The check in dreams. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. What does it mean to dream of a torn check or to dream of a person ripping a check or dreaming of ourselves while we tear out a conspicuous check? What does it mean to have a check with a large sum in your hand? Why can we dream of receiving a big check with a huge amount? What does it mean to dream of stealing a checkbook? Bank draft, bank, research grant, credit certificate, tourism allowance, checkbook, carnet. This type of objects can appear in dreams very often. What does it mean to dream to receive, to sign, to change, to send, to send, to give or give to someone one, two, three or many checks? Why can we dream of compiling and losing a check that our mother, our father, our sister or our brother gave us? What does it mean to dream that they give you a check without a figure? Holding a very important check in a dream can be a very exciting thing. Redeeming a transferable or non-transferable check, but failing to get the money, or dreaming of writing a million-dollar sum on a check and burning the checkbook, losing the checkbook. Why can we dream of stealing a check or being robbed of the checkbook? What meaning do dreams have in which we go to the bank together with our parents, a long-dead relative, a friend or colleague, our husband or boyfriend or son to request a large check or deposit the amount present on one of them? What does it mean to put a false signature on a check? What does it mean to dream of a check that is stolen? What numbers of the Neapolitan grimace can we play if we have the desire to win money in the lottery, if we see a check in our dreams, according to the guide and the book on dreams? "The other night I remember dreaming of having a check in my pocket but I could not go to the bank because it was false. Last night the police seized so many checks hidden inside my house. Last night I saw so many friends quarreling because of a large bank check. Tonight I found a check on the ground as I walked". Let's try to understand the meaning of checks in our dreams or nightmares.


Usually dreaming of receiving a normal check can be a very positive thing because you have to think that checks are a widespread form of payment between people and receiving a check means receiving money maybe for a gift or for a job that we have done. So in real life to have a check in our hands can be a very positive thing but only if the check is not false, it does not have a very low figure that therefore disappoints or is torn, burned, not readable. The checks that appear in our dreams often represent a fortunate working condition in real life that is recognized and appreciated by other people. So we can dream of having a check because in our life we??have achieved something, we have reached a goal, a success or we have achieved our important desire and the check is precisely the result of the efforts we have made, obtaining a prize in followed by our sacrifices. The work we are doing in our lives is very positive and recognized by others and this is a reason of great satisfaction for us because it also identifies an estimate that other people have towards us. Of course we must not only remember the amount written on the check that can be very relative and do not mean anything important, but we must remember the person who gives us this check, the place where we receive this piece of paper. All dream details are essential to provide a correct interpretation of the dream and therefore the objects we use are also fundamental. Not to mention the emotions and feelings we can try. For example, receiving a check but feeling very sad, not happy, means having done a great job that is not recognized by others and therefore does not allow us to be very calm and satisfied. These dreams can identify our uneasiness, a sense of small or large dissatisfaction that must find an adequate solution in our lives.

We can dream of receiving a check from a person we know as, for example, a work colleague or a parent. Surely the work colleague or the parent nurtures a deep sense of esteem for us and we are proud of all this but only if the amount we can read on the check is satisfactory for us otherwise we do not feel valued as we should. On the contrary, dreaming of seeing very high figures means being overestimated, that is having done something that in the eyes of other people is a very important thing but that for us it was very simple to do. Other widespread dreams are those in which we receive a check, but it is lost on the street, torn, dirty, burned or bathed under water and becomes unusable. Losing a check or having in hand a ruined check that does not allow us to receive money, means to risk losing a good opportunity, an excellent opportunity that can come into our lives, often in the workplace. The fear of not being up to a job, the fear of not being able to finish a job or the feeling of experiencing a period of great uncertainty at the working level. Here's what it means to lose a check or go to the bank and not be able to pay, not be able to collect its value. But what is the meaning of checks that do not have a figure and therefore can we fill in? This kind of dreams represents a great job opportunity that can arrive in our life and that depends only on ourselves, our choices, our decisions and our character. A strong spirit of independence, a great self-esteem and the awareness of being able to achieve great goals. All of this can be hidden behind dreams in which checks do not have a figure but can be completed by ourselves. In fact, using a pen, signing something, writing on a piece of paper identifies, very often, the possibility of being able to decide with your own head and to improve our lives thanks to the choices we make.

And if we dream of being robbed of a check that was given to us? If we dream of using a fake check? Theft in a dream signals, very often, a malaise that we are living in our lives. For example, we think we are able to do a certain job but, unfortunately, someone does not allow us to go forward because we do not believe in our qualities and then in a dream we receive a check that is then stolen by someone . Here we are faced with a period in which we must try to assert our ideas, our abilities and qualities without being overwhelmed by situations and people. A colleague of ours can steal a check we had in his hand in a dream and report a problem of jealousy, envy and therefore bad interpersonal relationships with this person who becomes very cumbersome for us. The check is always a document and all documents represent interpersonal relationships between people, collaborations, so this object also signals the importance of a possible interpersonal, family, sentimental and working relationship. If we steal a check from someone then we think we have the same qualities as that person and we think we can do the same things that he does. Here envy and jealousy, this time, are feelings that are within us and can be justified or not be absolutely positive for our inner progress, material, for our maturation. Holding a check that is false means that someone wants to take advantage of our ingenuity and our qualities to get benefits and so we must be very careful not to fall into a trap. The checks that we receive and that we have in hand or that we keep in the portfolio are however the symbol of an initiative that we are facing in our lives and that is particularly effective, being able to lead to the achievement of excellent successes, but the road is not yet completed to reach at the finish line and you still have to work hard.


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