Crustaceans in dreams. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. What does it mean to fish or buy many types of very precious crustaceans? What does it mean to dream of giving lobsters and lobsters to someone, to their parents, relatives who have been dead for years, uncles, cousins, brothers-in-law, children, husbands, grandparents, friends or work colleagues? Lobsters, scampi, clams, lobsters, prawns, molluscs. What does it mean to dream of eating the shell of a lobster or seeing a lobster attacking, walking, running? Why can we dream of crabs, lobsters walking upside down, pinching, stinging and hurting? What does it mean to dream of a dead lobster or still alive, cooked, which pinches us on the hands and fingers? What does it mean to dream of seeing a large lobster in a pot on the fire that bites before it dies? What does it mean to dream of crustaceans alive, raw, cooked, dead, giant, frozen, at home, at the supermarket, blacks, reds, white, orange, yellow? What does it mean to dream of a crab running away, running and jumping into the water of the sea or a river? Why can we dream to see on a table many fish and crustaceans of all kinds very good, tasty, tasty, fried? And dream of buying lots of good lobsters that cost a lot of money? Seeing crustaceans in an aquarium full of sea water is a widespread dream. Fish big crabs, eat crabs, roast shellfish on the grill, cook mussels in the oven, in the sauce. All dreams are widespread and may have important meanings. What does it mean to dream of crustaceans? What numbers can I take from the Neapolitan grimace to play the lottery if I have a dream in which I eat crabs, lobsters, mollusks of the sea, mussels, according to the guide and the book on dreams? "The other night I dreamed that I was with my mother and father and we cooked a good plate of spaghetti with mussels and clams. Last night someone gave me a very expensive lobster. Last night I remember dreaming of being in the restaurant with people I did not know and eating fish, shellfish". This night I fished many shellfish. Today we understand the meaning of lobsters, crustaceans, molluscs, crabs in our dreams.


So to analyze this type of dreams we must always start from the meaning in real life of what we dream. In this case we can dream of crustaceans, molluscs, crabs, lobsters. These animals are fish that live in the sea. Very often when we dream of this kind of fish we can see the sea or a large aquarium that contains these types of animals. We can also dream of being in the kitchen or in a restaurant to taste the very delicious and expensive meat of these fish. Therefore each of these animals has its own particular characteristic. First we start by describing the crabs that appear in our dreams. The crab is an animal that lives in the sea and has the characteristic of being able to walk backwards, laterally as well as in a normal way. It has claws and can also pinch and hurt. When we dream of a crab we must try to remember if this animal walks backwards or otherwise. Often crabs can represent, in our dreams, a person we can not trust or a situation we have to face and which is very dangerous. If the crab walks backwards it means that we are probably underestimating a situation that can cause many problems to our development or we have met a man or a woman who are particularly dangerous for ourselves. Often these little animals symbolize a period of our life in which instead of progressing and improving in the work, we can get worse, take over and therefore face many problems. Certainly it is not easy to understand if that crab represents a person or a problem to be faced and that is why the details of our dreams are fundamental to be able to interpret everything in the best way. For example, if we dream of seeing a crab in the workplace, obviously it is clear that in terms of work we could have a problem or we could have a person who creates obstacles and can be very dangerous. In short, one of our colleague might seem to be the one that is not actually, or we plan to carry on a project, an idea that does not prove very positive.

Even some people dream of being pinched by some crabs or even by one but huge crab. In some dreams a huge crab enters the house, comes on our bed, gets on our arm or on our leg and pinches us, causing severe pain and letting blood out. In this case, the dream identifies a real problem that we can not deal with serenely and that can lead to a very tiring period and in fact losing blood means having little energy. If the crabs are in our house and want to attack us then we must very carefully evaluate a person who lives with us and who could be particularly liar. Obviously the dreams in which we cook, cook, eat crabs are very positive dreams because it means that we know how to defeat, remove these people or these situations from our lives. Never forget that being pinched by any animal in a dream always means being warned of a probable problem, of an event that could create difficulties. The lobsters in dream, however, have another meaning. Generally all fish, sea or river molluscs have a good dreamlike meaning and their presence in the dream can be favorable to the dreamer and the lobsters have an even more favorable meaning. In fact, these crustaceans are very expensive, they have a very high quality meat and in fact few people can say they often eat lobsters. Capturing, fishing lobsters with a fishing rod or a boat, means being in a very lucky phase of our lives, in a period that could bring good luck and, in some cases, see a huge lobster just mean getting a good news or receive a great job or earning opportunity. To dream of capturing or seeing so many small lobsters that are still alive means that we can really have little successes, many opportunities.

The presence of particular crustaceans in the dream world is never trivial because first of all the fish symbolize many things and then because particular molluscs or crustaceans such as crabs and lobsters can symbolize situations that should not be underestimated that can be positive or negative. Sometimes behind an object or an animal and therefore also a fish, people can hide. So a lobster we see in an aquarium could also be a very important person that we have known or are about to know that allows us to improve our working life. Often, after seeing lobsters in a dream, we can really get to know someone to work together to achieve a great goal. If we are in our kitchen and we are cooking a lot of lobsters or just a big lobster then it means that we are going to get a good time thanks to our hard work and commitment. Lobsters are very expensive and here it is not easy to eat them in real life and when they appear in our dream world we can think that a great news is coming, a great event, a great joy and do not worry if this animal pinches us because simply means that the harvest time has not yet arrived but very soon it will come. Of course we must also distinguish those dreams in which we ourselves to capture crustaceans by going to sea with a boat or someone gives us a good amount of these fish. We can also dream of going to the fish market or to the supermarket to buy shellfish. The difference is very important because if we dream of catching, then fish ourselves as crabs, lobsters, mussels, then we ourselves create opportunities to improve our working and economic life while the gift always means that we will get success thanks to someone's help. And here we must never forget the details of dreams, then objects, places, people, feelings and emotions that we feel, because all these details help us to interpret the dream very well. We conclude the speech talking about those dreams in which we eat a lot of fish and above all a lot of lobster meat or other very expensive and expensive crustaceans. Eating means nurturing one's soul, rediscovering energy to face life. So, dreams are very positive and killing ourselves in order to eat means being able to get opportunities to achieve success.


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