to dream of changing the diaper or diaper to our mother, father, brother, sister, brother-in-law, mother-in-law, a very old man we do not know or a deceased relative who has died for so many years? What does it mean to dream of buying a box of nappies and feminine towels? Why can we dream of using a permeable or waterproof, drying, water-repellent or with holes to breathe the skin? What does it mean to dream of changing the diaper alone or with the help of a person? What does it mean to dream of a feminine towel, for women, full and dirty with blood? And what does it mean to see in a dream so much blood or a few drops of blood on the absorbent we have under our underwear? To dream of a torn, burnt absorbent, to wear intimate absorbents used with abundant menstrual blood or even to dream menstruations that come suddenly. What does it mean to dream of a clean, new towel, just bought in the store? Some women say they have dreamed of entering a store or pharmacy to buy a pack of feminine sanitary pads for their mother, sister, aunt, grandmother, sister-in-law, cousin, mother-in-law. What numbers of the Neapolitan grimace can I play if I want to try to win the lottery if I see so many absorbers in my dreams, according to the guide and the book on dreams? "The other night I dreamed of putting an absorbent inside my vagina. Last night I remember dreaming of throwing away an absorbent in the trash, now wet with pee and menstruation. Last night I dreamed of buying lots of pads for children. This night I dreamed of being with a friend of mine and a colleague working in the bathroom and we were changing our towels together". Very special dreams that are obviously common among girls and women but that do not have a trivial meaning.


So in order to understand the dream message connected with this type of object, we must try to start from its meaning and use in real life. Sanitary towels are items worn by women to absorb menstrual flow or urine. Even very old men and women can wear another type of absorbent due to problems with urinary incontinence. The absorbents of the children are used to avoid dispersing urine and feces. So the pad or diaper is used to prevent us from getting dirty and to protect ourselves from problems related to the loss of liquids from our body. Absorbents are often used by women especially to collect menstrual blood during some days of each month. When a woman, a girl dreams of wearing an absorbent, it may be right near the days when menstrual flow is created and therefore this kind of dreams can be premonitory because every woman knows the days when this thing can happen. Obviously here we are dealing with a very trivial interpretation but often the sanitary napkins have much more important meanings. First of all when we dream of an absorbent, a diaper, it can be completely clean or dirty with blood, poo, or urine. Dreaming of taking off the towel and noting that it is still very clean means that we are probably living our intimacy in a very simple, clear and without particular problems. In short, absorbers in dreams identify, very often, the way we live romantic relationships and therefore on a sexual level because often the intimate areas have this meaning. Changing the diaper often for a woman can in fact signal the need to have intimate relationships, to satisfy their sexuality that at a certain moment of their life is not very satisfying and here we can go to a store and buy many packs of absorbents just because this need is very strong and this need is even greater when we use internal absorbents that simulate vaginal penetration.

Sometimes these objects and feminine garments can represent a sense of guilt that the dreamer is experiencing in his life and that is manifested in a dream through very dirty sanitary napkins, full of urine and poop. Many people think that poo in a dream is a positive and good luck but it is not exactly so because it indicates, instead, a consciousness that is not quiet, in short, something inside us does not make us feel serene, does not allow us to be quiet and to continue in our life. Very often the cause of these problems lies in another person, in the relationship with another person and here it is essential to remember, when we wake up, all those who were with us. For example, we can dream of changing the towel with our parents on our side and clearly we have a problem communicating with them. Dirt is always an obvious sign of a confused mind, of a mind that does not reason as it should and a consciousness that hides something, something that does not allow life to live quietly. Remembering the person who is with us is essential to try to understand which family relationship, sentimental, work needs to be improved. For example, many women dream of being in the bathroom with a colleague or work colleague. These dreams can be very special but their meaning almost always concerns the relationship with these people who are important in our life and with whom we collaborate, we spend a lot of time. But these objects can also indicate other things. First of all they often serve to absorb the menstrual flow of women and therefore the blood. Blood is a dreamlike element of fundamental importance and must never be underestimated because it is associated with our mental and physical energies.

Virtually the blood signals the possibility of being in a very difficult, very tiring phase and in which the energies are very lacking. For example, we can live in a very difficult period, at a time when we can not do the things we want because we are mentally very down to earth, we do not have good ideas. And here, especially women, they can dream of finding themselves with absorbents full of blood. Then the message of these dreams is very clear. We must try to recover mental and physical energies to return to being serene. It must be said that some times behind this kind of dreams and behind these objects are hidden even more disturbing meanings that only concern women. In fact, often, a woman who is pregnant and who is then about to give birth can dream of an abortion and see the blood filled absorbent. These dreams are terrible and can make the woman wake up with an incredible concern but they are usually not premonitory dreams, they only signal the fear of not being able to complete the gestation period, the pregnancy period. Other times, however, these dreams may represent the desire to have a child but which, momentarily, can not be satisfied. Absorbents, however, are objects also used by children and the elderly. A male and adult dreamer who dreams of wearing a diaper to protect himself from urinary leakage may need protection in his life for a problem that causes many thoughts. Also in this case we must always remember the people who are with us, the objects we see and use, the places in which we are and the sensations, emotions that we feel and this in order to provide a right interpretation to the dream. However elderly men and women who dream of having diapers and towels, must face a period of concern for certain situations precisely because these objects serve to protect our private parts.


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