All people dream, but unfortunately many people do not remember their dreams. Can have you a dream that you want so much? How can you do to see and meet in a dream a person you love, or a person who is no longer with us? How do you dream about something that you want to dream? There is a way, a guide, a technique, a workout to dream what you want? "How do I dream about what I want? What are the steps to follow to try to have lucid dreams? What is the most effective method to make a dream that I desire? If I want to talk to a deceased person in my dreams how I can do this? How do I have pleasant dreams, not nightmares?" Do you want to learn how to make a lucid dream? How do to dream all that you want? Want to know how to control your dreams and be the protagonist of them? Want to actively control your dreams and be aware that you are dreaming? Well in this article we will see how to become the protagonists of our dreams and then we can also understand very well the messages that these dreams lead for us because dreams and nightmares reflect our hopes and fears about the past, present and future. Here is the step by step guide below, the guide to follow for several months. Ok then we continue.


To learn how to make a lucid dream, then a dream in which you realize that you are dreaming and then we can do whatever we want, we can do many things while awake, that is during the day. Everything we do during the day can greatly affect sleep and then our dreams because subconscious absorbed during the day to release his energy during sleep and therefore often at night but always while we sleep. All people dream but often some people say they never dream or say they do not remember dreams. If you do all that is written in the guide you will be able not only to dream more often but also to control your dreams and to make sure that they are positive and not negative, then also you are able to ward off nightmares.


1. Go to bed earlier: the first thing to do to remember their dreams is to go to bed very early and not late. In fact our body needs about 8 hours of sleep in order to find the right energy. If we go to bed very late we do not have time to go more than once in the R.E.M. phase which is the stage of sleep in which we can dream. So we go to sleep early and we'll dream a lot more.

2. Avoiding certain foods: unfortunately, many people eat much during the evening or before going to sleep, and this can lead to nightmares, or do not remember dreams. If we go to sleep with a full stomach digestion begins and continues during sleep and then in addition to having trouble sleeping, the blood supply to the brain is lower and thus its activities are at a lower level. You should also try to avoid spicy food, exciting drinks such as coffee, alcohol, tea but you have to remember to drink a herbal tea or chamomile.

3. Avoid stress: unfortunately it is not easy to avoid the daily strss but this physical and mental condition makes our confused dreams, not pleasant and does not allow us to remember them. If you can not avoid stress at least try to follow step 3 below that is critical. Before going to sleep you have to avoid thinking about the concerns, problems in real life that make us feel bad.

4. Relax before going to bed: before going to sleep you have to avoid doing ginnasitca, doing activities that lead to tire our body and our mind. So even avoided to study but read a book or watch some TV but not until later. The best thing would be to do yoga exercises, then relaxation exercises.

5. Repeat that you want to dream and remember dreams: this point is not to be underestimated. If you want to be the protagonists of your dreams you absolutely have to repeat mentally, or low or high voice that you want to remember your dreams. Repeat these words as such "tonight I want to remember all my dreams" or "I want to do what I want in a dream". In this way, with the passing of days and months, you will understand that you are dreaming. When you are in a dream and understand that you are dreaming then this is called lucid dream and in a dream of this kind you can do whatever you want. You can decide which path to take, you can choose to fly, awaken, dying, kiss a person etc ... Obviously they are also required several months before you can start to remember your dreams but especially before you become the protagonists of them.

6. Scent your room: during sleep our senses are active and among these senses of smell may play a very important role not only to remember the dreams but also to make good dreams and avoid nightmares. Tries to use perfume is not very strong and the ideal thing, according to some studies made by scientists, it would put a pink or different roses in a dream because their scent is positive for the dream world. Just remember to open a window or the door of the bedroom because during the night the plants use oxygen to develop carbon dioxide.

7. Write your dreams in a diary: this aspect is one of the most important. If during sleep you wake up and remember to have dreamed the first thing to do is to write the dream and all you remember of it in a diary you have to have the bed and then on the nightstand. Try not to forget anything and marked places, people, objects, feelings that you experienced. When you wake up in the morning, if you remember more dreams, then write in the diary everything I remember. During the day, with your mind clear, looking from interpreting dreams while reading the interpretations of dreams that you find on this site.

8. Talk about your dreams to other people: according to an ancient tradition, when we tell our dreams to other people, they do not come true but it is not the case. When we analyze our dreams we are not very objective and therefore the opinion of other people can be crucial to understand what every dream is telling us. If you have a psychologist friend then do analyze your own dreams by this professional.

9. Changing scenario in dream: if we know that we are dreaming we can even change the dream as we want. For example if we are killing a person we can decide to stop us. If we are walking we can decide to fly or if we are crying We can laugh. We just have to tell ourselves to do something and it will come true in a dream because in our lucid dreams anything is possible.

10. Remember that every dream provides us a message: dreams and nightmares are never stupid but offer us a message, a lesson to learn from. That's because we must be able to interpret very well every dream. If we can decipher the meaning of a dream it will not return to us, but we will make sure to open the doors of our imagination and of our subconscious to other dreams even more useful. For example, if we understand the meaning, the message of a nightmare or a recurring dream, then we will not be the same kind of dreams and then we will feel more free. The dreams in this way help to evolve our soul, our spirit and our mind, while also helping to improve our real life. Dreams are very important.


Have you had another dream? Do you want to read an interpretation of it? Look in the dictionary of dreams this site the item that you have dreamed and read the interpretation. If you do not find anything you perform a search on one of best dedicated website to the world of dreams and not only, If you want more clarification on a dream or nightmare that you can write using the contact form and we'll try to answer you as soon as possible.


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