Shoes in dreams. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. Often in our dreams you can find a pair of shoes without laces or with broken laces, broken, torn, burnt, shoes without laces. What does it mean to dream of a large and long lace that unites two shoes? What does it mean to dream of not being able to tighten the laces to the shoes of a famous singer or actor or even of the Pope? Because in the dream you can not be able to fix our shoes, we are not able to tighten the laces very well that instead they relax by walking? Tying, closing, tightening, knotting, hooking, buttoning shoes is a gesture that we do every day and that can reappear in our dreams for some reason. What does it mean to dream of linking shoes to someone, a person who has died a few years or so, a man, woman, a deceased child that we do not know, a friend or colleague, a man or a woman unknown? Why is it possible to dream of having your shoes tied by your parents or grandparents, uncles, husband, son or wife? What does it mean to dream of not being able to lace up your shoes? Have you ever dreamed of loosing, opening, loosening, loosening the laces of your shoes, stealing a pair of shoes without laces, buying many colored and long laces? Dreaming of loose, white, red, black, yellow, short, long laces, which break, break, catch fire, tear. Which and how many numbers of the Neapolitan grimace can I play if I dream of putting the laces on my shoes to try to win the lottery according to the dream book and the dream guide? "The other night I was not able to lace my brother and sister's shoes and I was very angry and disappointed. Last night I found a pair of shoes that had broken laces and decided to give a gift to a colleague of mine who is also a dear friend of mine. Last night I dreamed of putting laces on my mother's and father's shoes. This night I dreamed of buying a pair of shoes without laces that were easy to wear". Very often in dreams we can have difficulty in trying to put our shoes that are narrow, wide, they hurt a lot, they do not allow us to walk. Today we try to understand and understand the meaning of shoes but above all the reason why we can not tie shoes in dreams. What message is hidden behind this kind of dreams? Shoes can play a very important role in our dream world but the meaning of the laces is definitely not to be underestimated.


Shoes in our dreams can have a very interesting and very important meaning that should never be underestimated. First of all, they often represent the tools we have to continue in our lives. They are the symbol of the qualities we possess and which we can exploit to progress in our earthly existence. Clearly, therefore, to dream of wearing narrow, wide or broken shoes means not having the right tools to deal with certain situations in our lives. Not being able to walk in our dreams because of not perfect shoes, means not having the ability to support a job, to make a job choice, professional, economic, family or sentimental. In short, the shoes we wear in our dream world represent the way we go forward, trying to reach our goals. But the laces that are used to tighten shoes what can they represent in our dreams? They too have a meaning that should not be underestimated. In fact, many people say they have dreamed of not being able to lace their shoes, have broken laces or have laces too short or too long or even very tangled. If shoes represent the tools and qualities that we use in life to move forward, to make progress, laces represent all that combines these qualities and these tools. In short, a lasso signals the family, work, professional and sentimental ties that are indispensable in order to have a good estimate of ourselves and our qualities, so this object is the symbol of our social and interpersonal relationships that can be useful for our progress or even blocking all our ideas and projects. Therefore, when you dream of breaking a snare, trying to fix a lasso, adjusting a broken lanyard or fastening two shoes with a single lanyard, then you need to focus on the bonds you are living in your life and maybe not they are very positive.

Never forget that in order to interpret a dream in the best possible way and bring out a good message, a correct interpretation, it is essential to remember the places where we were, the people we met and with whom we spoke, the objects and above all the sensations that we tried. All these details are fundamental. Let's take a quick example to better understand their importance. during our dreams we can wear a pair of very tight shoes with broken laces. Our interpretation could be that in our life we??go on with various problems that we can not solve and some social or interpersonal bond is not positive for our progress. But if while walking with these shoes, we have no difficulty and indeed in the dream we feel a good feeling of well-being and freedom, then this dream has a completely opposite and positive meaning for the dreamer who then can progress in his life and does not need to tighten particular ties or does not need a person who can instead be an obstacle to his success. So the emotions and feelings that you experience in the dream world are fundamental, sometimes more important than the objects and places we see and visit. However, to understand the sphere of manifestation of this type of dreams it is fundamental to remember also people and places. For example, if we try to tie our shoes in the house, in our bedroom but the laces are torn, broken or too short, then we need to evaluate a family problem that does not allow us to progress in our life, for example a boy who It makes this kind of dreams could have relationship problems with parents while a man might have romantic problems with the person living with him. Here the lasso represents the family bond that is not positive for the dreamer and therefore we must try to find a good solution. Some people remember having dreamed of having their shoes tied by another person, a friend, a work colleague, a child or an unknown man, or a person who had been dead for a few or many years.

Being helped, being connected to another person's shoes is a very important gesture with an almost never banal meaning because it certainly represents a strong bond with a person who can be indispensable in the life of the dreamer. Here the laces that are well knotted and tightened on our shoes by a mother or a father, can signal, for a child or a boy, the importance of the parental relationship that can help the child to move forward in life. An indissoluble bond that the dream confirms with these simple gestures. And the same can be said of dreams in which laces are knotted by our sentimental or working partner. For the dreamer, love and work are useful sectors to develop their ideas and projects but only thanks to the support of other people. Obviously we can wear beautiful shoes with wonderful colored laces. Our interpersonal and social ties can be particularly excellent, very productive and therefore bring so much satisfaction into our lives. Not being able to tie shoes and seek help in a deceased person or in an individual we do not know, means that to move forward in our earthly existence we must wait for an unexpected help, we must hope for a divine intervention or a very positive event, lucky that can unlock the situation we are experiencing. Some people dream of having their shoes tied even by a child they do not know. This child represents the dreamer himself but in particular a part of his character. These dreams have a fundamental message that must be understood to improve one's life. To progress, in fact, we must think like a child, we must bring out the innocence of a child, the creativity of a child and its sweetness. Concluding this article we can say that shoes are an exceptional symbolism in our dreams but also laces are very important for understanding interpersonal relationships useful for our life.


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