The towel in dreams. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. What does it mean to dry the tears or the sweat with a towel? And what does it mean to dream of dirty clothes to be washed? Why do we often dream of washing, ironing and folding towels for the bathroom or the sea? What does it mean to dream of finding a towel soaked with pee, urine, poop, or feces? Why can we dream of buying so many pink, red, yellow, white, light blue, light blue, black, purple, green and orange towels? What does it mean to dream of towels with strange designs? Why can we dream to see so many small or large towels to wash, to be put in the washing machine? What is the meaning of the dream in which we give a precious towel of cotton, wool, linen to our mother, father, brother, sister, boyfriend, friend, work colleague, uncle, grandfather? See a dry towel, clean towels and lay in the sun to dry, buy new, used towels. Dreaming of absorbing water and dirt on hands, feet and body from a very fragrant, soft, soft and delicate towel. What does it mean to dream of tearing, ruining, burning a towel full of blood stains? Dreaming that a garment tears or gets dirty is a very common thing in dreams. What does it mean to dream of a towel falling down from the balcony, from the window or from the terrace of our house? How many and which numbers of the Neapolitan grimace is useful to play if we want to win lottery money when we dream of cleaning the floor with a large towel, according to the guide and the book on dreams? "The other night I dreamed that they give me a beautiful, beautiful, towel. Last night I was in the bathroom and could not find a towel to clean my face. Tonight I remember having bought various colored towels from inside a wonderful store I did not know. Last night I washed a lot of towels full of sweat". In this article we try to understand the dreamlike message of this type of objects that is not particularly widespread but that sometimes appears and can bring advice to the dreamer, can offer a valuable help to improve the condition of life. So let's see what the meaning of towels in dreams is.


First of all we must try to remember the meaning of this object, of this garment in real life. It is a cloth of linen, linen, silk, cotton or another fabric, used to dry after washing. The towels can also be made of paper and can be used to clean the face, hands, body and also to clean some objects or even can be used to clean the floor. So this object that we all have at home, has the ability to absorb dirt and above all manages to dry and then absorb liquids such as water. Its use in the bathroom is widespread after a shower or after we wash our face or hands. So the towel in a dream can represent a strong sense of cleanliness that we possess. Those who like to be always clean, those who like to have everything in order at home and all the objects disinfected, can often dream of buying towels, washing these fabrics or using them to clean areas of the house. Clearly these dreams identify a person who has a manic attitude towards cleanliness but their meaning is not particularly important, except in cases where cleaning is so excessive that it becomes a very strong obsession that does not allow us to live life quietly. And therefore dreaming of finding yourself using towels all the time can mean having serious mental problems, being in a period of intense stress and then having the need to calm down, relax and not be obsessed with cleaning that could be harmful to your mental health, for its psychophysical balance. Some people tell us to give colored towels or full of beautiful embroidery and designs to their parents, children, friends, work colleagues or husbands, wives, boyfriends, lovers. To give something to a person in our dreams means to have a good relationship with that person, it means being in tune with someone in our life, with someone we are very well with.

With towels we can clean our face, our hands, our feet. To have a dirty conscience. Here is a meaning not to be underestimated when we wash a part of the body and above all the face and hands. A person who commits murder in everyday life, among the first things he does after killing a person, is to clean his hands and body with water and immediately dry himself. This operation is used to cancel any fingerprints, traces of blood or the DNA of the victim. In a dream, it is possible to kill a person and wash and clean their hands. This attitude is the symbol of a situation we are experiencing or we are going to live that is not very rewarding and indeed, we could feel a sense of guilt in the things we are doing. For example, a widespread dream is one that refers to a person who in real life decides not to help someone, chooses not to provide help to a friend, a relative and then in his dreams can happen to meet with his hands dirty after committing a crime and being very worried, trying to wash and dry their hands and body. This oneiric attitude is very often a sense of guilt that we have and that during life, so while we are awake, we do not hear but that is amplified in the dream world through a murder with so much blood that we have to clean. Our subconscious wants to point out to us that maybe we did wrong by not helping that person. So a towel in our dreams, in addition to representing the need for greater order and cleanliness in our lives, can mean the reproach towards something we have not done but that we should have done. Generally these objects can also have a much more important value, even if it is not easy to understand their message. For example, a person who likes to take care of his body and his mind can often dream of buying towels, buying soaps, detergents, detergents.

Take care of your body, but also your health and your mind. Here are other fundamental meanings that can hide behind an object that is considered very trivial in our life because it is very used and widespread. If we are inside our house and we try to order lots of towels, maybe we wash a number of them that are very dirty, then we are ordering our lives or we need to order, we need to fix something, a situation that maybe not it's positive for us. Some women say they dreamed of washing towels that were always dirty, full of stains. We have a problem in our life that we can not solve and therefore the help of a person becomes absolutely necessary. Often these dream objects can also relate to the way in which the dreamer faces his responsibilities, the way in which he decides to tackle the problems. Moreover, these objects can often also indicate a strong need for intimacy, ie the need to find a balance and a peace with oneself even on an emotional, sentimental and erotic level. Here we can dream of being with the person we love that helps us to dry our body or we can dream of making love wrapped in lots of white, pink, red towels that identify our innocence but also the strong passion. Sometimes storing towels in a drawer in a very neat way means having the need to express one's intimacy and therefore the need to make love, to want to have sex. We must never underestimate some details of our dreams and therefore objects we encounter, colors, feelings and emotions, people we meet and places where we are. If the white color indicates innocence, the pink color indicates intimacy and the red color indicates passion, then the black color can relate to a period of strong pessimism but above all a period in which we must change because often the black color represents death and therefore the change. And here, cleaning with a black towel means that we need to change something in our life path.


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