Pigs in dreams. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. What does it mean to dream of raising so many snakes, turtles, a tiger, a lion, rabbits, foxes, hens or mice? Why can we dream of raising a child or raising ourselves as a child or as a child? And dream of breeding cows, cows, bulls, lambs, goats, rams, rams and goats? What does it mean to dream of growing and raising cattle and pigs, horses or snails, dogs and cats, roosters in a henhouse, birds or pigs, and wild boar? Why is it possible to dream of raising children or domestic or wild animals? It often happens to dream of seeing a herd of oxen, buffalo, wild boar or a pack of ferocious wolves and helpless sheep, grow and raise animals and then take them to the slaughterhouse to sell their meat or eat their meat. What can dream of this kind of dreams? Why can you dream of being in a large breeding of pigs, pigs, white pigs, blacks and even dead? What does it mean to dream of raising small, giant pigs, in the mud, dirty, running, newly born that are killed, that are still puppies and that in a dream they run away from inside their enclosure? What does it mean to dream of a big pig that runs away from our house? And why is it possible to dream of so many pigs being slaughtered, killed, with so much blood, in order to make hams and salami to sell? What numbers of Neapolitan grimace do you have to play when you dream of raising an animal to try to win the lottery according to the dream book and the dream guide? "The other night I dreamed of being with my mother, my father, my sister and my brother and we gave food to many small pigs very nice but so hungry. This night I dreamed of giving a huge pig to my grandfather who was very happy. Last night I dreamed of having by my side a dead person, dead for so many years who had me caress a pig. Last night I remember having dreamed of giving an animal to my husband and my son and I was the director of a chicken farm along with a friend and colleague of mine. Tonight I ate very good and tasty pork along with a very famous actor and singer". Today we try to understand the meaning of dreams in which pigs are present but also other animals that we grow or we kill to feed their meat.


First of all, the pig is an animal and the animals in our dreams often indicate our primordial instincts, our indomitable and uncontrollable energies that must find their way out in real life but that can cause damage if they are not used in the right way. Cows, pigs, chickens are definitely animals that also have other particular meanings because they are animals that we can grow and breed in the countryside. Two important words that are fundamental to understand the meaning of this type of animals that appear in dreams are: growth and education. From here we must start to correctly interpret those dreams in which we see someone of these animals. Many people think that a pig in our dreams is the sign of an unclean life, very messy and perhaps full of vices and this animal, in fact, often, is associated with sexual exaggerations but only among some peoples because, in fact, in other popular traditions, the pig but also cows and other cattle and pigs, indicate a period of enormous fortune. Often, after having dreamed of a pig, you can get a good job offer or even make a great profit and if the pigs are many in a dream, then various positive opportunities can come. A big pig is a sign of a great opportunity for gain or work that should not be underestimated but must be taken into consideration. This very positive meaning of some animals and in particular of the pig in our dreams, derives from the concept that from this type of animals you can pull out many types of meat and then ham and cooked ham, salami, mortadella, bresaola. Abundance of meat and therefore of animal proteins that are important for our body and muscle development. So when you dream of a pig, a cow, a lamb, a horse or a chicken, you are very likely to face a very successful, very successful and fortunate phase of your life. Obviously, to better understand the sphere of dream manifestation, we must also remember objects, places, people we meet and sensations.

For example, if we dream of seeing a big animal like a pig on our way while we are going to work, then luck will come right at work while if we see this kind of animals at home, then luck will affect our family, so our children, our husband, wife, brother, sister, parents. Most of the pets in a dream, are the symbol of good luck, excellent opportunities and a lot of positive energy that can come and with which to face many problems of life because we do not forget, in fact, that the meat of these animals is very desired . Only in some religions these animals are sacred and therefore very often represent the conjunction of our mind with our spirit and can signal an inner evolution and maturation. But an animal in our dreams can be chased, killed, captured, raised and then raised in cages or fences. Killing animals very often refers to the need to suppress some of our primordial instincts that could otherwise create problems in everyday life. So the repressed instincts and energies manifest themselves in dreams through the killing, even cruel, of pigs, wild boars, horses, calves, cows, chickens. However, many people say they have dreamed of chasing and catching pigs or other types of animals and then taking their lives off and immediately after this kind of dreams, good news, earnings and lucky occasions have come. In fact, seeing a pig in a dream is a sign of good luck but killing it means, probably, to capture this fortune that then enters your life. And if instead an animal wants to kill ourselves and then comes to us with a very menacing air? Generally these dreams indicate a real difficulty in trying to tame their instincts, their energies over not being able to take advantage of opportunities that may come in the course of life.

But the title of this article is related to the breeding of pigs or other animals in dreams. Why can we dream of raising animals and especially pigs? If the pig generally indicates some of our strength, some of our primordial instincts, clearly try to raise a pig or various pigs and other animals, it means that we must try to learn to control our emotions, instincts, forces that unfortunately can create bad situations in the our earthly existence and above all in interpersonal and social relationships. Then we can also say that educating, growing animals also means being able to find a way to attract fortune in our earthly existence. So a pig that is tamed and raised in a dream may mean that the positive events that are about to come are the result of our hard work, our sacrifices and our tenacity in continuing on the right path, making good decisions and making important choices. The pig, in our dream world, can represent wealth, health, comfortable life, well-being and also fertility for women. In fact, a woman who dreams of a pig in good health could indicate the possibility of becoming pregnant. However, greed and sexual appetite are two elements not to be underestimated when you dream of these animals that are very similar to man and therefore must be interpreted according to the life we??are living. Before concluding this article we must also talk about the possibility of glimpsing in this kind of animals also very important psychological meanings concerning our social relationships. In fact if you have ever seen a small pig, it is really very tender, sweet, affectionate and likeable and it could also be that its manifestation in a dream, represents just a person we know or we are going to know with these beautiful qualities, so a nice person, sweet, tender, affectionate. Even some scholars associate the pig at the beginning of a good period related to friendships and love that could suddenly blossom.


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