Asphalt in dreams. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. What does it mean to asphalt a black, white or red road with a new or old asphalt? What does it mean to dream of a road with many holes, and a very fresh asphalt, soft, boiling, burning, catching fire, with flames coming out? Why can we dream of falling to the ground on a very ruined asphalt and make ourselves very bad, crawl on the asphalt after a fall from the motorcycle or bicycle and try a lot of pain in addition to seeing so much blood? What does it mean to dream of seeing blood on the asphalt or dreaming of taking a short or long walk with our mother, father, brother, sister, cousin, brother-in-law, uncle, grandfather, husband, wife, son on a long and wide asphalt road in downhill or uphill? Tar, natural pitch, bitumen made from petroleum. What does it mean to dream of seeing workers paving the road to my house or dreaming of fixing a piece of asphalt? What does it mean to dream of removing the damaged asphalt or replacing a piece of asphalt on the road to my house? Cross a paved road or asphalt, not being able to get home because the asphalt is full of deep holes and has collapsed. Dreaming of choosing to walk between a paved road and one without asphalt, be on a very busy road, full of traffic with cars speeding fast and throwing the new asphalt on the road. The asphalt in our dreams can appear in various ways. What is the meaning of this particular dream object? What does it mean to dream of asphalting a very wide and long road? How many and which numbers of the Neapolitan grimace have to be played if we want to win a small sum of money in the lottery, if we dream of climbing a very steep road with a black asphalt, according to the guide and the dream book? "The other night I dreamed that I was with a friend of mine and a work colleague while we were adjusting a road full of potholes. Last night I dreamed of being with some workers trying to throw a new asphalt on my way. Last night I remember having traveled with my car along many roads without asphalt. This night I had a motorcycle accident on a road without asphalt and a big hole". Let's try to understand the meaning of the asphalt in our dreams that is absolutely not a trivial meaning.


So to understand this dreamlike symbolism when it appears precisely in our dreams we obviously have to think about the road and the usefulness of the asphalt in everyday life. The asphalt is a product of oil that serves to make the roads passable, that is to make sure that the roads on which we walk on foot or with our cars, motorcycles, buses, are without holes, safe and therefore without traps. Unfortunately, our roads often get damaged easily and do not allow us to move easily and very often we also do accidents. Here the road in a dream represents our life and exactly the progress we can make in our earthly existence. The road can be straight, winding, uphill or downhill and have some obstacles that do not allow us to move forward. For example, a road may have a lot of holes, be very slippery due to water, ice or snow or be asphalt free. When we travel and move along a road that does not have an asphalt, then it means that we are facing a trope of premature life, a path that has only recently started and that does not allow us to be particularly active. The road is our progress and above all progress in the work but also our inner evolution, our maturation that can be very smooth or can be blocked for some strange reason and here is that the asphalt is slippery, it is soft, it burns under the our feet or even is full of potholes. So a road without asphalt is often the symbol of a path that we are starting, but perhaps it is very premature to start and therefore we should not expect great results in this regard. Even if the road does not have an asphalt and so maybe it is a country road, we must continue and move on because we can very calmly achieve our goals. So the end of the road represents the objectives to be achieved while everything we find on it, any obstacles, a huge climb, a steep descent, dangerous bends, ravines, pavement asphalt or even road without asphalt, are all challenges that we must necessarily face up to.

Certainly some of you will have also dreamed of finding yourself working on a road to make it safer, for example throwing a new asphalt, removing what existed and that was not good because full of holes and cracks. This type of dreams is really very positive because it can signal a strong propensity to work but above all an optimism and a stubbornness in pursuing their projects, their ideas that can then be realized with the passage of time. Paving the road that leads to our workplace means that we are doing good things right at work and we can achieve success but only after making small and big sacrifices. We can also hope to improve our condition of life when in a dream we can fix a very dangerous road because, in fact, if the road is our professional career, then doing maintenance work on it, means improving our current situation so that everything we do can go on smoothly. If we dream of taking a path without holes, perfectly smooth, without water and ice and with a completely new black asphalt, then we can hope to realize a project for which we have been working for a long time. Not finding obstacles on a new road means precisely having great ease. We must never forget that every detail of dreams is fundamental and therefore remembering the people who walk with us along a road is a fundamental thing. If we remember having dreamed of being on the road and being together with one of our parents, a relative, friend, work colleague, then this person can be a support, a valuable help for us and allow us to reach our goals more easily. But returning to the concept of asphalt, it could be very slippery, old, it could be in poor condition and maybe let us make an accident with our motorcycle or car. The conditions of the asphalt are a fundamental element of our dreams because they identify problems, obstacles, complications.

A widespread dream is to take a paved road with an asphalt that burns a lot and we may be without shoes. The hot asphalt, which catches fire or from which comes out a tremendous heat, has a crucial importance and often refers to the fact that we are, perhaps, to start a path of life that is still premature to start. In short, this kind of dreams wants us to understand that we must absolutely wait before taking a step in our earthly existence. For example when we have to start a new job, a new project, when we have a good idea but the time is still immature to get into action. Beautiful roads downhill that we do not know and that have a new asphalt, smooth, clean, without holes, are good news, favorable opportunities that can come in a very sudden. Going along a wonderful road with the person we love is obviously an excellent symbol that signals a great love and projects that can be achieved together. Very often we can dream of walking shaking hands with our sentimental partner and this means having a good harmony. Then it is also possible to fall along a road and get very hurt. In fact, a characteristic of the asphalt is to ruin our skin in a very dangerous way, especially when we make an accident with the motorcycle. The asphalt, in fact, especially if it is a new bike, is really abrasive and so we can dream of falling and scarring our body, our head, legs, hands, arms. Falling and getting hurt a lot, bleeding, feeling a lot of pain, means being in a very demanding phase of life and feeling really exhausted, very tired, because the loss of blood in a dream from a wound means a lack of energy mental and physical. In short, asphalt in dreams, concluding this article, identifies a possible help in our life when we have to face a certain path but this help can turn into small and big difficulties depending on the condition of the road.


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