Being angry in dreams. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. Why can we dream of seeing an angry person in dreams? What does it mean to dream of feeling a lot of anger towards someone? And what does it mean to dream of having so much anger and maybe crying with rage? And see a dog or other very angry animal? The quarrel in dreams is a very common thing. What does it mean to dream of fighting furiously with the children, with the partner of love, witnessing a terrible family quarrel, dreaming of participating in a tremendous quarrel between friends, with the mother-in-law, daughter-in-law, sister-in-law, between father and son, with wounded and blood. What does it mean to dream of a terrifying quarrel that ends up with a murdered person or condominium suit? And dream of an argument between husband and wife? To get angry, to be angry by jealousy, for business, for work, for money, to argue with parents, to argue, to contend, to argue, to alter or to agree, to get along, to agree, to reconcile. Why can we dream of fighting, rissare, fighting with a man or woman who is unknown or still with a dead person, who has been dead for so many years? What does it mean to dream of getting angry with someone, with mom, with a strange person, with a stranger and screaming, crying, laughing? What does it mean to dream of arguing with the mother, with a brother, with a child, with a girlfriend, with a lover? To get angry in a dream for nonsense, for an important thing, to make some people angry. What numbers can you pull out of the Neapolitan grimace to try to win the lottery if in a dream I get angry with my friend or foe, according to the guide and the book on dreams? "The other night I remember dreaming of having a strong argument with my girlfriend and I was very scared. Last night I dreamed of being insulted by a person I met on the street and I got very angry. Last night I dreamed of being together with a work colleague and we had an argument for nonsense. This night I dreamed that I was arguing with a friend from school that I have not seen in a long time". The fights and the rage in a dream are two very widespread things and it can happen to everyone once in a while to make dreams of this kind. What meaning does rage have in our dreams, in our dream world? We see that we understand this meaning.


Therefore, we have always said that the emotions and sensations that we can experience in our dreams, during the oneiric manifestations, are very important and it is often enough to remember these emotions, these feelings in order to understand the meaning of a dream. Even objects, places, people, colors are fundamental, of course, but everything we feel must not be forgotten because emotions already provide us with a part of meaning. Why can we be angry in a dream or can we see a person or an animal that has a lot of anger? Mainly anger is an unfavorable, not positive emotional state during our daily life because it identifies a relational problem, a contrast between people or an internal problem and therefore concerns ourselves. So we can be angry at a person for work situations, professional, economic, for emotional, emotional, family situations or we can feel a lot of anger towards the world that does not understand us or towards ourselves. First we try to understand why in dreams we can be angry without an apparent reason, without a just cause, perhaps only towards ourselves. When we experience a strange feeling of anger in the dream world even without arguing with someone, we must immediately think about what we are doing in our lives and try to understand if we are happy with the things we are doing, if we are sad, disappointed and our self-esteem is very low. Unfortunately when we dream of being angry, in most cases we need to find an inner serenity that has been lost for various causes. In short, anger in a dream often represents a state of anxiety, a state of tension or a depressive state that in real life does not manifest themselves in a striking way but that in the dream world can lead to terrible fights, killing of animals, people to whom we love and we can even hurt ourselves, try to kill ourselves. Anger is a very dangerous feeling if it is not controlled and therefore certainly identifies a complex period that we are experiencing and that does not allow us to be very quiet.

For example, we are working hard on a project and we are very tired. Working implies the accumulation of stress, anxiety, tension that in a dream then, can manifest itself with a great discussion to an employer, to a work colleague or to an object that we use to work. Even some people say they dream of destroying or setting fire to the place where they work and all this is a very special way of our unconscious, to vent this accumulated energy, this state of anxiety and tension. Obviously every detail, place, object, person are fundamental to understand the sector that makes us very nervous or disappointed in life. Often during the day we are forced to suffer the power of someone, for example children may be obliged to follow the advice and orders of parents, without having to speak, express their opinions and then discuss. And here in their dreams, these children vent their repressivity by getting angry with someone, perhaps with their parents with whom they can have a tremendous discussion that can even end with a murder. This kind of dreams should never be underestimated because it can signal important situations, very complex psychological conditions that must be treated. However, we must not forget that dreams are desires repressed in most cases and therefore what we can not do in our life then we do it in the dream world. So we fight against an enemy, we argue against our boyfriend or our husband that maybe during our daily life does not allow us to be free and express our ideas, we argue with a colleague because during the day we do not agree with some choices but we do not have the power to assert our opinions. Normally anger in our dreams is a reflection following something that happened in real life and in this case its meaning can also be unimportant, however when we often dream of being angry and therefore we are facing a recurring dream then we have to do much attention and try to interpret very well the signals present in the dream.

Anger in dreams often represents a negative energy due to nefarious events and failures that have occurred in our lives. To feel anger, to get angry in a dream means not being able to make this negative energy positive, but the dream message is useful for this and that is to make us understand that in our earthly existence we must not keep everything inside but sometimes we must be able to externalize our emotions. The dream may reflect fear or agitation, hostility or even identify an aspect of our character that we do not accept and that we would like to cancel or otherwise change. According to Sigmund Freud's theories, anger in dreams, especially towards people of the opposite sex to the dreamer, can represent sexual energies that can not express themselves, are blocked or the dreamer is afraid of expressing himself sexually because he is afraid of a state of aggression that it can derive precisely from the use of these powerful energies. However, every time we argue with someone, whenever we have a discussion with a person in our dreams, we must always try to understand the relationship we have with this person and what is not good in the relationship with it. Arguing with the person we love, then with our husband, our wife, our lover or boyfriend, means that we are living an unbalanced love relationship, a relationship in which someone, with his behavior and attitude, prevails over the other person and all this can generate a state of anxiety and anger that in real life is not manifested but in the dream world can become a destructive energy and then we can even kill the person we love. Often we can also be very angry towards an animal, a cat, a dog but they are very docile. Animals in dreams always represent our instincts, so our character and arguing with an animal means rejecting oneself. We conclude the article by saying that the quarrels with people we do not know signal the possibility of becoming aware of a problem that will hinder our ideas and that will not allow us to express our potential, our creativity.


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